Best 3-star hotels in Hanoi near Hoan Kiem Lake with affordable prices

As you might know, there are innumerable 3-star hotels in Hanoi nowadays. However, they may bombard you with numberless invitations on Google search. This is because the standards to achieve the recognition of 3-star accommodation in Vietnam are quite simple. For example, they need have at least one restaurant, coffee lounge, using acceptable structure and operating certain services. Especially, in the case of Hanoi’s center, the criteria are simplified due to some objective conditions leading to the lack of a few facilities.

This, then, causes the difference in the quality among 3-star hotels in Hanoi center. If you are tired due to spending too much time on finding enough information and taking consideration to choose a comfortable one, just view the list of the best 3-star hotels in Hanoi I will show later. Not only are all of them near Hoan Kiem Lake, a great starting point for you to discover the city, but also the prices there are reasonable. Therefore, you could ignore what you have read on the Internet before.

Lenid De Ho Guom Hotel

Address: No.38 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 53.5USD

Conveniently, from Lenid De Ho Guom Hotel, it would take you only 1 minute to see Hoan Kiem Lake. And the price to stay there is quite cheap. Meanwhile, the hotel lies in the main street in the French Quarter. This allows you to have an excursion of many French colonial buildings nearby which are currently the head offices of governmental departments and companies. However, the accommodation is not truly a good choice for those who are searching for a serene environment to rest. Because the street in front of it is often overcrowded and noisy during a day.

Though there is not any lively bar close to the hotel, one thing could make you forget this problem is the furniture inside. From tables, chairs to cabinets and bed frames are all covered with light brown layers, creating a homely ambiance for you to live. You might find traditional Vietnamese decoration there very interesting as well.


Noble Boutique Hotel

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 41USD

If you prefer the best 3-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter in terms of facilitating your journey around the historical zone, how about dwelling in Noble Boutique Hotel? In fact, the place is positioned in one of the most uproarious and widest streets. So it helps you avoid traffic congestion, and then move to Hoan Kiem Lake within merely 3 minutes. Therefore, observing a wide range of colorful gift shops and tempting food streets at night is very easy and favorable to study about Hanoi’s nightlife more.

Noticeably, the price is so low, only 41USD. However, it doesn’t reflect that the amenities of the hotel are bad. Actually, they are all luxurious and first-class. The most objects I’m fond of could be such perfumed handmade bedding. Due to it, I overslept on the second day I stayed there. You are able to purchase itat the hand embroidery clothes shop at the entrance. A huge discount will be obtainable if you book a room on the hotel’s website directly.


Silk Path Boutique Hotel

Address: No.21 Hang Khay Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 60USD

The third hotel I want to propose is Silk Path Boutique Hotel. It is amazing that this landmark is adjacent to the southern shore of Hoan Kiem Lake, enabling you to view the lake from the balcony of the hotel. Nothing could be better than standing in your room to be engulfed in the peace the lake brings to you. Moreover, you can engage in dynamic activities held near the lake at the weekend instantly without missing any important events. But the cost you have to pay for this is that the space outside the hotel is very rowdy and frequently blocked by crowds. Sometimes, your travel could be obstructed.

Due to the special location, its prices are the highest in all hotels in this article. But the facilities inside the hotel are not a letdown. Upon your entry into your room, you will figure out that certain golden appliances are combined perfectly with dark wooden tables and cupboards to form a restful place.


La Beaute De Hanoi Hotel

Address: No.15 Trung Yen Lane, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Price: From 47USD

Another highly-appreciated 3-star hotel in Hanoi’s center is La Beaute De Hanoi Hotel. Thanks to its site in the vicinity of the green pearl of Hanoi, it can cut down your travel time to 3 minutes even when you move to Hoan Kiem Lake on foot. Nevertheless, I remind you that the lane where the hotel is positioned is a bit narrow. Therefore, traffic jams occur with a high frequency after 5pm. Do not go out of the hotel at that time if you cannot withstand noise and exhaust emissions produced by vehicles.

By the way, put aside this aspect, and focus on what the hotel will serve you. All services are value-for-money and high-quality. Indeed, they have a typical French style highlighted in the hotel’s ornaments, name and devices. Apart from this, the mixture with three different hues, namely brown, white and red, could impress you. That makes the hotel more outstanding than lots of rivals nearby.


Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel

Address: No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 45USD

One of the best 3-star hotels in Hanoi you can experience once is Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. Different from the others, this one consists of a vegetarian restaurant. This amenity provides all guest with delicious and nutritious dishes cooked from only vegetables and fruit. Due to fast-paced life these days, numerous people are prone to be obese. They have to follow a vegan diet. As a result, if you are in this situation, just select it to keep yourself healthy. Of course, there is no lack of splendid equipment such as handmade bed sheets and pillows, as well as polished wooden furniture.

Intriguingly, the hotel has still kept some French colonial styles. They displays themselves in tiles on the floor and the ancient gate near its entrance. While the hotel location is in an alley, giving you a genuinely tranquil place to relax entirely, it’s not far from Hang Da Shopping Mall and Hoan Kiem Lake. 3 minutes are what you need to arrive at the two places.


Sunline Hotel

Address: No.18 Bao Khanh Lane, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 58USD

The final hotel in my own list is Sunline Hotel. In spite of being at the end of a large lane near Hoan Kiem Lake, this site is not silent as you expect. In contrast, it’s an admirable point of departure to blend yourself in Hanoi’s nightlife more quickly because it is surrounded by countless lively bars & restaurants and impressive clothing shops. That is not to mention an advantage that it takes you 2 minutes from the hotel to present in the lake. Nonetheless, again, you ought to notice that the environment there is usually boisterous throughout a day, while a large number of vehicle usually impede the street in rush hours, causing annoyance for some visitors.

Anyway, you will be stunned when seeing the hotel for the first time. With European styles shown up in four huge colonnades and the wonderful stairs heading to the second floor, it’s not so inferior to 5-star hotels regarding exterior surfaces. The guestrooms are also cozy and warm to let you stay away from the cold.


In conclusion, it is believed that such information would satisfy your curiosity about the best 3-star hotels in Hanoi for an effortless movement to Hoan Kiem Lake. Additionally, from the price I’ve attached, you will also save up a great deal of money for accommodation as well if you pick one of them.

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