Best swimming pool in Hanoi for local non-residents and foreign travelers

Affected by tropical weather, people living in Hanoi have to deal with a hot summer every year. Although they can resist it, they still want to escape from the heat as much as possible. Meanwhile, this could be a more serious problem for Western travelers. Because they are not used to the extreme heat like the locals. Plus the unavailability of beaches in the city, the most feasible solution for all of them is to soak themselves in a swimming pool in Hanoi.

In fact, if you find that counting the number of pools around the capital of Vietnam these days interesting, you have to spend all your life on completing this. However, it doesn’t mean that every pool is high-quality. In contrast, certain pools are unexpectedly terrifying. That’s why the best swimming pool in Hanoi is what you need to prioritize once you attend the metropolis in summer.

Frequently, 5-star hotels in the city provide you with a clean pool to swim when you are their guest. But in the case you are a local traveler, or just foreign non-resident, they disallow you to utilize this facility. Fortunately, there are some selections that could fulfil your desire. I believe that some of them may surprise you.


I have to say that natural pools are available in Hanoi nowadays. The reason for this is that Hanoi location is beside Red River, a large river flowing from mountainous zone, and the city also consists of several lakes. But I don’t appreciate them since the development of this metropolis leads to water pollution there. That’s why you are prone to be infected by some illnesses hidden in these special pools. Anyway, if you still favor to be engulfed in nature to calm down yourself, two admirable choices for you are:

West Lake

Estimated as the largest lake in the proximity of Red River, West Lake is believed as the best swimming pool in Hanoi for nature lovers. Just go along some streets around the lake, and you can jump into it from any stop. With a tranquil environment and cool winds the lake gives to everyone, it is usually visited by the locals to stay away from the heat. Of course, no ticket and no securities. So make sure that your belongings are protected carefully. Sometimes, the water inside the lake is not really clean, and rubbish is seeable too.

Red River

Another destination is Red River. Owning to the dikes along two banks of the river, the most suitable place to reach it is the small oasis under Long Bien Bridge. There are the stairs to go down from the bridge, but only for pedestrians. Therefore, firstly, leave all your unnecessary luggage at your rent accommodation. Though the water is not polluted badly because of strong flow, the alluvial naturally stains the river water. Do not hope its purity so much because you might be disappointed then.


By the way, it would be better if you are interested in artificial pools more. Fascinatingly they can supplies you with a good view of stunning landscape. Let’s start with:

1. Sense Aqua & Spa

Address: No.20 Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho District

This one currently belongs to Center of Women and Development Hotel (CWD Hotel). Located in the 4th floor, it shows you an unbelievably spacious indoor pool with the length of 33m, and the width of 17m. Aside from this, the depth of the pool is from 1.3m to 2m, very well-suited to both children and adults. What’s more? It also grants you a direct view of West Lake, allowing you to seek peace in mind after you swim for a while. The average prices for adult travelers are 8 USD/day and 140 USD/month.

2. Pullman Hanoi Hotel

Address: 40 Cat Linh Street, Hoan Kiem District

Interestingly, Pullman Hanoi Hotel is one of certain 5-star hotels that serve any traveler with the best swimming pool in Hanoi. By floating on the water surface, you are able to forget everything, and then enjoy the silence and freshness the garden surrounding the outdoor pool brings to you. Compared with other pools, this one is a bit smaller. For dimension, the depth is merely from 0.9m to 1.6m, but the shape forming a flower hidden inside water could impress you. There are first-class private bathrooms for every type of swimmers as well, while the prices are around 12 USD/day and 150 USD/month.

3. Bora Bora Four Seasons Pool

Address: No. 50 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Dong Da District

The next destination could be a pool with a remarkable name – Bora Bora Four Seasons Pool. The pool is wholly inside the second floor of Bao Son International Hotel. As a result, it displays a large space for non-residents to plunge themselves in water sports. To deserve its name, the hotel equips the pool with a high-tech heating system to guarantee that water lovers, from the young to the elderly, could stay in the pool even in winter. The only problem would be transportation since in rush hours, the street heading to the hotel is frequently overcrowded.

4. Thang Loi Hotel

Address: No.200 Yen Phu Street, Tay Ho District

Another pool you could visit at any time is run by Thang Loi Hotel. Like CWD Hotel, this location offers you with a view of West Lake. But instead of seeing the lake through windows, you are likely to rejoice cool winds from this water area directly. A few professional swimmers may not appreciate the pool there because it is not sizable (25m x 12.5m), but the more noticeable issue is the depth of over 2m. That’s why it is not a safe place for children. However, the price for a ticket is very reasonable, about 2.4 USD/person.

5. Asean Hotel

Address: No.8 Chua Boc Street, Dong Da District

One more selection dedicated to backpackers in the inner city is Asean Hotel. Amazingly, what you will pay for entry into the outdoor pool of the hotel is approximately 3.1 USD/person. Open from 5.30am to 9.00pm, the light system is operational fully to contribute to a wonderful night. Additionally, a bundle of drinks and cocktails are serviceable to let you gratify your thirsty too. Apart from a pool for adults, the hotel operates a distinctive one for the young with the depth of merely 0.7m. Consequently, you usually see a lot of parents teaching their children the way to swim there.

6. Army Hotel

Address: No.33C Pham Ngu Lao Street, Hoan Kiem District,

In the case you rent room is sited in the Old Quarter or the French Quarter, Army Hotel is where you can find a suitable swimming pool in Hanoi within a short journey time. What makes the hotel attract more swimmers is a large car park, beside restaurant and bar. With the length of 20m, the width of 10.5m, and the depth from 1m to 2.4m, fathers and mothers could accompany with their sons and daughters to keep themselves away from the heat. Notably, the pool consists of salty water to make you feel that you would live in a real beach.

To conclude, by attending the best swimming pool in Hanoi, any tourist will never worry about how to cope with high temperatures in the city in summer. More intriguingly, that could be a new experience to let you to explore another feature of the capital at the moment.

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