Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – Review: Unexpectedly unique hotel chains

One month ago, I had a serious problem that I couldn’t find suitable accommodation in the Old Quarter when I arrived in Hanoi. Luckily, my acquaintance then told me about Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – a top-quality hotel chains in the capital of Vietnam. Although at the first moment, I doubted about its reputation, I changed my mind immediately after having an experience there which you should try once. That is also the reason why I write Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – Review for you.

In fact, the group consists of three luxurious hotels: The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa, Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel, and Noble Boutique Hotel. All of them are located in the center of the Old Quarter and have distinctive services. Finally, I went to Noble Boutique Hotel, the hotel nearest me at that time.

Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – Review about members

Noble Boutique Hotel


Let’s start with Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – Review about its member. The first one is Noble Boutique Hotel sited at No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Indeed, Hang Gai Street is very uproarious since it always abounds to tourists, shops and vehicles. Therefore, during two days I stayed there, I could blend myself in daily life very easily. Moreover, it only took me three minutes to see Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart of Hanoi capital.

Building structure

“Western-style” and “Outstanding” are the words which can describe the hotel. The hotel is one of the highest building in this area, and therefore, everyone simply recognizes it from a long distance. Besides, the exterior surface is decorated with Western colonnades, grand outlines in balconies, making me feel that the hotel could be a huge mansion.

Lobby and room

All walls in the hotel are painted with white color, like European castles. When I entered the lobby, a lavish spacious area was in my sight. It is appointed with flowers, sofas and sparkling chandeliers. Besides, two separate reception tables allow to hotel to serve more customer at the same time, while some huge lacquered paintings hung on the wall make the lobby have certain Vietnamese features.

Checking in and obtaining a key of Deluxe Room, I merely paid 63.25 USD/night, very cheap and reasonable. Going up by a huge elevator, I attended my room a few minutes later. Actually, my first impression about this place was excellent. Most of appliances are made of wood, while beddings, especially, are 100% handmade. Moreover, pillows and bed sheets give off an exception odor, enhancing the grandeur of the room. I enjoyed the bathroom most because it is very clean and polished. Of course, the city view in the room is so great that I could see the whole street from above.


There are two main facilities in Noble Boutique Hotel: The Sandwich Shop and Thuy Ky Shop. In fact, the former specializes in selling fast food and takeaways. However, I’m a vegetarian, and therefore, I just bought some drink there. But this shop is very elegant and noticeable because they have lots of impressive ornaments.

The latter, Thuy Ky Shop, has the business of selling hand embroidery clothes. Interestingly, all beddings in Thuy Ky Hospitality Group are provided by it. Moreover, there is a wide range of 100% handmade textile products sold at this place, from pillows, table clothes, to handkerchiefs, and bed sheets. They are quiet soft and smooth, and so, I purchased some of them as gifts for my loved ones.

Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel


Owing to a fact that I preferred meatless meals, and wanted to continue Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – Review, I traveled to Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel, where a vegetarian restaurant is located. Immediately, I walked to No.16H, Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi and it only took me 5 minutes to arrive there. This hotel, however, is in a small alley, a bit far away from the main street. That’s why the atmosphere is pretty tranquil and peaceful despite being in the Old Quarter.


Though it only has 9 stories, the building is very peculiar and exclusive. From what I heard, it was recreated on the basis of an ancient house built nearly 100 hundred years ago. This could be seen in the gate, where I went through before standing in front of the hotel, balconies, and the floors inside it. To some extent, I assume that the building can have historical value to study.

Lobby and room

Another notable point of the hotel is the reception area. In the center of this zone is the reception table, meanwhile, on the right is the region where guests can sit down in a sofa, and choose a book from a large bookshelf to read. And the stairs to go up to the vegetarian restaurant is on the left. The lobby is highlighted more by French-style architecture in the exquisite arrangement of outlines. However, there is the existence of Vietnamese cultural features in paintings and wooden frames, creating an extraordinary combination of Vietnamese and European styles.

Of course, because I didn’t book a room in the hotel, I couldn’t wander in the higher floors. But with my observation, it is true that its guestrooms are not so different from the one I stayed. For example, the walls are still painted with white color, and odorous beddings are 100% handmade.


Stunned by the hotel’s structure, I forgot the reason why I was there until my stomach became noise. Following the guidance of the staff, I presented in Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant in the second floor. Excitingly, this room is so disparate from the rest of the hotel because it has orange walls around four corners. The staff then explained that the Vietnamese believe vegan diets are considered to decrease human body temperatures if people eat them too much. In order to solve this problem, eaters need the warmth from something, and in this case, that is the color from the walls.

Enjoying the warm air, I found a seat near some ceramic statues and looked around. All decorative objects in this place, from pictures, bulbs to lotus flowers on the windows, have Vietnamese features, and such statues are no exception. Turning to food, there are also two major types of vegan dishes: Vietnamese and European. Little surprised, I ordered Vietnamese roll “Pho” with vegetable and spaghetti.

“What an awesome dish!” – I screamed so loud that some employees were startled.

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa


For more Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – Review, on the last day I stayed in Hanoi, I visited The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa. This one is not far away from the two other members because it takes only 4 minute to attend there. The site, fascinatingly, is the mixture between two places I had traveled. Located at No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, at the midday, the surrounding area is very silent, but becomes dynamic at night. Similarly, going to Hoan Kiem Lake is also a very simple task.

Building design

The hotel is no lack of splendor and opulence. At the first sight, golden colonnades, lenient light and delicate stairs could astonish any tourists. This 11-story building looks as if it’s a real Western castle in an Eastern country. It could be very hard to find the same one lying in the Old Quarter.

Inside the building

To increase the royal ambiance for the hotel, its owner arranges appliances in the lobby very meticulously, from sofas, a reception table to a piano. In particular, an exciting natural odor given off by air conditioners creates its differences from the other members. Wondrously, the elevator near the reception area is covered with a golden layer. It was regrettable that I didn’t select this place for accommodation.


From what the hotel’s guests talked to me, all rooms in the hotel deserve to 5-star quality. Specifically, the most amazing things could be the paintings of a dragon fly. These pictures can be seen in Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie, one of two major facilities of the hotel. This is because the hotel just wants to bring luck, the incarnation of this insect in the Vietnamese belief, to their customers.

Turning to the restaurant, it’s very famous for making cakes rather than Vietnamese and European dishes. The space is warm and cozy with elegant tables, chairs and ceramic vases. But I don’t favor cakes much, and therefore, I just tasted some special food using wholly vegetable components.

Next to the hotel’s building is Swan Spa and Treatments. In fact, this place is so attractive to travelers since people these days tend to have a desire to beautify themselves. Nevertheless, my schedule in Vietnam didn’t allow me to try its high-quality services. Consequently, I had a knack for using massage chairs in the front area of the spa within a short time. This machine, though, gave me indescribable pleasure to let me rest entirely.

Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – Review about other services

It would be incomplete if I don’t mention Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – review about its services. The group can provide customers with three other services: Tours in Vietnam, Pick-up and drop-off at airport and visa on arrival. However, I had some assignments in another city, as a result, I didn’t have chance to check such services. But I believe that they are all excellent based on what the group already brought to me.

All in all, when you present in Hanoi, I think you should have an experience in Thuy Ky Hospitality Group. Whatever you prefer, such as accommodation, transportation, dining or shopping, it will never dissatisfy you. Perhaps after a stay there, you will create Thuy Ky Hospitality Group – Review like me.

Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel – Never regret after a short experience

Do you have the same plan as mine: staying at Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel after merely reading an advertisement about it? Perhaps, you should pay attention to my hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. Because it is my real experience there. And firstly, I could say that you are unlikely to regret your belief in the hotel.

I hadn’t known the hotel until an article about the hotel appeared on the screen of my smartphone while I was checking Facebook. Finding it very interestingly, I had booked 3 nights at Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel and the service of pick-up at airport in advance before I started my trip to Vietnam in November. As soon as I arrived in Noi Bai airport, the hotel picked me up by using a 7-seater car. Thanks to this wonderful service since I didn’t need to disquiet about some problems related to Vietnamese transportation.

Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel site

The hotel’s address is No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. However, when the car drove me there, none of hotels were in my vision. In fact, Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel is a bit far away from the main road, in a small valley. Getting out the car, and walking through an ancient gate beside No.16H Duong Thanh Street, I could see it as a modern 9-story building.

Due to its special location, this place is very quiet and peaceful, suitable for those who look for tranquility during their holidays. Nonetheless, just go back to the nearest street, they can blend themselves in uproarious food streets, wonderful shops since the hotel is, notably, in the center of the Old Quarter. Moreover, I could attend Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera House, Hang Da shopping mall and several attractions in Hanoi within a 2-or-3-minute walking.

  • Silent
  • Near prompting areas
  • Inside the Old Quarter

Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel building structure

From I read in the article, the hotel is recreated on the basis of an ancient French house build at the beginning of the 20th century. Indeed, some outlines reflecting this special origin could be seen even when I stood in the front of the hotel. They are distinctive balconies, windows on the high stories and especially, strange light bulbs made of metal outside the building. Apart from this, the gate near the main street, as I mentioned, was actually erected by Japanese dozens of years ago, and has remained until now. However, after being repaired, the hotel has also got modern architectural structure, such as glass doors, colonnades, contributing to the hotel’s unique combination.

  • French style
  • Peculiar structure
  • Outstanding

Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel space


Passing the entrance is the reception area. This place is a bit larger than some hotels I stayed since it is divided to many zones. The reception table is straight at the entrance, and on the left are the stairs to go to Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant. Meanwhile, the right zone is dedicated to book lovers because the hotel appoints with some tables, sofas as well as a huge bookshelf. Some books put on it introduce about Hanoi and its history, very fascinating for foreign travelers.

Of course, the space inside the hotel is no lack of grandeur and luxury. This could be shown in wooden ornaments, lenient light, and the French-style floor. To highlight the wondrous combination between two types of architecture, this place also displays some Vietnamese paintings that I bought a few like them in the Old Quarter.

  • Luxurious and grand
  • Spacious
  • Reading area


Because I didn’t have any acquainted companion during the trip in Vietnam, I preferred staying alone in Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. That was why I booked Superior City View, the guestroom with only the area of 18 square meters. The price is very reasonable. I made a reservation directly, and therefore, I just paid 45 USD/night.

Completing some procedures, and receiving the key of my room, when I went to the elevator, a wooden door near it was in my sight. Surprisingly, this is an entrance of a bathroom for guests who are waiting for checking in. Such a room, however, doesn’t exist in some ordinary hotels.

Following the staff, I attended in the 6th floor 3 minutes later. As I had expected, the room is not quite spacious, and painted with the same color – while – in the lobby. Admittedly, my room has full of necessary appliances. From a double bed, tables, chairs, to a large cabinet, drawers and the floor are wooden and expensive. Meanwhile, all bedding is 100% handmade, very smooth and soft. They give off an exceptional odor that I had never smelt before. Moreover, the pillows are sow with the feature of daisy, plus cozy lights, making the ambiance more lavish.

What’s else?

A smart TV is opposite to the bed, above the drawers, where I found a menu for ordering something and a few snacks and fruits. Drinks are inside the refrigerator in the corners. I didn’t forget to open the door to see Hanoi from above. Like its name, the room gives the customer an unforgettable view of the Old Quarter. It would be more interesting if I saw the scenery through handmade 2-layer curtains. It seems that everything behind the curtains could become more mystical.

What I noticed then was the bathroom. The hotel’s rooms system is so extraordinary that every room has a private bathroom, no matter how large it is. In reality, this facility is very clean and polished, like 5-star hotel. While a washbasin has beautiful outlines, surrounded a shower are exorbitant and exclusive tiles. Free toiletries are also placed near the mirror.

  • Excellent facilities
  • Natural odor
  • 5-star quality

The most important part of my hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel – Restaurant

The reason why I favored this hotel is that it has Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – a typical Vietnamese vegetarian eatery. Although I’m not a fan of vegetarian ideology, I want to enjoy a meatless dish since I know that Vietnamese culture affected strongly by Buddhism has created the diversity of tasty and healthy vegan food. By the way, the restaurant is located in the second floor, very easy to find. Due to occupying a large area, it can serve a lot of eaters at the same time.

Of course, for my hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel, I attended the restaurant to describe it more exactly. The first impression of some guests, including me, could be its shade. Unlike the rest of the hotel, it is painted with orange hue, a very warm color. This is because in the Vietnamese belief, vegan food is very cold, and if people eat it too much, their body temperature will decrease, leading to some illnesses. As a result, they need something to balance their body temperature, and one of the solution is to use hot color like that to form a warm ambiance.

All tables and chairs with elegant design are made of natural wood. Above the guest’s head are lights with some separate shapes I didn’t know exactly what it meant. Other strange ornaments such as ceramic flowers, the features of lotus on the window glass, Vietnamese paintings are also noticeable. But more excitingly, there is a window in the kitchen, enabling me to see the process of cooking.

What’s in the menu?

From the main menu of the restaurant, there are two major types of vegan dishes: Vietnamese and European. I hadn’t thought that the restaurant could have invented certain food based on Western cuisine. Immediately, I ordered three dishes for my meal, including roll “Pho” with vegetable, deep-fired “Hanoi” vegetable spring roll and vegan pizza. And all of them are very amazing.

As you can see, the prices are very cheap, only 3-6 USD/dish. It would be very regrettable if any travelers miss the opportunity to present in the restaurant.

  • Cheap but delicious
  • Fresh and healthy
  • Warm ambiance

Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel services

I have to say that Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel’s staff is very great! None of the employees show negative attitudes towards their customers, even when they seem to be pretty stressful. During the time I booked online at my home and stayed at the hotel, they gave me useful advice to create my fully enjoyable holidays in Hanoi.

In fact, the hotel provides the service of visa upon arrival with only 20 USD. I didn’t have enough time to apply for the Vietnam entry visa, and hopefully, they helped me do this. What I needed to do was to send some of my personal information. Of course, as soon as I arrived in Noi Bai airport, I gained my visa from a Vietnamese governmental agencies.

Besides, I also registered a daily tour around Hanoi and some nearby provinces with the price of 132 USD. When my holidays were ended, I was carried by the hotel’s car again to Noi Bai airport. Similarly with the time I had been picked up, I had to pay 25 USD for drop-off.

Briefly, if I travel to Hanoi in the next time, I will still choose Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel due to its top-quality services and accommodation. All it supplies you are shown up in my hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. There is nothing to let you down.

Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel – The holiday of a lifetime waiting for you

Before traveling to Hanoi in October, I received my cousin’s advice that I should choose Noble Boutique Hotel for accommodation. In fact, when attending there, all my concerns about the hotel went away since it gave me an exciting moment that has stuck in my mind until now. You can see this clearly in my hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel below.

Interestingly, thanks to the hotel’s online booking system, I could book 3 nights at Noble Boutique Hotel for my 4-day trip in Hanoi as well as register a service of pick-up at Noi Bai airport while I still stayed at home. That was why after I presented in the lounge of the airport, a hotel’s vehicle was waiting for me. Following the guidance of an employee, I sat in the 7-seated car very luxurious and in good condition, and then I moved to the inner city.

Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel location

It took me about 40 minutes to arrive in this hotel. Actually, its address is No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, in the center of the Old Quarter. And from what I saw at midday and local people talked to me, Hang Gai Street is one of the most active and bustling roads in the Old Quarter. Consequently, as soon as any guests come out of the car, several colorful shops, food streets, many hordes of tourists and hundreds of different commodities are in their vision. Moreover, the driver let me know that the hotel is very close to a lot of Hanoi’s attractions such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Xuan Market or Hanoi Opera House. What I needed to do was to spend a few minutes on walking there. Apparently, this advantage helped me save up my time.

  • Convenient to travel on foot
  • Near attractive spots
  • Dynamic

Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel outside

A piece of information I obtained is that the 11-story hotel was built in 2013 and finished one year later. Due to its new establishment, the exterior surface is very impressive and modern. I could say that it has got European architectural features on the basis of white colonnades, stairs, golden words, windows and balcony outlines. Personally, the hotel is somehow like a lavish villa that, however, was turned to a high building. Its owner, I think, could be a creative person since he or she can make his or her property the most outstanding one in Hang Gai Street.

  • Easy to recognize
  • Prominent
  • Western style

Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel space


The lobby is in the second floor. Going through an automatic glass door, I entered a warm spacious space with lenient light. To deserve a luxurious hotel, Noble Boutique Hotel decorates itself with lots of grand ornaments and furniture, such as sofas, vases with fresh flowers, polished tiles and sparkling chandeliers. Especially, apart from a long reception table on the left, there is also a small one beside, where guests can get more information about some services of the hotel. I suppose such appliances are very exorbitant due to delicate lines on them. Some Vietnamese lacquered paintings hung on the walls appear in my vision too, leading the hotel to be quite different from European accommodation I stayed.

  • Vietnamese decoration
  • Impressive
  • Warm and cozy


Because I traveled to Vietnam alone, I had just chosen Deluxe Room, the smallest guestroom in the hotel. Fortunately, I booked the room in advance, and therefore, attained a huge discount. During my stay, I merely paid 63.25 USD/night, or 189.75 USD in total, very reasonable. Checking in and getting the key of Room 402, I moved to a large elevator near the reception table. Noticeable, this elevator is so huge that it can accommodate up to 6 people at the same time.

When attending my room, the first aspect I paid attention to was the wall color. The hotel still uses the same one – white – in the lobby to paint my room, creating a comfortable ambiance for me. Besides, the wooden floor could provide me the warmth even in the case that I didn’t wear my stocks. Then, my eyes focused on the beddings. Similar with what I had heard from my cousin, all of them are handmade, and in particular, attached with a gracious aromatic odors. That is the reason why I was able to slept immediately just as I lied down in the bed.

Of course, there is no lack of useful furniture, from a large cabinet, a smart TV, drawers, tables, chairs, and safety box. In the refrigerator in the corner, I found some beverages to blow my thirst way. Fruits, snacks are also available, and if I needed more, I could look at the menu near the TV and order something. On the wall are a few extraordinary lacquered pictures which I wanted to bring to my house.

What’s more in my hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel?

It is a bit regrettable that my room doesn’t acquire city view, given a fact that it only has indoor view. Perhaps in the next time, I will choose Executive Room to get a better view of Hanoi. Although the area of my room is only 25 square meters, but a private bathroom is supplied. Throwing away my negative thought, I checked it to open my mind.

“It’s so unbelievable!” – I exclaimed.

The bathroom, I assume, could be identical with the one in 5-star hotels because it is very luxurious and clean. A washbasin and a toilet bowl could achieve the highest standard, meanwhile, toiletries, towels and other tools are for free. Such accommodation then contributed to my holiday of a lifetime.

  • Indescribably excellent
  • Full necessary equipment
  • Handmade beddings

Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel facilities

There are two primary facilities in Noble Boutique Hotel, including The Sandwich Shop and Thuy Ky Shop. All of them are located in the first floor, under the lobby. When I went out of my room to travel there, I saw a special place for foot massage not far away from the elevator. Of course, I didn’t miss a chance to have a knack for it.

The Sandwich Shop

20 minutes later, I presented in The Sandwich Shop. In fact, this eatery is in the back, while Thuy Ky Shop, which can be seen at the entrance, is in the front. My impression about the small shop is described by two words: “Elegant” and “Convenient”. Firstly, the hotel adorn this place with numerous sumptuous appliances and distinctive drawings, apart from shiny steel frames in the center of the restaurant. Spoons, forks, plates and napkins are also placed on black tables.

Secondly, the shop specializes in European fast food, which I could see in the menu. There are 4 main dishes, namely sandwich, baguette, pizza and crepe, and pasta. All prices are around 5 – 6 USD, so cheap that even ordinary Vietnamese could be affordable. Every guest coming to the shop would either stay there, or take their food away. However, I favored sitting in the shop to feel a peculiar atmosphere.

Thuy Ky Shop

For more hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel, after filling my stomach, I went to Thuy Ky Shop, the place well-known for hand embroidery clothes. From an employee’s brief introduction, I knew that all bedding of the hotel comes from the shop. Actually, besides bed sheets, pillows, the shop sells table clothes, handkerchiefs and other textile products made of prime fabric cotton. Due to being 100% handmade, they gain distinctive softness and exceptional smoothness.

In order to let customers have a good view, most of the shop’s products are displayed in a few cupboards, and attached with notable price signs. Indeed, their prices are from nearly 47 USD to over 210 USD, not really expensive. Before leaving the hotel, I purchased a table cloth as a gift to thank my cousin.

Admittedly, some decorative objects attracted to me at that time, for example, the lights system above my head, or a statue of the God of Money. A screen showing the images captured by security cameras is hung nearby the cashier count, enhancing the safety for the hotel.

  • Diverse products
  • Unique
  • Advantageous for guests

How about other services?

One of Noble Boutique Hotel’s aspects I enjoyed most is the staff. All employees always help their customers proactively, such as carrying my luggage and answer my questions. A smile is often on their face, especially when they explained the services for me.

What made me a bit surprised is that the hotel holds some tours for their guests. The tours consist of Daily tours, Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa Town. Owing to my limited holiday, I only registered Daily tours to travel around Hanoi within a day. Because of accompanying with 6 people, I merely paid 47 USD for this short journey. If I have more time, I will give you a review about this memory.

Additionally, as I mentioned, the hotel operates the services of pick-up and drop-off at Noi Bai airport as well as visa upon arrival. On the last day in Hanoi, I was carried by the luxurious car and paid 25 USD again, finishing my wonderful vacation.

Anyway, if you still doubt about this accommodation after reading an article about it, my hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel would grant more precise information. At least, I recommend that you should stay here once to feel what I experienced.

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review: Unbelievable impressive place for staying

I had a wonderful stay in The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa during my holiday in Vietnam in September this year, and that’s why I will choose this hotel again for my next travel. If you read some information about it and doubt its quality, just throw your concerns away with The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review below.

In fact, before the trip to Vietnam, my friends in a backpacker’s club suggested me to live there. Believing in them, upon arrival in Hanoi, I took a taxi to go to the Old Quarter, and then walked for some minutes to present in the hotel. At the first sight, I had to exclaim that: “It’s so impressive!” Probably, that is an experience you would suffer from.

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about location

The address of the hotel is No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Excitingly, it is located in the center of the Old Quarter. During the time I stayed there, at night, it took me few minutes to travel around dynamic street foods or open air markets to buy some souvenirs for my loved ones. However, this site is very silent at midday, and therefore, I was able to enjoy tranquility and peace. That is not to mention a truth that I only needed a 3-minute walk to arrive at Hoan Kiem Lake, which local people call “The heart of Hanoi”. Due to this convenience, I saved a great deal of time to arrange my itinerary again so that I could visit more attractions in Vietnam.

  • Close to attractive places
  • Bustling at night
  • Tranquil at midday

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about exterior surface

In fact, The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa is one of the highest buildings in Chan Cam Street. That is the reason why I recognized it within a few minutes, although at that time, I still stood far away from the hotel. When being in front of it, with Western-style architecture and a golden entrance, to some extent, I thought that the hotel could be a luxurious royal mansions rather than an ordinary hotel. I asked a young employee and then realized that the hotel has 11 stories in total, enabling it to have more spaces for guestrooms.

  • Outstanding
  • Royal outside
  • Spacious

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about space


What I felt just as I entered the lobby of this hotel was the warmth. That effect may come from lenient light above my head, some Vietnamese paintings on the walls, and colorful tiles on the floor. I could also see several grand appliances, from sofas, lamps, to an expensive piano lying beside the entrance. If I had been able to play it, I would have performed a favorite song to check it once.

The staff is very hospitable and friendly. From securities and receptionists, they always have a smile on their face and are willing to help their customers. Especially, there is an unforgettable aromatic odor from air conditioners that I had never smelt before. It still floated in the air until I went up to some floors. Another unexpected object is that the elevator of the hotel has a golden layer. It looks as if it is really made from gold.

  • Warm and cozy
  • Lavish
  • Odorous


Because I planned to stay in Hanoi for 3 days, I only booked 2 nights at the hotel. After being consulted by the staff, I chose Executive Window Room in the 6th floor. The total amount of money I had to pay was only 136.4 USD, or 68.2 USD/night. Getting the key of Room 602, I attended my room a few minutes later. One point I noticed is that the walls in all floors are painted with white color, making me feel more restful. Perhaps the hotel favors such a simple but elegant hue to turn the hotel to a true castle.

Passing a wooden door, I could see a lot of sumptuous appliances that I thought they should be placed in 5-star hotels. Firstly, after I checked beddings, it is fascinating that all of them are handmade. That is why at night, I slept very smoothly and comfortably. Moreover, they give off a natural odor, a bit different from what I smelt at the lobby. It seems that the hotel doesn’t use another perfume. Next, I paid attention to other wooden furniture, from a large cabinet with some clothes inside, drawers, to tables and chairs. They are all produced from the same material as the door, very polished and excellent.

What’s more?

More wondrously, although the room merely has the area of 28 square meters, very suitable to an individual traveler like me, it consists of a private bathroom. A shower, a toilet bowl and a washbasin appear in the guest’s vision immediately from the entrance. They are very clean and, of course, so lavish with intriguing decoration. Also, hot and cold water, towels, and toiletries are provided fully.

In addition, there are some snacks and Vietnamese fruits nearby a smart TV to let me fill my stomach temporarily. If I requested something more, I could view the list on a menu placed on a small drawer and then contact the staff. A safety box, an air conditioner and a refrigerator are additionally appointed, apart from some beverages, such as soft drinks, beers for free.

The floor is wooden too, enhancing the warmth inside my room. But I liked the curtain most, because it turned my view towards outside to be a bit mystical. It has two layers with separate colors: white and orange. Opening the window, I could saw Chan Cam Street and other bustling roads from above. Suddenly, the wind from somewhere blew into my room, and it appeared to massage my face slowly. What a miraculous feeling!


  • Comfortable and luxurious
  • Handmade beddings
  • City view

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about restaurant and spa

There are two major services in The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa, namely Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie, and Swan Spa and Treatments. Indeed, I didn’t have any desire to beautify myself, so I only had some meals at the former. However, if I have a chance later, I will accompany with my friends to experience the latter, given a fact that it is very famous for a unique recipe of treatments.

The restaurant is in the first floor of the hotel, not difficult to find. Like the room I stayed, it is adorned with impressing ornaments, for example, black tables, chairs, ceramic vases and specifically, several pictures of a dragon fly similar with the paintings I saw in the hotel. And from what I had read an article about the restaurant before, it means that the hotel wants to bring luck to every guest, since in the Vietnamese belief, the dragon fly is the icon of luck and freedom.

What does the restaurant serve you?

“As you mightn’t know, Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie is a standardized Vietnamese restaurant. Consequently, you can enjoy both Vietnamese and European food here.” – A female employee said to me when I asked some questions about this place.

Looking for a seat and scanning the menu, actually, I figured out what she said was true. There is really a wide range of dishes to choose, such as Vietnamese kebab rice noodles, European salad. Then, I decided to select deep-fried spring rolls and salad for my dinner.

“Wow, it’s so great!” – I screamed.

The restaurant, though, specializes in cakes more. Abundant kinds of cakes are displayed near the kitchen, while others are exhibited in a separate glass board to only sell to passers-by. Of course, I didn’t miss this opportunity to enjoy. Surprised by an exclusive taste in my mouth, when leaving the hotel, I didn’t forget to buy some pieces for my friends.

  • Diverse and impressing
  • Nutritious and tasty meals
  • Convenient

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about other services

Having a discussion with the employees, I got to know that the hotel also holds certain tours for travelers who don’t have enough time to arrange their single travel. Three main tours are offered, including Daily tours, Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa Town. However, I preferred discovering everything in Hanoi alone, and therefore, I didn’t use this service. In my next visit, perhaps I will have a go at it.

Additional thing is the service of pick-up and drop-off at Noi Bai airport. Admittedly, unlike the time I had arrived in Hanoi, when I said goodbye to the city, I registered a car of the hotel to drop me off at the airport. I only paid 25 USD for it. This service is very useful, because any customer shouldn’t worry about the complexity of transport systems in Hanoi these days. The vehicle carrying me is a grand 7-seater car in good condition, leading my trip to become wholly enjoyable.

By the way, that is all I want to share about The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review. To determine whether my review is true or not, just go there, and then you will find out that it’s real.

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa Hanoi – Place for fully enjoyable trips

Are you a traveler who needs more information about The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa Hanoi before deciding whether you book for your holiday? Or do you merely want to find comfortable accommodation to facilitate your abroad business? Please, visit this site, and then you are unlikely to be disappointed with it. Let’s see what the hotel will provide you during your journey in Hanoi capital.

Feeling for the first time

Impressive – Unique

As you may know, the most important thing of any hotels is usually the first conscious when a visitor enter them. And for The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa Hanoi, there would be an unforgettable impression because at that time, you can be stunned by a homely but royal atmosphere. This could be seen in the design of lavish furniture, the arrangement of lenient light, the friendliness and hospitality of its staff, and especially, an indescribably exceptional smell.


Never before do tourists reach the ‘heart of Hanoi”- Hoan Kiem Lake easy as now. Just 2 minutes to get there

The address of The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa is No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Though its position is in the center of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, a historical and impressing area for any visitors, sometimes, you can enjoy tranquility since Chan Cam Street is quite peaceful at midday. From the hotel, it doesn’t take you a long time to travel many places of interest such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Xuan market or St. Joseph’s Cathedral on foot or by vehicle. If you have a necessary appointment in an office in the inner city, of course, you are hardly ever late.


Comfortable – Exclusive – Admirable – Typical

What you might pay attention to the most in the hotel is probably the furniture you will use in a room. In fact, you don’t need to worry about it inside this place. Firstly, all beddings were made by the skillful hands of Vietnamese handicraftsman. The flowers sow on the pillows, blankets, curtains are the symbol of beauty, diligence and solidarity, making the atmosphere in the room become comfortable and typical. Secondly, you would fall in the immortal world when tasting the exclusive aromatic flavor given off from the air-conditioner and other modern devices. And finally, there is no word to express the admirable and wonderful city view from windows. The wind will massage your face like an unusually talented staff.

It is noticeable to say that it has diverse kinds of rooms which could meet customers’ needs in a large family or even an individual. Just have a quick view in these facilities.

1. The Deluxe Window Room

Modern – Update – Luxurious

The Deluxe Window Room is the smallest one in The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa. That’s why it’s very suited to a single traveler or businessmen. Of course, if you are a couple and need to save your money for other plans, the room is also a perfect choice. When stepping inside the room, you will be astonished by modern equipment such as slippers, a safety box. For entertainment, the hotel’s smart TV frequently updates several channels to let you find a favorite one. Besides, wooden cupboards, chair and floor increase the luxury of the room as well.

2. Executive Room

Luxurious – More space – Modern

Basically, the facilities in this room are quite different from the ones in The Deluxe Window Room. Moreover, the major divergence may be that Executive Room is larger, allowing you to arrange your luggage conveniently and feel airy. Also, you will be provided some Vietnamese fresh food for free.

3. Junior Suite

Just one word: excellent!

As you can see, Junior Suite offers you a chance to go out of the room, and then stand on a balcony, where you can go out and soak in the hustle and bustle of the city. Possibly, doing this might help the wind massage your body more easily. With excellent suites appointed in the room, you will find that experience so fascinating that it would stick in your mind forever after your journey.

4. Family room

Larger – Convenient – Warm

Of course, Family Room is utterly suited to a large family. Equipped with sound-proof abilities and mild light, the room could create a warm and cozy ambiance like your home. Apart from obtainable kinds of beds, due to more space, this room also furnishes two televisions, and therefore, conveniently, parents are, for example, likely to enjoy romance films, while their offspring is concurrently plunge itself in cartoon or amusing TV shows.

5. Connecting room

Private – Largest – Luxurious

If you aspire to stay in a more spacious room to enjoy privacy and have a look at the city from inside the hotel, the Connecting room, the largest one, is the best choice for you. With two bathrooms and two bedrooms, you don’t need to share your private space with your children. In each bedroom, admittedly, there are separate devices for you, from smart TV, cupboards to slippers.

Additional services

Frequently, ordinary hotels supply some services to you, but regarding The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa Hanoi, you may figure out that they are more extraordinary.

Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie

The combination between East and West

Indeed, Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie is a standardized Vietnamese eatery these days, where you have a distinctive and peculiar taste of Vietnamese food. Therefore, you will be exposed to several traditional dishes, for instance, kebab rice noodles or fried beef. More excitingly, the restaurant is famous for Western cakes, such as gateaux, roll cakes, tiramisu, etc.

Swan Spa and Treatment

Modern – Elegant – Effective

What makes The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa Hanoi exclusive is that you could experience Swan Spa and Treatments inside it. Notably, some people may consider it as a heaven to refresh their mind and body and get wellness after suffering from this elegant service. Actually, you can receive numerous optional therapies, from facial treatment, waxing, to body massage. By using modern machines and having professional staff, the spa can guarantee to turn you to a younger and more beautiful person.


Unless you don’t prefer an adventure in Vietnam alone, or have sufficient time to arrange your itinerary by yourself, you should register a package holiday. As a result, the hotel provides you some tours to make your journey smoother. Actually, you can choose one of three packages: Super Saving, Premium and Honeymoon, on the basis of your budget for the tour.

Daily tour

This short-term package is very prompting for first-timers. During this trip, you can present in many attractions in Hanoi capital, and have an excursion of historical heritage, such as The Temple of Literature, Jade Mountain Temple, and a lot of modern must-see destinations.

Ha Long Bay

This package is absolutely perfect for natural beauty lovers. When visiting the bay in The Gulf of Tokin, you will see emerald water as well as stunning seascape which hides away inside high limestone pillars and tiny islands.

Sa Pa town

Are you bored with seas and beaches? How about a trip to Sapa town, a famous mountainous area in Vietnam? You will relish mild weather, picturesque hills, some cultural festivals of minority groups and the highest mountain in Vietnam, Fanxipan Mountain, during the tour.

More services

Pick-up and drop-off at Noi Bai airport

For those who may think that it could be very difficult to arrive the hotel on time due to the complexity of transport systems in Hanoi, this service will blow up their concern. You will have a wide range of options for airport travel, and all of them have air-conditioners and are always in good conditions.

Private transfer service

In fact, transportation problems could be simplified after you have registered a tour. Simply because the hotel also offers you private transfer service. Based on your tour and the vehicle type, this service may include different fees, but the charges are very reasonable.

Visa upon arrival service

This service is pretty advantageous, especially when the country where you live doesn’t have Vietnamese Embassy or Consulates, or you need to be in Vietnam in haste. With simple procedures, just send your personal information via email before your trip to Vietnam. Upon your arrival in Noi Bai airport, you will get your entry visa immediately.

Huge discount

It would better if you book a room on the hotel’s website directly. Because you will gain a huge discount of 10% for accommodation. Also, up to 10-15% discount for certain amenities of all hotels in Thuy Ky Hospitality Group, the group of which this hotel is a member, such as spa, shopping and restaurant, is likely given to you.

All in all, it could be regrettable if you don’t get to know The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa Hanoi clearly. Given aforementioned features, attending there will help you create your holiday of a lifetime. Why don’t you come and discover more?