Acceptable guest house in Hanoi Old Quarter for an overnight stay

What will you do if your favorite residence in the Old Quarter doesn’t have a vacant room for you, or there are some problems forcing you to be unable to check in at this place while it’s very late? Obviously, the feasible way to solve this tough situation is to find a guest house to stay overnight temporarily. However, on the condition that you do not obtain any information about the guest house, apparently, it will take you plenty of time to hunt for a high-quality one, or more badly, you are likely to dwell in a run-down dwelling. In order to prepare the occurrence of that case and pass it, I recommend you to get to know about acceptable guest house in Hanoi Old Quarter. As a result, your itinerary, then, will not be changed significantly.

The foremost thing you must understand is what the guest house is. In fact, almost its amenities are not so different from a hotel’s ones. However, the quality is lowered for a cheaper price, as well as you cannot accommodate there for a long time. Frequently, it only serves visitors who plan to stay for a night, and leave the following day. So remember that the guest house is merely makeshift accommodation to make your trip not disrupted. By the way, for high-quality guest house in Hanoi Old Quarter, I prefer:

1. Hanoi Guest House

Address: No.85 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 25USD

Noticeably, Hanoi Guest House is located in the north of Hoan Kiem District, allowing you to have a discovery of many historical tourist attractions nearby, such as Hanoi Ancient Gate, Dong Xuan Market, Bach Ma Temple and Long Bien Bridge. But you ought to check your direction regularly to avoid being lost while turning your movement to Hoan Kiem Lake.

At the first sight, you would take it as a boutique hotel. By using luxurious decoration and offering numerous services, for example, tour packages or online booking, it grants visitors a restful place for an enjoyable stay. Basic amenities, from free wi-fi access, drinks to private bathroom and smart TV are supplied adequately in your room. One more point you must pay attention that the name of the guest house is very common on Google search. Therefore, you need to remember its exact address I’ve written above.


2. Happy Moon Guesthouse

Address: No. 30 Hang Cot Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 30USD

Another preferable guest house in Hanoi Old Quarter and very close to Ba Dinh District is Happy Moon Guesthouse. This leads you to travel to Hoan Kiem Lake as well as Ba Dinh Square within the same time. Nevertheless, the most suitable means of transport is bike due to a long distance to the two destinations.

I have to say that, again, the guest house’s outside is very similar with an ordinary hotel’s exterior surface nearby. Its owner prefers the white color for painting this high building to highlight it on one side of the street in the northern west of the historical zone. And that feature is also presented in walls, bathrooms and beddings at the guestrooms. Fixed tours, visa extension and vehicle/bike rental are also available for a long-term adventure in Vietnam.


3. HC Old Quarter View House

Address: No.15 Tho Xuong Lane, Phu Doan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 30USD

This one, intriguingly, is in the vicinity of Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral, an ancient Christian church in the inner city. Consequently, it takes you a few minutes from the guest house to move to the church for religious activities or excursion. Of course, going to Hoan Kiem Lake in the east or the French Quarter in the south on foot doesn’t request much time.

That is not to mention another charming feature that HC Old Quarter View House has got an architectural style resulting from the combination between French and Vietnamese designs, creating a warm but splendid ambiance for all guests. There are three types of rooms, and all of them are appointed with a large balcony or sizeable windows to let you obtain a better city view. Light brown wooden furniture and cutting-edge equipment are placed inside the rooms too.


4. Hanoi Old Town Palace Guest House

Address: No.30 Tam Thuong Lane, Hang Bong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 20USD

Sticking with first-rate guest house in Hanoi Old Quarter, I suggest Hanoi Old Town Palace Guest House to you. In fact, this lodging is positioned in a narrow lane, allowing you to be engulfed in tranquility. Nonetheless, traveling from the place by car or large vehicle is impossible. So, if you are interested in driving by yourself, you couldn’t fulfil your desire at the guest house. By the way, walking along Hang Gai Street, you are able to see loads of silk clothing stores there to purchase some amazing gifts for your loved ones.

The décor inside the guest house, to some extent, is simple and intimate for budget travelers. The rooms are not really spacious, but equipped with all essential devices. Notably, you can have a seat at a wide balcony to drink something and view the city.


5. Hanoi Guest House Royal

Address: No.26 Phat Loc Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 58USD

Perhaps you would realize that Hanoi Guest House Royal is a new cousin of Hanoi Guest House. But it doesn’t aim at budget travelers or backpackers due to its exorbitant price, up to 58USD/night. As a result, it’s well-suited to those who have abundant money and favor opulent accommodation like 4-star hotels. This is the main reason why the guest house is adorned with golden layers lying in ceiling lamps, metal frames and the name sign, plus Victorian-inspired ornaments. To enhance more grandeur, red pillows and blankets are furnished with white bed sheets and yellow wallpaper to turn your room into a real royal space.

Sited in the north of Hoan Kiem Lake, however, the guest house hides itself in a bundle of streets. This cause a great deal of time to attend the lake or Dong Xuan Market.


6. Hanoi Lucky Guesthouse 2

Address: No.91A Hang Ma Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 21USD

The last destination for guest house in Hanoi Old Quarter is Hanoi Lucky Guesthouse 2 in the west of Hanoi’s ancient region. Due to being in the border of two districts: Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh, like Happy Moon Guesthouse, you should travel to tourist spots in the city center by motorbike or bike rather than on foot. Hopefully, the guest house provides the vehicle rental service to facilitate your journey.

Compared with the others, this landmark is a bit smaller. That’s why it has to arrange a garret on the ground floor to expand the area for operation. However, when you have a meal in front of the reception table at this floor, you still feel airy and comfortable. Regarding facilities in your room, the purple hue on the wall mixed with lacquered paintings and bright beddings perfectly will help you take a deep sleep.


In a nut shell, once you cannot find an acceptable hotel for a short stay, just have a go at the guest house in Hanoi Old Quarter I’ve offered to you. A lot of tourists accommodated there, and admittedly, they didn’t complain of anything in these residences. Do not hesitate to try them.

Best guest house in Hanoi center for an alternative travel plan

Have you ever imagined that due to some unexpected incidents, you cannot find an unoccupied room in your preferable hotels? Or it’s too late to go back your hotel safely while you are traveling somewhere in Hanoi capital? Apparently, you will need a guest house for an overnight stay to resume your trip the next day. However, it would be problematic if you don’t know any high-quality guest houses nearby. That is the reason why you should remember the best guest house in Hanoi center to exclude yourself from such a tough case.

As you might know, after the expansion of the area in 2008, Hanoi became larger. That facilitated the development of many economic fields, not except for tourists industry. Lots of holiday spots have come to being since then, giving you a wide range of destinations to visit and enjoy holiday. To let you check what the guest house will be closest to you at the time you are on the way of traveling more easily, all suggestive residences below will be classified by each zone of Hanoi.


This historical region is where most of the highly-recommended guest houses in Hanoi are sited owning to the high demand for accommodation there. To narrow down the list, I will grant you two admirable and affordable guest houses. They are:

1. Hanoi Old Town Palace Guest House

Address: No.30 Tam Thuong Lane, Hang Bong Street

Price: At least 20USD/night

Positioned in a lane of Hang Gai Street, one of the central roads in the Old Quarter famous for silk clothes, Hanoi Old Town Palace Guest House allows you to move to Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral or Night Market for around 5 minutes. Moreover, this feature contributes to a tranquil environment to help you wind up wholly. But you are unable to drive by yourself from the guest house due to the small width of the lane.

By the way, although the guest house’s decoration and guestrooms are not so impressive and splendid, it forms a quite intimate space with backpackers. After you have breakfast on the ground floor, drinking a cup of coffee and viewing the streets beneath at the large balcony are leisure activities you should have a go at.


2. Hanoi Guest House

Address: No.85 Ma May Street

Price: At least 25USD

The next best guest house in Hanoi is given to Hanoi Guest House. This landmark is fairly far from Hoan Kiem Lake in the south, but pretty close to Dong Xuan Market in the north and Bach Ma Temple in the west. Nonetheless, whatever you prefer, you ought to gain precise direction to travel to the three places. I think this doesn’t matter if you desire to discover all 36 streets in the Old Quarter.

When standing in front of the guest house, many tourists assumed that it would not a real guest house but a 3-star hotel. Probably, you will think as they did because of its luxurious amenities and spectacular outsides. Amazingly, it has followed golden décor displayed in furniture, beddings and ornaments for the enhancement of grandeur. Also, extra services, such as tour packages, drinks and breakfast are always available.



This quarter is renowned for numerous French colonial properties established in the 19th century. Plus a road system like a chessboard, the zone is taken as a ward of French cities. Nevertheless, there are not many suitable choices for you there, and so, the best guest house in Hanoi French Quarter I advise is:

Y Lan Guesthouse

Address: No.29 Hai Ba Trung Street

Price: At least 23USD

Interestingly, from Y Lan Guesthouse, you will need only 1 minute to see Hoan Kiem Lake and Trang Tien plaza to embark on bustling outdoor deeds around the lake at the weekend. Meanwhile, it’s in the proximity of Vietnam Women’s Museum and Hoa Lo Prison, where you can study more about the history of local people.

Different from the others, the main building of the guesthouse is far off the main road, contributing a silent environment to relax. All necessary appliances are serviceable, while housing structure has followed a typical Vietnamese design to show the simplicity and friendliness of the owner. If possible, you should dwell at Bedroom number three, where the window faces the garden and a small temple to let you be immersed in the nature. For breakfast, you can enjoy with the owner’s family in the kitchen if you ask in advance.



In the northern-west part of Hanoi these days, the district is named on the basis of the Westlake, the largest water area of the capital. Thanks to the lake, the zone surrounding it has still kept fresh air and a silent atmosphere, advantageous to seek entire relaxation. Therefore, dwelling at a guest house in Hanoi and near the lake is not a bad selection. The most admirable place for you could be:

An Home

Address: No.5 Lane 13, Au Co Street

Price: At least 19.8USD

It is noticeable that An Home is merely over 1 kilometer from the Westlake. That’s why you can go jogging to the lake so that enjoying the wonderful air in such a less-inhabited region of Hanoi is possible. Additional things you should prepare are swimming outfits to engage in water sports there. Apart from this, you are able to continue your trip in Hanoi by visiting Tran Quoc Pagoda and Phu Tay Ho on two oases in the east of the lake.

The most outstanding characteristic of this place could be its unique architectural design. To some extent, its owners favors the style of Hanoi dozens of years ago. This is reflected in enigmatic beddings, ancient tiles, while curtains and blue balcony. The guestroom is sizeable, while the window heads to the outside garden to let you be exposed to the nature.



Anh Tuan Guesthouse Nui Truc

Address: No.18 Lane 12, Nui Truc Street

Price: 21 USD

Ba Dinh District is considered as the political heart of Hanoi with an abundance of contemporary attractions. If you are engrossed in them so much that you forget the schedule to go back your rent accommodation, you could experience housing services at Anh Tuan Guesthouse Nui Truc. Quite close to One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and only 1.3km from the Temple of Literature, this guest house in Hanoi enables you to stick with your plan for the second day.

With respect to the facilities inside this one, they all reach certain basic standards of an acceptably reasonable residence. Owning to limited area, it has operated only 8 guestrooms, and most of them are not really large. But beddings, wooden devices, private bathrooms and electrical equipment are highly-appreciated to stay overnight.



Song Long Villa Hanoi

Address: No.62 Lane 100, Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

Price: At least 22USD

After having a journey to the Temple of Literature, Dong Da hill or Indira – Gandhi Park, you can take a rest at Song Long Villa Hanoi. In fact, the guest house is inside a narrow lane. Consequently, it could be a bit difficult for you in the case you travel by car or motorbike. Nonetheless, dissimilar to other motels and hostels nearby, it’s recruited professional staff who can communicate with foreigners in English well to help you everything.

One more advantage you should pay attention to is that the guest house accepts to let your pets stay there. Besides, a distinctive area for smoking is serviceable too, but for parking, you have to pay an extra sum of money. Amenities are comfortable and highlighted by the mixture between red and white hues coming from aromatic beddings and polished furniture.


To conclude, if you cannot check in at your hotel as you expect, just find the guest house in Hanoi center I mention above. By living there, nothing could obstruct you to plunge yourself in the adventure around this ancient city.