First-rate 4-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter – The contribution to your enjoyable stay

Just a decade ago, there were veryfew 4-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter. Sometimes, you would be forced to stay at low-rank hotels if your money didn’t afford 5-star accommodation. The main reason for this was the low demand for these middle-rank residences. Meanwhile, the investment to building them was not much enough to boost the process of constructing them.

In spite of that, thanks to the rapid development of Vietnam’s economy recently, the situation has been changed significantly. A lot of 4-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter has come to existence, helping you save up much money. However, a result of such a fast expansion is the difference in their quality because of loose control of the government. To cope with this problem, I recommend you should try one of the hotels below. All of them permit you to use high-quality amenities.

1. The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa

Although the price it offers is the cheapest in my list, only 54$, The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa reaches almost all standards of luxurious 4-star hotels. Firstly, it’s famous for a special spa called Swan Spa and Treatments, where you are treated with unique Vietnamese and international techniques. Conveniently, you can make reservation for this service on its website. Meanwhile, the spa is outside instead of being inside the main building. So it allows all guests to feel comfortable and airy during the treatment.

The second is Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie on the ground floor of the hotel. This one is expert in making a wide range of cakes coming from Asia and Europe. Apart from buffet meals, you can order some of them to bring along with you when traveling somewhere. Finally, the handmade bedding there is so odoriferous that I forgot to wake in time for my trip on the second day.

The hotel can also cut down your journey around the Old Quarter. Traffic blockages never occur since the street is very wide. As a result, you will only need a 3 minute walk to arrive at Hoan Kiem Lake and Hang Da Shopping Mall.


2. MK Premier Boutique Hotel

Next is MK Premier Boutique Hotel, a large residential place in the north of the Old Quarter. Despite being quite near Dong Xuan Market, where shopaholics can fulfill their demands on souvenirs and silk clothes, the hotel is a bit far from Hoan Kiem Lake. It would be better if you hire a bike rather than go on foot. Moreover, you will need a detailed guide for direction because a bundle of streets may make you lost.

Actually, the cost to dwell there is higher than many 4-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter, up to 82.5$. This is because the hotel has to run several grand services to serve all visitors concurrently. Owning to occupying a huge area, an open air bar on the roof top was built to let you have a better view of the bustling city. Besides All-Day-Dining Restaurant for local dishes, you can attend MK Banh My to taste Vietnamese sandwich.

The hotel also consists of MK Spa dedicated to those who prefer beautifying themselves with Thai methods. Wandering around the spa for a while, you are likely surprised that there is a spacious hot tub in a private room. However, online booking is unavailable.


3. Golden Cyclo Hotel

Regarding newly-established 4-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter, Golden Cyclo Hotel are frequently mentioned. It’s sited in the western edge of this historical zone, near the French Quarter in the south, and Ba Dinh District in the west. Nonetheless, you should remember that moving to all attractions in the three places by bike or motorcycle is highly suggested due to the long distance.

The most prominent aspect of the hotel is its decoration. Different from others, it has focused on traditional Vietnamese styles, not Western ones. This could be seen very clearly in its logo – a golden cyclo, the most typical means of transport in Hanoi in the past – and decorative things such as lanterns at the lobby and wooden frames at the entrance. Perhaps you will discover another side of Hanoi there.

With the average price of 74$ for the most low-priced room, you are able to utilize certain opulent amenities. When you need something to satisfy your hunger with Hanoi’s food, having a trip to the prime bar & restaurant on the ground floor is the best choice. Also, beddings in your room following the concept of Hanoi city are acceptable to relax entirely.


4. Tirant Hotel

For water lovers, it could be very hard for them to find large swimming pools inside 4-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter. Because the limitation of the area obstructs the hotel to construct this facility. However, there are a few preferable selections for you, and one of them is Tirant Hotel. Sited on one side of Gia Ngu Street, this one enables you to go to Hoan Kiem Lake within 2 minutes, while you will not need a complicated instruction for direction. Nevertheless, this convenience leads to the frequent occurrence of the disorderly situation made by numerous crowds and vehicles on the streets near the hotel. As a result, seeking a wholly tranquil environment there is impossible.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, the hotel includes a pool on the roof top to let you see the city from above. The bar adjacent to the pool also gives you some drinks while you are floating on the water surface. Apart from this, on the lower floor is the open-air coffee lounge to enjoy Hanoi’s starry night more comfortably.

Additionally, you should not miss experience Ciel Spa for bamboo chopstick massage and Tirant Restaurant for French-style dishes. The price to stay is pretty tolerable, from 63.75$, in comparison with its rivals.


5. Silk Path Hotel

One more option of 4-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter is Silk Path Hotel. Like its name, this one lies in the busiest commercial region in the southern west of Hoan Kiem Lake. Consequently, you have to cope with the sounds from vehicle honks and numberless hordes of tourists, as well as traffic jams, though the hotel is quite close to Ba Dinh Square and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Moreover, walking to Hoan Kiem Lake is very exhausting due to the long route from the hotel to the lake.

By the way, you are likely to forget such problems when entering the hotel. Most characters of a typical 4-star hotel are reflected notably in golden layers and splendid architectural designs. Interestingly, there are two different restaurants, namely Bellissimo, which specializes in Mediterranean food such as pizza and spaghetti; and La Soie de Hanoi, a French-style restaurant that exhibits Vietnamese and French cuisine.

In addition, you can have a seat in Piano Bar and Terrace Café to enjoy classical music. If you need to lift your mind up and keep fit, the gym is an admirable place to do this. But you ought to remember that the lowest expenditure to dwell at the hotel is up to 77$.


6. May De Ville Old Quarter Hotel

The sixth suggestive hotel to stay in Hanoi’s center is May De Ville Old Quarter Hotel. Fascinatingly, the hotel has operated an outdoor pool in the higher floor to give you a wonderful experience of soaking yourself in water to blow away the heat in summer. In the case you want to get into shape with strenuous training schemes, the gym could gratify your aspiration. Or if you desire gentle massage, Vi Spa on the second floor exposes you to effective Thai techniques.

As you can expect from the name, the hotel is appointed with the French-style ornaments and restaurant. To rejoice in this, you can order a meal in Le Réveil Restaurant, where Vietnamese and Western food is displayed. Especially, grateful for the hotel’s location in the vicinity of Hoan Kiem Lake, if lucky, you can find a seat at the restaurant to observe the lake directly.

Nevertheless, the smallest sum of money for accommodation there is around 60$. One more thing is that there are loads of bars and restaurants nearby, making the street jam-packed and rowdy. Unless you can deal with noise and blockages on the way of traveling, this is not a suitable place for you.


In general, I hope that you would favor such first-rate 4-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter I’ve put a proposal of. By deciding on one of them, not only will you receive a perfect place for an enjoyable stay there, but also it is an advantageous starting point for you to have an intriguing adventure in the city.

Where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter to enjoy dynamic nightlife more easily?

With regard to a typical feature of Hanoi, numberless visitors usually think of nightlife in Hanoi. Thanks to innumerable lively bars, Night Market and amazing foot streets, it is so and addictive that none of them want to miss it once they’ve enjoyed it before. As soon as you are immersed in the dynamic ambiance the city gives to you at night, perhaps you will don’t want to go back home. By the way, in the case you desire to experience it more conveniently, you should know where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter to cut down journey time. Actually, both hostels and hotels below can help you find reasonable answer.


Noble Boutique Hotel

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 41$

This hotel will certainly facilitate your travel to all destinations where tempting activities at night take place. This is because it’s located in Hang Gai Street, the most uproarious road in the Old Quarter at that time. Just stepping out of the hotel, you can blend yourself in nightlife instantly. Meanwhile, traffic congestion hardly ever happens to impede your trip due to the large width of the street.

Actually, the hotel is estimated as 3 stars. But to some extent, it’s not inferior to highly-ranked hotels much on the basis of luxurious amenities. Firstly, you are allowed to lie down on soft hand embroidery bedding plus natural odors. Your sleep, then, will be smoother and deeper. If you favor them, you can purchase these at the clothing shop near the entrance. Handkerchiefs are also available there. And secondly, wooden furniture and cutting-edge electric appliances nearly reach the highest standards for 5-star hotels.


Apricot Hotel

Address: No.136 Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District

Price: From 118$

Probably, some people don’t know that Apricot Hotel is where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter with 5-star services. Just registering a room, you will be served with all first-rate amenities. This could be seen in two different restaurants, a coffee lounge and an open-air pool with a splendid bar. Of course, there is no lack of a fitness center to help you keep fit. However, the most prominent feature of the hotel is classical French style inside and outside the building. Based on the French colonial exterior surface, such with French ornaments can upgrade the hotel’s grandeur. But you should notice that the price is only afforded by rich men.

By the way, the hotel’s location is very advantageous for you to travel because it’s beside Hoan Kiem Lake. Standing to the pool or the balcony, you can observe the lake immediately, while wandering uproarious streets around this attraction to feel the ambiance of Hanoi’s nightlife is so simple.


Tirant Hotel

Address: No.38 Gia Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 63.75$

On the condition that you cannot pay to dwell in 5-star accommodation, 4-star residential places should be a great choice for where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter. One of the top hotels like this is Tirant Hotel. It has the same French style as Apricot Hotel’s one. Due to its limited area, the hotel has got a smaller pool on the 11th floor, although this place still gives you a better city view from above. On the lower floor are an outdoor restaurant and a coffee lounge both of which enable you to enjoy the wind blowing your hair. Admittedly, all services at the gym and spa are what you should have a go at to be healthier and prettier.

Grateful for the site in the center of the Old Quarter, Tirant Hotel permits you to travel to every corner of this ancient zone within a day, and specifically, Night Market in the north. Nevertheless, the street in front of the hotel is often overcrowded in rush hours. So you should avoid that time for travel.


The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa

Address: No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 54$

Another 4-star hotel you could try once is The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa. Interestingly, the road where the hotel is positioned is very bustling at night, but silent at midday, well-suited to those who want a period of the day to rest before engaging in night parties. The hotel is also not far away from Hoan Kiem Lake and Hang Da Shopping. Because you will only need 3 minutes to arrive.

Compared with other 4-star hotels, this one shows you a much more affordable price, while the quality is not different. That’s why it is a great choice for budget travelers. Apart from handmade beddings, the hotel is ornamented with royal style to enhance its luxury. After tasting a wide range of cakes at its in-house restaurant, you can attend its illustrious spa next to the main building. Certain special packages there can meet all demands of both men and women. However, swimming pool is not included.



Hanoi Rocks Hostel

Address: No.56 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 3$

If you think that hostels are where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter more reasonably than hotels, I recommend you to make reservation at Hanoi Rocks Hostel in advance. Owing to the price of 3$ for a bed in the large dorm enough for 20 people to live together, you will save up a huge amount of money. It is interesting that all beddings and bed frames have obtained a white layer, improving elegance inside the dormitory.

The hostel also supplies dorms for only women and private rooms, but the costs you need to pay are much higher. Anyway, one more reason I prefer this one is the lively bar on the ground floor where you can plunge yourself in dynamic parties during a night. Instead of going outside, by staying there, you can be exposed to nightlife in Hanoi. Additionally, the hostel is in the vicinity of Night Market, very favorable to collect cheap souvenirs and taste street food.


Nexy Hostel

Address: No.12 To Tich Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 7$

Regarding where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter and near Hoan Kiem Lake, Nexy Hostel is the first name which comes out of my mind. With only a 1 minute walk from the hostel, the lake will be in your vision. Therefore, you are unlikely to worry about the blockages made by countless crowds at night which could obstruct your travel extremely. Nevertheless, you should notice that if your aspiration is to have a discovery at Dong Xuan Market or the French Quarter, do not do this after 5pm due to traffic congestion.

In fact, the hostels has an abundance of facilities for spending leisure time. Unless you like the spacious balcony on the roof top to view the city, you could attend TV room and library to watch a movie as well as read a book, or move to the bar to partake in a billiard game. Apart from this, the beds adorned mainly with blue colors are pretty impressive and comfy since it’s wider than such amenities inside other hostels.


Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown

Address: No.9, Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 8$

The last suggestive one could be Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown. Positioned in the north of Hoan Kiem Lake, however, it is closer to Dong Xuan Market and some historical attractions. This is an essential condition to make you feel how boisterous Hanoi’s nightlife is more exactly while a short time for movement is requested. Similar with Hanoi Rocks Hostel, this landmark offers all guests an amazing bar to embark on endless parties and forget all qualms and anxieties. Of course, this moment is so propitious that you can make a lot of new friends coming from different countries around the world.

With respect to the remaining facilities, besides mixed dorms, this site also provides dorms for females and private rooms. In the comparison with hotels, they are less opulent and a bit narrow. But it’s value-for-money on the basis of the expenditure of 8$ to stay overnight. All bunks are arranged side by side to let you stay closer to your loved ones and roommates.


To conclude, the question “Where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter?” will be answerable if you select one of my suggestions above. Have a knack for them. These hotels and hostels can let you rejoice in Hanoi’s nightlife effortlessly and entirely. And more importantly, for the next travel, you will never think about where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter again.