How to enjoy a trip around Hanoi on a budget?

In spite of a middle-income country, Vietnam is a preferable tourist destination due to reasonable prices for a tour there. This could be seen very clearly in Hanoi, the capital of the country, although the locals have to agree that the cost of living is quite high in comparison with their earnings. If you want to rejoice in a journey in Hanoi on a budget, this is also feasible but firstly, you need to know how to do that exactly.

Why do I assure this issue? In fact, some travelers sometimes spend more money than they should have done owning to the lack of experience. For example, if you don’t negotiate with local sellers for a price of your favorite souvenir, perhaps you will pay twice as much as the real value of the product. Therefore, when you follow such useful methods below, I believe that you are likely to spend merely around 50 USD/day on discovering Hanoi.

1. Accommodation

Price: 5-20 USD/person

Thanks to the development of tourism industry in Hanoi, the birth of numerous hotels in the inner city has led to the decrease in the price for a rent room. Apart from budget hotels very common in Hoan Kiem District, hostels are also available there to diversify your suitable selections. In the case you are a single traveler, a dormitory in the hostel is not a bad choice. Moreover, if lucky, you will make new friends too. But for hotels, it would be better on the condition that you have some companions. Hopefully, certain cheap hotels in Hanoi allow you to live with 1 or 2 individuals in the same room. Some suggestive locations are:

– Noble Boutique Hotel

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District

– Hanoi Rocks Hostel

Address: No. 56 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem District

– Cheetah Hostel

Address: No. 117 Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District

2. Transportation

Price: based on what you prefer

Regrettably, subways don’t exist in Hanoi at the moment. That’s why for those who love public means of transport, buses are their only choice. The ticket fare is fixed at under 0.5 USD/route, very affordable, but you must understand some Vietnamese words to make sure that you can know where you will arrive finally.

Taxis are ubiquitous in the city, but for traveling in Hanoi on a budget, favoring Ubers and Grabs is greater. Nonetheless, the majority of Vietnamese drivers are not really good in English. As a consequence, in my opinion, the best and simplest way of transportation is to rent a bike. Because of a short distance between Hanoi attractions, you can ride around the capital to view them within a day. Meanwhile, the fee you have to pay is about 4 USD/day. Some hotels and hostels also provide this services.

3. Meal

Price: 2-3USD/meal/person

Thanks to tropical weather causing the diversity of plants and animals, travelers can experience the abundance of food and drinks in Vietnam. Plus amazing recipes passed down from many generations, many of them are stunned by the flavors inside Vietnamese dishes. That is not to mention the price since you usually have to pay 2-3 USD/meal in a restaurant. Of course, such a low cost is only offered by budget eateries, but they still guarantee all standards of food hygiene. You can find high-qualify restaurants in Ly Quoc Su Street and Cha Ca Street in the Old Quarter, or the north of Hai Ba Trung District. Some suggestive sites are:

– Huong Lien Restaurant

Address: No.24 Le Van Huu Street, Hai Ba Trung District

– Pho Thin

Address: No.13 Lo Duc Street, Hai Ba Trung District,

– Cha Ca La Vong

Address: No.14 Cha Ca Street, Hoan Kiem District

I advise you to taste Pho, rice noodles with beef, for lunch, and Bun Cha, a type of kebab rice noodles, for dinner. Regarding to beverages, fresh beer is suggested in lots of lively bars in Ta Hien Street. In addition, street food is very inexpensive too, while the taste is superb. For instance, you can have breakfast with a piece of Banh My, traditional Vietnamese sandwich having the price of 1 USD. A journey to Hanoi on a budget is easily achievable,  isn’t it?

4. Attractions

Price: 7-8 USD/day in total

As you mightn’t know, Hanoi has got several natural attractions for visitors, such as Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake and Red River. Admittedly, if you want to spend the whole day there, you will not be requested to pay anything. Apart from this, certain artificial places of interest, for instance, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi Ancient Gate and Long Bien Bridge, allow you to enter with no ticket. By the way, you should ask the securities firstly to assure whether a ticket is required.

However, in the case you continue your trip at Ho Chi Minh Stilt House, Jade Mountain Temple, Hoa Lo Prison or any museum in the city center, a small sum of money must be paid. Fortunately, the price for an entry ticket is pretty low, averagely 2 USD/attraction/person. The total expenditure for excursion is dependent on how many tourist spots you visit, but I think it doesn’t exceed 8 USD/day because you will need a great deal of time to explore an attraction.

5. Shopping

Price: From 1 USD/product

The final leisure activity for a trip in Hanoi on a budget could be shopping. Based on a variety of cultural aspects that have been built up for over a century, the city comprises countless souvenirs and addictive objects to gratify shopaholics entirely. On the condition that you still pay attention to your pocket, you can acquire something economical but enough to become a meaningful gift for your loved one. The must-visit shopping destination is Dong Xuan Market in the north of the Old Quarter. At night, thousands of clothes shops, gift stores and groceries emerge to meet the high demand for souvenirs. Fascinatingly, you can attain awesome things with merely 1 USD, such as paper fans, palm-leaf conical hats, and small statue, there.

If you cannot present in Dong Xuan Market, Night Market in the Old Quarter could be an alternative. The event is only hold on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it stretches from Hang Dao Street to the vicinity of Dong Xuan Market. Sometimes, musical performances are demonstrated for free. So do not miss this one once you live in Hanoi.

Silverware, jewelry, ceramic decorations, silk products are obtainable too, but you are able to find them more easily in some streets in the Old Quarter. Dating back to hundreds of years, the Old Quarter was formed on the basis of 36 streets each of which was famous for a product. Although this feature has still remained in very few roads, some highly appreciated shops for silverware and jewelry have been shown up in Hang Bac Street, those for silk clothes in Hang Gai Street, and ceramic appliances in Hang Trong Street.

Conclusion for a trip in Hanoi on a budget

Generally, after attempting to do what I propose in this writing, my friends completed perfectly their journeys in Hanoi on a budget. They also save up sufficient money that finances an extra adventure in the outskirts, expanding the time they dwell in the city. As a consequence, why don’t you imitate them to enjoy your striking holiday there? Ultimately, that will not be a letdown.

Budget accommodation in Vietnam: Economical price along with acceptable quality

Whatever the country you visit, there is always the existence of cheap dwellings. The main reason for this is that the development in aerial transport recently has permitted budget travelers to present in any nation with a small fee, leading to the increasing demand for simple residences. This could be seen very clearly in the expansion of budget accommodation in Vietnam, a result of that trend. Plus the inexpensive cost of living and low foreign exchange rate, a visitor could spend under 60 USD/day on rejoicing in their holiday in Vietnam without any worry about their money. So in the case of first-timers, they might ask how cheap a lodging in Vietnam is exactly.

In fact, with respect to budget accommodation in Vietnam, the locals are likely to refer to 4 prominent types of dwellings, namely motels, hostels, hotels and homestays. However, motels are thought as a stop for an overnight stay rather than a location for tourists. That’s why the others are frequently noticed by travelers more. In this writing, therefore, you will find that only the three kinds of accommodation are mentioned, but it’s enough to let you figure out that it’s very hard to find a developing country having the same economical rent rooms as Vietnam does.

The total cost to dwell in a hotel and a homestay in Vietnam is much higher than in a hostel. However, a guestroom inside the hotel or the homestay is large enough for more people to live together. As a result, it is recommended to prefer the hotel and the homestay in the case you have some companions.


Compared with other areas, there is a wide range of affordable residences in large cities in this country. This is simply because the conditions of infrastructure there are favorable to the formation of numerous hotels, hostels and homestays, while many holiday spots inside are so attractive to tourists. To some extent, you will be bombarded with loads of information about such accommodation once you search them on the Internet.


Price range: 5-10 USD/person

Similar with the operating way of ordinary hostels in the world, this type of budget accommodation in Vietnam has got spacious dormitories with the capacity of about 10 guests per room. Frequently, hostels are easily found in the inner city since they are close to charming attractions and busy leisure centers. For example, they are quite common in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Capital, while in Ho Chi Minh City, District 1 has a high density of hostels. Despite being often ranked as 2 stars, under fierce competition, they have to upgrade the quality of facilities to an acceptable level.

Interestingly, there are two contradictory kinds of hostels, one serving lively bars to let you make new friends and enjoy dynamic parties, and one for a restful environment to relax. Some suggestive hostels for you are:

1. Cheetah Hostel

Address: No.117 Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

2. Saigon Downtown B&B – Hostel

Address: No.270 De Tham Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Price range: 10-20 USD/person

I have to say that hotels are the most common rent dwellings in Vietnam nowadays. What contributes to this is that the requirements for the establishment of a hotel and the methods to operate it are quite simple. Moreover, certain 3-star hotels don’t only aim at budget travelers, but also the affluent, leading them to equip first-rate amenities in all guestrooms. That’s why you can find luxurious furniture and splendid appliances in your room, while the price you have to pay is merely around 20 USD. Again, the majority of such highly-appreciated budget accommodation in Vietnam are in the city center, though the others may be scattered near the outskirts. However, the latter’s quality could be not as good as you expect, so just pay attention to the former. Anyway, you can have a knack for:

1. Noble Boutique Hotel

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem Disitrict, Hanoi

2. Signature Saigon Hotel

Address: No.65-67-69 Nguyen Thai Binh Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Price range: 20-25 USD/person

Fascinatingly, this kind of budget accommodation in Vietnam has underwent a period of rapid development owning to the easy process for construction. Just obtaining some large rooms and necessary self-catering equipment, the hosts are able to promote their properties. Nonetheless, more sources of supply mean that they have to compete with the others and even hotels and hostels. As a result, they came out with a new idea: showing unique decoration. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, from the city center to the suburb, engaging homestays have emerged with, for example, traditional Vietnamese or royal European styles. Besides, there are also certain extra facilities, such as spacious balcony to view the city and hold outdoor parties, or small garret. In the case travelers want to be exposed to the locals to understand Vietnam’s culture, they should not miss:

1. Au Frais Homestay

Address: The 9th floor, No.23 Tay Ho Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

2. 4221 Café & Homestay

Address: No.157 Nguyen Dinh Chinh Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City


Hotels & Hostels

Price range: 10-15 USD/person

In terms of hotels and hostels, there is not a significant difference between those in big cities and those in other holiday spots in Vietnam. Perhaps, the only thing would be the price, because it can be around 10-15 USD/night for hotel, and 4-8 USD/night for hostel. The criteria for a standardized Western residence are still reached, though. In comparison with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, of course, hostels and hotels are not as abundant, but a few extraordinary places which could be picked up are:

1. Sapa Romance Hotel – good hotel in Sapa Town.

2. The Light – 2-star lodging at Ha Long City.

3. Da Nang Backpacker Hostel – location dedicated to backpackers in Da Nang City.

4. Tabana Hostel – very cheap hostel at Nha Trang City.


Price range: 15-20 USD/person

In fact, the homestay is not ubiquitous in some regions of Vietnam. However, there is an adverse trend in the mountainous zones in the north. Because these sectors are where Vietnam’s ethnic groups settle down. As a consequence, by favoring a homestay, tourists can have a chance to enjoy a peculiar side of the locals’ daily life, and purchase some exceptional souvenirs unobtainable in the large cities effortlessly. Apart from this, most homestays are stilt houses hidden inside valleys or hills, allowing the travelers to be engrossed in nature entirely, and to relive all pressure as well. Anyway, some noticeable homestays are:

1. Little Sapa Homestay – located in Sapa Town

2. Happy Land Moc Chau – Pipe houses in Moc Chau District, Son La Province.

3. Auberge de Meovac – at Meo Vac Town, Ha Giang Province.

In general, this is a quick view of budget accommodation in Vietnam. In spite of some divergences reflected by prices, and decoration, they all display affordable cost for a short-term stay as well as unexpected quality. This partly produces the fame of Vietnam in the map about hot tourist destinations around the world.

Luxury accommodation in Hanoi for each of affluent and budget travelers

Accompanying with the rapid development of the economy, the spread expansion of tourism industry has led to the diversity of luxury accommodation in Hanoi for some recent years. Not only rich men but also backpackers are able to find a high-quality residence correspondent to their budgets. Consequently, every year, Hanoi welcomes the increasing number of travelers. They attend there to spend holiday or seek an opportunity to extend their business in Vietnam.

Probably, after you type the words “Splendid residences in Hanoi” on Google search, a long list about them will appear in front of your eyes. If you merely have limited time that makes you unable to check one by one, how about spending a few minutes on reading certain suggestive accommodation from me? In fact, none of them will become a letdown for you. My writing, however, is just a brief description checked by those who stayed there. For more detailed information, you can visit their websites later.

Luxury accommodation in Hanoi for wealthy visitors

Evidently, for affluent travelers, they prefer a place where 5-star services are supplied. And of course, they never notice how much they will have to pay. In order to let them prove their high social class, the most appropriate selections for them are:

1. Sofitel Legend Metropole

Address: No.15 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

This landmark has gained the position of the oldest luxury accommodation in Hanoi. Because it was built in 1901, the middle year of a period called “French colonization in Vietnam”. And therefore, the hotel has got the typical French-style architectural designs of that time. Perhaps, you might be stunned by the mixture between neo-classical and historical outlines that enhances the grandeur of the hotel upon your arrival there. Interestingly, due to this feature, its outside scenery becomes very romantic at night. The hotels, therefore, is a perfect condition for couples to take some photographs.

To deserve 5-star rank and nearly 300 USD for a night, Sofitel Legend Metropole consists of a bundle of splendid services. You should not miss Le Spa du Metropole, fitness center, and an outdoor swimming pool inside its integral garden. Apart from this, 364 guestroom are divided into two parts with different characteristic structure. After resting in your room, you can have a meal at one of 3 restaurants. They are Spices Garden, Angelina and Le Beaulieu. Each of them has a bar to provide you certain impressive beverages. It is noticeable that the hotel served Mr. Donald Trump, the U.S President when he traveled to Hanoi in 2017. So, there is nothing to challenge its high quality.


2. Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery by Sofitel

Address: No.29 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

A bit cheaper than Sofitel Legend Metropole’s price, what you ought to make payment for accommodation at Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery by Sofitel is around 240 USD/night. But everything you can use later is value-for-money. Firstly, a large balcony on the third floor is where you can observe the streets beneath and sunbathe more conveniently, while the indoor swimming pool beside allows you to soak in water even in winter. Secondly, the gym and Santé Spa close by are equipped with high-tech machines and run by talented staff so that you can unwind truly and quickly. That is not to mention other amenities such as outdoor yard for essential events, bar and restaurants.

As a part of the French Quarter, similar with the first hotel, this one is a huge French colonial building on one side of Trang Tien Street, the road famous for Trang Tien ice-cream restaurant. From the hotel, you will need only 2 minutes to walk to Sofitel Legend Metropole, Hanoi Opera House as well as Hoan Kiem Lake, while it’s also advantageous to study the housing architecture of several French-style properties surrounding the hotel.


3. Thuy Ky Hospitality Group

Address: The Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

A special case I want to mention is Thuy Ky Hospitality Group. This is because it’s not a hotel, but a group of three separate hotels, including Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel, The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa, and Noble Boutique Hotel. Although they are not ranked as 5 stars, their services are recognized as good as the 5-star rate, plus the prices for the cheapest room very reasonable, from 40-55 USD. That’s why not only moneyed men but budget travelers as well can rent a room there. Moreover, the streets where three hotels are located, Duong Thanh, Chan Cam and Hang Gai, are so favorable to wander around the Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake within a short time since they are wide enough to let traffic jams hardly ever emerge.

For dining, three restaurants of the group are expert in respectively vegan diet, cakes and fast food. Tasty meals from Vietnam and Europe are available too. In addition, Swan Spa and Treatments fulfils your need for spa packages, while aromatic handmade beddings that can be found at Thuy Ky Shop, and first-class furniture contribute to a restful guestroom for you. Amazingly, on the condition that you book a room on any of the three hotels’ websites, a discount of up to 15% for any service in the group will be distributed to you.


Luxury accommodation in Hanoi for budget travellers

For those who have restricted budgets for travel, and favor saving up money as much as possible, I advise them to dwell at a hostel. Though their privacy cannot kept due to sharing a dorm with other tourists, with under 10 USD/night, they will be able to live in acceptably luxury accommodation in Hanoi. Anyway, here are their preferable choices.

1. Cheetah Hostel

Address: No.117, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Luckily, sited in the central area of the Old Quarter, Cheetah Hostels is another highly-appreciated point of departure for a short trip inside this ancient zone. But you should pay attention that owning to an abundance of streets around this landmark, you will figure out that it could be a bit difficult to find its address just as you stop at Hanoi’s center.

By the way, the attribute that makes the hostel become peculiar and grand is its style. Instead of building a lively bar for dynamic nightlife, the hostel constructed a tranquil place for genuine relaxation. The first attraction is a small garden in front of the bar where a tiny stream presents. The second could be a spacious and vivid bar also appointed with necessary devices for a billiard game. Nothing would be greater there if you sit and view the garden when a slow number song is played. After that, you can lie down on colorful bed sheets in an airy dormitory. All equipment is new and frequently maintained to cause you to take it as a boutique hotel’s one.


2. See you at Lily’s

Address: No.16 Ngo Huyen Lane, Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Next is a hostel having an attractive name, See you at Lily’s. Actually, the hostel is in the vicinity of Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral and the French Quarter. As a result, it’s an admirable place of residence for Christian visitors who need to attend the church periodically. Nonetheless, you will face innumerable hordes of tourists there. This is the main contribution to a noisy and orderly atmosphere. But it is not problematic for active people, I think.

As you mightn’t know, this one supplies you with a diverse range of services usually displayed in the menu of a hotel. Take tour packages, free breakfast and transfers from and to the airport as examples. Particularly, when you look inside the dormitory, a splendid place will appear. Grateful for the fine combination between dark wooden furniture and metal bed frames, the ambiance there is cozy and elegant. Amazingly, it’s very dissimilar to some normal hostels in the world. There is no lack of private rooms for the protection of privacy. But the cost is up to 22 USD, four times as much as the expense for the dormitory.


To summarize, from this luxury accommodation in Hanoi, the acquisition of the holiday of a lifetime will absolutely come true. Again, I remind that you could have a view of their websites to gain the full information about what you will be served in the five residences.

Where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter to enjoy dynamic nightlife more easily?

With regard to a typical feature of Hanoi, numberless visitors usually think of nightlife in Hanoi. Thanks to innumerable lively bars, Night Market and amazing foot streets, it is so and addictive that none of them want to miss it once they’ve enjoyed it before. As soon as you are immersed in the dynamic ambiance the city gives to you at night, perhaps you will don’t want to go back home. By the way, in the case you desire to experience it more conveniently, you should know where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter to cut down journey time. Actually, both hostels and hotels below can help you find reasonable answer.


Noble Boutique Hotel

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 41$

This hotel will certainly facilitate your travel to all destinations where tempting activities at night take place. This is because it’s located in Hang Gai Street, the most uproarious road in the Old Quarter at that time. Just stepping out of the hotel, you can blend yourself in nightlife instantly. Meanwhile, traffic congestion hardly ever happens to impede your trip due to the large width of the street.

Actually, the hotel is estimated as 3 stars. But to some extent, it’s not inferior to highly-ranked hotels much on the basis of luxurious amenities. Firstly, you are allowed to lie down on soft hand embroidery bedding plus natural odors. Your sleep, then, will be smoother and deeper. If you favor them, you can purchase these at the clothing shop near the entrance. Handkerchiefs are also available there. And secondly, wooden furniture and cutting-edge electric appliances nearly reach the highest standards for 5-star hotels.


Apricot Hotel

Address: No.136 Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District

Price: From 118$

Probably, some people don’t know that Apricot Hotel is where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter with 5-star services. Just registering a room, you will be served with all first-rate amenities. This could be seen in two different restaurants, a coffee lounge and an open-air pool with a splendid bar. Of course, there is no lack of a fitness center to help you keep fit. However, the most prominent feature of the hotel is classical French style inside and outside the building. Based on the French colonial exterior surface, such with French ornaments can upgrade the hotel’s grandeur. But you should notice that the price is only afforded by rich men.

By the way, the hotel’s location is very advantageous for you to travel because it’s beside Hoan Kiem Lake. Standing to the pool or the balcony, you can observe the lake immediately, while wandering uproarious streets around this attraction to feel the ambiance of Hanoi’s nightlife is so simple.


Tirant Hotel

Address: No.38 Gia Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 63.75$

On the condition that you cannot pay to dwell in 5-star accommodation, 4-star residential places should be a great choice for where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter. One of the top hotels like this is Tirant Hotel. It has the same French style as Apricot Hotel’s one. Due to its limited area, the hotel has got a smaller pool on the 11th floor, although this place still gives you a better city view from above. On the lower floor are an outdoor restaurant and a coffee lounge both of which enable you to enjoy the wind blowing your hair. Admittedly, all services at the gym and spa are what you should have a go at to be healthier and prettier.

Grateful for the site in the center of the Old Quarter, Tirant Hotel permits you to travel to every corner of this ancient zone within a day, and specifically, Night Market in the north. Nevertheless, the street in front of the hotel is often overcrowded in rush hours. So you should avoid that time for travel.


The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa

Address: No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 54$

Another 4-star hotel you could try once is The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa. Interestingly, the road where the hotel is positioned is very bustling at night, but silent at midday, well-suited to those who want a period of the day to rest before engaging in night parties. The hotel is also not far away from Hoan Kiem Lake and Hang Da Shopping. Because you will only need 3 minutes to arrive.

Compared with other 4-star hotels, this one shows you a much more affordable price, while the quality is not different. That’s why it is a great choice for budget travelers. Apart from handmade beddings, the hotel is ornamented with royal style to enhance its luxury. After tasting a wide range of cakes at its in-house restaurant, you can attend its illustrious spa next to the main building. Certain special packages there can meet all demands of both men and women. However, swimming pool is not included.



Hanoi Rocks Hostel

Address: No.56 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 3$

If you think that hostels are where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter more reasonably than hotels, I recommend you to make reservation at Hanoi Rocks Hostel in advance. Owing to the price of 3$ for a bed in the large dorm enough for 20 people to live together, you will save up a huge amount of money. It is interesting that all beddings and bed frames have obtained a white layer, improving elegance inside the dormitory.

The hostel also supplies dorms for only women and private rooms, but the costs you need to pay are much higher. Anyway, one more reason I prefer this one is the lively bar on the ground floor where you can plunge yourself in dynamic parties during a night. Instead of going outside, by staying there, you can be exposed to nightlife in Hanoi. Additionally, the hostel is in the vicinity of Night Market, very favorable to collect cheap souvenirs and taste street food.


Nexy Hostel

Address: No.12 To Tich Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 7$

Regarding where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter and near Hoan Kiem Lake, Nexy Hostel is the first name which comes out of my mind. With only a 1 minute walk from the hostel, the lake will be in your vision. Therefore, you are unlikely to worry about the blockages made by countless crowds at night which could obstruct your travel extremely. Nevertheless, you should notice that if your aspiration is to have a discovery at Dong Xuan Market or the French Quarter, do not do this after 5pm due to traffic congestion.

In fact, the hostels has an abundance of facilities for spending leisure time. Unless you like the spacious balcony on the roof top to view the city, you could attend TV room and library to watch a movie as well as read a book, or move to the bar to partake in a billiard game. Apart from this, the beds adorned mainly with blue colors are pretty impressive and comfy since it’s wider than such amenities inside other hostels.


Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown

Address: No.9, Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 8$

The last suggestive one could be Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown. Positioned in the north of Hoan Kiem Lake, however, it is closer to Dong Xuan Market and some historical attractions. This is an essential condition to make you feel how boisterous Hanoi’s nightlife is more exactly while a short time for movement is requested. Similar with Hanoi Rocks Hostel, this landmark offers all guests an amazing bar to embark on endless parties and forget all qualms and anxieties. Of course, this moment is so propitious that you can make a lot of new friends coming from different countries around the world.

With respect to the remaining facilities, besides mixed dorms, this site also provides dorms for females and private rooms. In the comparison with hotels, they are less opulent and a bit narrow. But it’s value-for-money on the basis of the expenditure of 8$ to stay overnight. All bunks are arranged side by side to let you stay closer to your loved ones and roommates.


To conclude, the question “Where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter?” will be answerable if you select one of my suggestions above. Have a knack for them. These hotels and hostels can let you rejoice in Hanoi’s nightlife effortlessly and entirely. And more importantly, for the next travel, you will never think about where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter again.

Top luxury hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter reaching the same quality as highly-ranked hotels

Have you ever thought that there are many hostels in Vietnam’s capital which reach the same quality as 3-star, or even 4-star hotels’ one? If you want to stay such accommodation with a reasonable price, obviously, you should get the information about these luxury hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter. And this is the main purpose I’ve wrote this writing for you. Such luxury hostels in Hanoi are:

1. Hanoi City Hostel

Address: No.95B Hang Ga Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 18$ – 24$

Different from ordinary hostels in Hanoi, Hanoi City Hostel provides you with all private rooms instead of dorms. The price is quite affordable, around 20$, and a lot of rooms with different sizes are always usable for you to dwell overnight. In addition, all furniture is really modern and value-for-money. Most devices, such as tables, chairs, cabinets or bed frames, are made from exorbitant black wood. But it’s regrettable that the hostel doesn’t exhibit impressive things. And so, there is nothing able to make you never forget it.

Like certain hotels, the hostel offers lots of extra services to facilitate your journey. You can have a meal in its in-house restaurant, or register a tour package. However, I have to stay that its location is far from Hoan Kiem Lake. You need to rent a bike rather than go there on foot.

2. See you at Lily’s

Address: No.16 Ngo Huyen Lane, Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 5$ – 22$

For more luxury hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter, I suggest See You at LiLy’s to you. In fact, this one is positioned in an interesting alley very uproarious and bustling at night. Moreover, it’s pretty near Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral, allowing you to move to the church quickly for frequent religious activities. Nevertheless, sometimes, you will face traffic congestion and loud noise there.

Anyway, the hostel is really a budget but elegant residential place. This is because not only does it have numerous dorms with the price of 5$, but also private rooms are available. With grand black wooden appliances, perhaps, you would take the room as a 4-star hotel amenity. There is no lack of basic services, such as free breakfast, fixed tours or bars. The ambiance is very peaceful and warm to get entire relaxation.

3. Hanoi City Backpackers Hostel

Address: No.55 Bat Su Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 7$ – 40$

Similar with LiLy’s Hostel, Hanoi City Backpackers Hostel have three types of dorms for budget travelers. The prices for them are from 7$ to 13$. Meanwhile, what makes it more outstanding is that there are some double beds in the largest dorm for couples to lie down. In the case they want to protect their privacy fully, they could choose private rooms with the price of 25$. Interestingly, this place also supplies a room enough for a family with four members to dwell together. Of course, all amenities are high-quality, but again, the ornaments there are not impressive and noticeable.

One more thing I need to mention is that the hotel’s site is in the northern-west region of the Old Quarter. As a result, it will take you a great amount of time to travel to Hoan Kiem Lake and the French Quarter on foot.

4. May De Ville Backpackers Hostel

Address: No.1 Hai Tuong lane, Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Price: 10$ – 45$

For the first time you enter May De Ville Backpackers Hostel, you might think that it looks as if it’s a real luxury hotel. Walking through the lobby, you could be stunned by polished tiles, metal decoration and majestic furniture all of which only belong to highly-ranked hotels. The in-house restaurant is always ready to serve you with buffet meals in Vietnamese and international cuisine. Nonetheless, this landmark is truly a budget hostel since dormitory rooms are in the list of its facilities. Apart from this, it also has three different types of private rooms to meet the demand of each tourist group.

Thanks to being located in the center of the Old Quarter, the hostel enables you to wander Ta Hien Street, the road renowned for innumerable traditional restaurants and lively bars. That’s why you can plunge yourself in tempting activities there at night easily.

5. Nexy Hostel

Address: No.12 To Tich Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 7$ – 40$

If you favor economical but luxury hostels in Hanoi center, the feasible option for you could be Nexy Hostel. Merely few meters away from Hoan Kiem Lake, it allows you to move from the hostel to the most well-known attraction in Hanoi capital for one minute to engage in countless addictive games and street music performances held at the weekend.

But on the condition that you feel exhausted, how about wandering around leisure zones dedicated to the hostel’s guests? Besides a large balcony on the roof top for viewing the city and sunbathing, this charming building includes TV room, library and café & restaurant to let you wind up wholly. Especially, playing a billiard game with your friends or roommates is a good way to kill the time there. Dorms with mainly blue colors also bring a homely atmosphere to you for a smooth sleep.

6. Cheetah Hostel

Address: No.117, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 6.6$

One of the must-stay luxury hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter is Cheetah Hostel as it’s got a unique integral garden able to perfect your rest. In fact, the hostel was named Gecko Garden Hostel in the past due to this characteristic. Walking from the entrance and through the garden, you will attend a small bar and the area for billiard games. I’m fond of decorative objects there most because they have many unique ancient features I’ve never seen before. Standing there for a while to enjoy slow number songs, and be engulfed in nature, perhaps you will slow down your fast-paced life to keep yourself away from tension and stress.

Likewise, the dormitories are where you are surrounded by several colors lying in beddings and furniture. Metallic bed frames are always in good conditions, and appointed meticulously to assure that you can have a talk with your roommate advantageously.

7. Hanoi Rocks Hostel

Address: No.56 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 3$ – 29$

In the northern part of the Old Quarter is Hanoi Rocks Hostel, the cheapest hostel in this article. Although the expense you have to pay is only 3USD/night, it doesn’t mean all appliances in the dorms are poor and terrifying. Indeed, from bed sheets, stairs to curtains and walls are covered with bright colors to make the place look like a heaven only for deities and angles to live. And this is the main contribution to its position in the list of luxury hostels in Hanoi. Private rooms are also serviceable but more money is required to utilize them.

More excitingly, the hostel runs a lively bar on the ground floor where extroverted tourists converge to take part in endless night parties. Admittedly, the noise from the bar doesn’t impact your rest significantly because sound-proof systems are furnished. However, you should notice that it’s better to go to Hoan Kiem from the hostel by bike due to a long distance.

8. Hanoi Old Quarter Hostel

Address: No.32 Hang Vai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 10$ – 53$

This hostel is highly appreciated by many backpackers on the basis of its amenities like the ones operated by luxury hotels in Hanoi. Apart from two different splendid dormitory rooms with the prices around 10$, you will be given a diverse range of choices for private rooms. It is amazing that the hostel equips some high-priced rooms with a large balcony to let you attain an impressive city view. While having a cup of coffee there, you are likely to be massaged slowly by the wind. What an unforgettable memory in summer!

This a 3-star hostel has a location on the western edge of the Old Quarter. So, it’s a bit difficult for you to follow loads of roads to arrive at Hoan Kiem Lake. But for the French Quarter, this is a simple task because moving to the south, you will definitely see it.

In general, for an enjoyable trip in Vietnam, you should not miss to dwell in one of the luxury hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter aforementioned. Not only will you save up plenty of money for other plans, but also being served with their first-rate services will be obtainable.

What are the cheap hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter with the price less than 10USD/night?

Are you arranging an itinerary in Hanoi in the near future? And you want to stay at a hostel to cut down your expense for the trip, don’t you? If you say: “Yes”, you should know the cheap hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter with top quality I will recommend to you in this article later. Intriguingly, all of them never demand the lowest price over 10USD/night.


On the top of my own list of cheap hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter is Hanoi City Backpackers Hostel. This is because it’s one of very few hostels in the Old Quarter that provide a double bed for couples in the dorm. As a result, all dorms inside this place are so spacious and elegant, dissimilar with ordinary hostels you find easily around Hoan Kiem Lake. Of course, private rooms are also available, but the price for them is quite expensive, over 20USD/night. The hostel also has a small bar near the reception table, but holding a party or a music performance is impossible there. The ambiance, therefore, is frequently silent and peaceful.

Sited in the northern-west edge of the Old Quarter, the hostel facilitates your journey to Ba Dinh District. But to attend Hoan Kiem Lake, you should rent a bike since it would take you 15 minutes to arrive at the lake on foot.

Address: No.55 Bat Su Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 7USD



As you mightn’t know, Ngo Huyen Lane is a small alley where numerous cheap hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter are built. The reason for this is probably the location of the lane very near Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral and the French Quarter. That’s why you will usually meet Christian visitors in the lane. Moreover, it usually becomes bustling at night, a requisite condition for active travelers to satisfy their hobbies. And one of the hostels there I advise to you is See You at Lily’s.

What make the hostel more prominent are its luxurious amenities. By using the combination with black wooden ornaments and bed frames, it seems to turn the dorm into a grand room inside highly-ranked hotels nearby. Extra services such as tour packages and transfers at the airport are also available. Although the hostel looks colorful, a lively bar is not included in the list of its facilities.

Address: No.16 Ngo Huyen Lane, Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 5USD



Another hostel able to speed up your travel to many attractions in Hanoi is Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown. Located in the northern east of the central point of the Old Quarter, the hostel enables you to move to Dong Xuan in the north and to Hoan Kiem Lake in the south with the same time spent on walking. That is not to mention a fact that close to the hostels are a lot of exciting bars and restaurants which let you enjoy uproarious nightlife in Hanoi.

Actually, the hostel has got an in-house bar near the entrance for you to do this. Also, there are up to 4 different types of dorms and 2 separate kinds of private rooms to choose. All wooden beds are arranged to help you talk with your roommates more conveniently. This landmark is, consequently, a good choice to make more new friends.

Address: No.9, Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 8USD



Few meters away from the Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown in the south is Funky Jungle Hostel. Like many cheap hostels in Hanoi, the latter operates a large bar on the ground floor for backpackers to gather together and then be engulf in endless entertaining events, including games, dance and music parties. Fascinatingly, the bar displays green objects to become a funky jungle for everyone to relax entirely. But you should notice that there are only mixed dorms in the hostel with the price of 5USD/night. Basic amenities, from air-conditioners, soft bedding to wi-fi access and bathrooms, are acceptable and value-for-money.

Due to closer to Hoan Kiem Lake, your journey time from the hostel to the lake is cut down. Besides, you are able to engage in dynamic activities in Night Market and have an excursion of Bach Ma Temple since they’re not far from your accommodation.

Address: No.73 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 5USD



On the condition that you prefer a hostel near Hoan Kiem Lake, Nexy Hostel could be your admirable one. Spending only 1 minute on walking from there, you will see the lake as well as partake in tempting outdoor activities held around the heart of Hanoi at the weekend instantly. Nonetheless, during the time you dwell at the hostel, you might sometimes suffer from traffic congestion and loud noise made by tourists.

Anyway, there is nothing to complain about facilities of the hostel. Besides dorms, private rooms, it’s got leisure areas for its guests. After viewing the city on the roof top, they can attend TV room or library, and then go down to café and restaurant to have a drink and play a billiard game. Appliances in the dorms are all modern and impressive. To some extent, the hostel is suitable for those who are seeking tranquility.

Address: No.12 To Tich Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 7USD



The seventh cheap hostel in Hanoi Old Quarter is Cheetah Hostel. Interestingly, this landmark shows you a small integral garden to give you a chance to be exposed to nature inside the Old Quarter. Adjacent to the garden is a vivid bar with golden lights and a warm ambiance. Nothing would be greater to wind up and blow away depression than sitting at the bar to drink something, looking at the garden, and enjoying classical songs. Upon your entry into the dorm, you are likely to figure out that it’s also garish. Thanks to the beddings with three different colors and the brown wooden floor, you will achieve a comfortable place to rest.

Of course, traveling from the hostel to Thang Long Water Puppet Theater and Bach Ma Temple is pretty simple. Moreover, a bundle of gift shops surrounding it are where you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones.

Address: No.117, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 6 USD



Owing to the price of 3USD/night, Hanoi Rocks Hostel is considered as one of the unbelievably cheap hostels in Hanoi’s ancient zone. The main contribution to such a low cost is that it is so large that it can build a dorm containing up to 20 people. If you desire the space for fewer people, it’s also serviceable but requests a higher price. Notably, the hostel consists of certain dorms for only females. So, in the case you are a woman, you will not need to overthink about unknown men sexually harassing you.

When you enter the dorm, the first thing in your eyes could be the furniture covered with white and grey layers, making the room become more splendid and cleaner. If you want something to lift your mind up, just present in the bar. You could blend yourself in a boisterous atmosphere there to forget your stressful work.

Address: No.56 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 3USD


All in all, I believe that after reading the information about the cheap hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter above, you will find suitable accommodation for you. Admittedly, they are all highly-qualified to make sure that you will certainly come there again.

Looking for cheap places to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter – An unexpectedly easy task

As you might know, the most difficult challenge for backpackers is to seek affordable accommodation for their outbound journeys. However, I believe that if you are going to visit Hanoi, by knowing cheap places to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter, such a problem will become nil. Moreover, all I will advise to you later is likely to contribute to your unforgettable holiday in Vietnam.

These days, in the Vietnamese capital, hostels and budget hotels are preferable choices for budget travelers. But I have to say that in the case of hostels, you will lose privacy and not ensure safety perfectly by yourself, although the price is much more inexpensive. Of course, hotels could fulfil all your demands with more exorbitant costs. However, you can solve this by sharing all costs with your companion. And then, what you will pay is not over 25USD/night.


Hanoi Rendezvous Hostel

This hostel is one of the cheap places to stay in Hanoi positioned in the border between Ba Dinh District and the Old Quarter. As a result, you should rent a vehicle or a bike to travel to some attractions in the vicinity of Hoan Kiem Lake and Ba Dinh Square. Because it would take you over 15 minutes to do so on foot. Nevertheless, Night Market is quite near the hostel, allowing you to wander around food streets and numerous impressive gift shops.

With only 5USD/night, you can stay at such a large dorm that it could contain over 10 people. Beds are made from metal and wood, not so narrow; and give you a pleasant sleep. Meanwhile, there are also the dorms dedicated to women. If you are female, you will not need to worry about sexual harassment at night. But a lively bar is unavailable there, making the atmosphere a bit silent.

Address: No.27 Bat Dan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 5USD/person


Cheetah Hostel

One additional hostel I want to mention is Cheetah Hostel. In my opinion, probably, the most outstanding feature of the hostel is its integral garden on the ground floor, near the bar. While having a seat in the bar to enjoy a song with slow melodies, you are able to view the garden to blow away tiredness and depression. Of course, the space inside the bar is warm and cozy, created by golden lights and colorful wallpaper. Excitingly, you also see them in any dorm the hostel offers.

In fact, this place is in the center of the Old Quarter. Therefore, from the hostel, you could arrive at Thang Long Water Puppet or Bach Ma Temple within a few minute walk. Nevertheless, if you aspire to go to Hoan Kiem Lake, you need an exact direction guide to avoid being lost.

Address: No.117, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 6 USD/person


Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – The Original

Next in the list of cheap places to stay in Hanoi is Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – The Original. Nestled in a small alley call Ngo Huyen, the hostel can show you a special environment uproarious and boisterous at night, but serene at midday. Besides, it’s not far from Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral, a renowned historical places of interest in this time-honored at the moment. Consequently, the hostel is an admirable selection in the case you frequently have to attend a church. You must notice that this area sometimes suffers from traffic congestion. So traveling at that time is quite tiring.

Anyway, in comparison with other hostels, it is a good place to let you make new friends. This is because it operates lively bar and restaurant for countless backpackers coming from many countries to gather together. Based on your demand, you can choose one of the private rooms, mixed dorms and only-for-women dorms.

Address: No.48 Ngo Huyen Lane, Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 5USD/person


Funky Jungle Hostel

Another option for cheap places to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter is Funky Jungle Hostel. Actually, the hostel is sited in the north of Hoan Kiem Street. To move there, I think you should use a vehicle or a bike. If you prefer traveling on foot, Dong Xuan Market is the best destination for you because 4 minutes is what you will need. The hotel, therefore, is a great starting point for shopaholics to let them discover all tempting souvenirs and clothes in Hanoi.

Like Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – The Original, Funky Jungle Hostel has a bar on the ground floor where often holds dynamic parties and musical festivals for foreigners. This place is adorned with green decoration, leading it to look like an entertaining forest that cannot be seen anywhere. In general, the bar is very well-suited to active people who desire to enjoy endless night events.

Address: No.73 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 5USD/person



Noble Boutique Hotel

With regard to budget hotels in the Old Quarter, I suggest you to dwell at Noble Boutique Hotel. Thanks to its location on one side of Hang Gai Street, a wide road in the center of Hanoi’s ancient zone, not only will you hardly ever observe traffic congestion, helping you present in Hoan Kiem Lake within 3 minutes, but also having an excursion of food streets and impressive shop is very easy. Though the street is usually noisy, it doesn’t disrupt your rest significantly.

What could make you surprised at the hotel are its outstanding outsides and especially, handmade beddings. With fragrant odors, you are likely to sleep more smoothly. Buying such beddings is possible at the hand embroidery shop on the ground floor. It would be better if you book online on the hotel’s website because you can receive a huge discount to reduce your accommodating expenditure more.

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 46USD/2 people


Church Boutique Hotel 49 Lan Ong

As a member of Church Hotel Chain, Church Boutique Hotel 49 Lan Ong reaches all standards of a 3-star luxurious hotel. However, it’s also considered as one of the cheap places to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter due to the low price of 44USD/night that even backpackers could afford. The most prominent feature of the hotel is probably its French-style restaurant, where you are exposed to delicate French cuisine. In addition, polished ornaments mixed with traditional furniture are able to stun you upon your entry into the lobby.

Admittedly, although the hotel is a great choice to have a go at French-style services, your travel to Hoan Kiem Lake will require a great deal of time to complete. This is because the hotel is located in the northern east of the Old Quarter, pretty far from the lake. But from the hotel, you can wander Night Market instantly.

Address: No.49 Lan Ong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 44USD/2 people


Hanoi Golden Moment Hotel

Notably, Hanoi Golden Moment Hotel is a favorable point of departure for you. You can go straight to Hoan Kiem Lake, and then head to the French Quarter without any complicated guidance on direction. Meanwhile, when you move to the north, Night Market and Dong Xuan Market will be also visible. But what you pay for this convenience is that you sometimes have to withstand noise and traffic jams occurring on the main road in front of the hotel.

By the way, it is believed that with sumptuous amenities, this hotel could dissolve your annoyance immediately. Passing through the entrance, the scenery like sunset made by orange and yellow lamps will be in your vision, bringing a real golden moment to you. Moreover, you might be astounded by all expensive furniture, from sofas to bedding, covered with brown layers to create a comfortable space to rest.

Address: No.15 Hang Can Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 50USD/2 people


Noble Swan Boutique Hotel

Of the cheap places to stay in Hanoi, Noble Swan Boutique Hotel is a heaven on the ground for those who are following vegan diets in order to achieve healthier life. The reason for this is that it has got a vegetarian restaurant on the second floor which serves them with a wide range of dishes only made from vegetable and fruits on the basis of Vietnamese and European recipes. Additionally, with only 45USD, all guests can utilize opulent facilities and services, such as handmade bedding having a slight odor, or splendid bathrooms like 5-star hotels’ ones.

By living there, you will enjoy the tranquility difficultly found in the Old Quarter. Grateful for a fact that the hotel is inside a small alley, you are likely to keep yourself away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, relax entirely and view some French colonial constructions nearby.

Address: No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 45USD/2 people


Overall, from the information I’ve supplied to you, as I said, hunting for cheap places to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter will be simplified effortlessly. High quality is also guaranteed so that you will gain an enjoyable stay and save up money as well.

Recommended cheap accommodation in Hanoi less than 25USD/night for a person

Grateful for the rapid expansion of tourism industry, there are countless residential places for budget travelers in Vietnam’s capital these days. However, many of them have poor quality due to their bad owners. As a result, you need to know cheap accommodation in Hanoi with good quality highly appreciated by tourists before attending there. What I advise to you below only offers 25USD/night maximum for a person, helping you save up a great amount of money.


At the moment, hostels and homestays are very ubiquitous in Hanoi because of being easily established. They are also attractive to visitors on the basis of reasonable prices and self-catering apartments. Some of them you should experience are:

1. Hanoi Rocks Hostel

My first suggestive hostel is Hanoi Rocks Hostel. Located in the north of the Old Quarter, so, this place allows you to travel to Bach Ma Temple or Dong Xuan Market within a few minutes. But in the case of Hoan Kiem Lake, you might need much more time to arrive there.

Compared with other hostels nearby, the price it offers is really cheaper, only 3USD. This is because the hostel has such a spacious dorm with mainly white and grey layers that 20 people can stay together. Of course, it means that your privacy will be not guaranteed. But if you are an active person and want to make new friends, this is not a bad choice. One more place to help you do so is the bar near the entrance of the hostel where you are able to blend yourself in lively nightlife.

Address: No.56 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 3USD/person

2. Gap Yolo Hostel

In the south of the French Quarter and near Ba Dinh District is Gap Yolo Hostel. Indeed, the hotel is in the vicinity of the Temple of Literature, a must-visit attraction in Hanoi nowadays. So it enables you to attend there many times a day to learn and discover the Vietnamese history about feudal period. Of course, moving to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Old Quarter by bike is also quick and simple.

With respect to the facilities inside the hostel, they are a bit basic but elegant. To some extent, the dorm there looks as if it’s a real dormitory in a university. For certain graduates, perhaps they might feel that this place is very familiar to them. Besides, there is a large hall to let you have a drink, talk with strange travelers or just view the city from above.

Address: No.1B Quoc Tu Giam Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Price: 6 USD/person

3. Cheetah Hostel

I have to say that the Old Quarter is Hanoi’s area where most of hostels are constructed, probably because the demand of cheap accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter is high. Another hostel I want to suggest is inside the center of this zone too. That is Cheetah Hostel. Thanks to its favorable position, traveling to the north, you will see Bach Ma Temple and numerous interesting restaurants, whereas the reversed direction will lead you to Hoan Kiem Lake within a few minute. However, the street in front of the hostel is often crowded, and not advantageous to travel after 5pm.

Anyway, the hostel is quite colorful, from bedding in the dorm to walls and paintings in the bar. In fact, the bar is a great place with a warm and cozy ambiance created by golden lights, and a small integral garden to let you rest and enjoy slow number songs.

Address: No.117, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 6 USD/person

4. Le Bleu Long Bien Homestay

If you prefer a high-rise flat to see Hanoi from above, you should register to stay in Le Bleu Long Bien Homestay. Although the apartment is sited in Long Bien District, it’s very near Long Bien Bridge and Red River. Fascinatingly, by dwelling there, not only can you have a river view, but also a chance to study and take photographs of the old bridge constructed in the French colonial period is offered to you. Traveling across the bridge, you will instantly present in the Old Quarter.

Looking at this cheap accommodation in Hanoi, you might realize that with kitchen, living room and bedroom, it’s a self-catering flat for a group of 4 people live together. But it would be better if only 2 people share this apartment with each other. All furniture is very modern and has traditional Vietnamese style, bringing a restful moment to you and your loved one.

Address: The 28th floor, Mipec Riverside Apartment Building, No.2 Long Bien Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi

Price: 40 USD/2 people

5. Au Frais Homestay

Regarding to a comfortable homestay for 4 people, I propose Au Frais Homestay. It’s an apartment beside the Westlake, the hugest lake you should visit once when you visit Hanoi. Actually, this flat is a bit far from the city center, in a less-populated northern-west region of the city. Therefore, it gives you an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and tranquility while you see the lake to calm your mind down.

The most suitable part to do this in the apartment is its large balcony heading to the Westlake. That part is so large that you and your friends can hold BBQ or a small party. Moreover, lying down on a soft sofa to sunbathe is also a good option to unwind. Of course, the apartment has necessary facilities to cater yourself, from a kitchen, ancient Vietnamese-style furniture to electricity appliances.

Address: The 9th floor, No.23 Tay Ho Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

Price: Nearly 100 USD/4 people


On the condition that you want to be served with everything as well as your privacy not to be deteriorated by unknown people, obviously, budget hotels are the most suited cheap accommodation in Hanoi to you. They could be:

1. Anise Hotel Hanoi

Anise Hotel Hanoi is one of few hotels sandwiched by the Old Quarter and Ba Dinh District. It is quite practical for you to travel to some attractions. For example, moving to the south, you will see Hanoi’s ancient streets, while going to the west is a requisite condition to view Ba Dinh Square. Nonetheless, in order to cut down your journey time, remember that you have to rent a bike or use vehicles instead of traveling on foot.

Noticeably, this cheap accommodation in Hanoi is very outstanding on Quan Thanh Street. With over ten floors, the hotel is high enough to let you observe a part of Red River and the Old Quarter. You can do this more conveniently if you stand in the restaurant on the 11th floor. In addition to contemporary Asian decoration, grand amenities inside the hotel will certainly contribute to your enjoyable stay.

Address: No.22 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Price: From 44USD/2 people

2. The Noble Swan Boutique Hotel

In the case you desire to look for cheap accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter, The Noble Swan Boutique Hotel could be on the top of your list. This landmark is, amazingly, nestled in a small alley and surrounded by a serene environment. So, not only will you be able to achieve a sense of true relaxation, but also having an adventure to Hoan Kiem Lake and Hang Da Shopping Mall is likely possible.

When wandering in front of the hotel, you would be astounded by its French colonial outsides on the basis of an ancient gate and polished tiles. Upon your entry into a guestroom, you could suffer from the same feelings as mine owing to being stunned again by fragrant handmade beddings and splendid wooden equipment. Moreover, it is special that you can present in its vegan restaurant to fill your stomach up with healthy dishes.

Address: No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 45USD/2 people

3. Bach Duong Hotel Hanoi

The third hotel in this list is Bach Duong Hotel Hanoi. Positioned near Hanoi’ second ring road which heads directly to Noi Bai international airport, consequently, it never takes you long time, over 35 minutes, from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. Meanwhile, following Doi Can Street to the east, you will see Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ba Dinh Square and One Pillar Pagoda within a 5 minute drive. That is not to mention an important aspect that it’s very easy to reach many embassies, which will facilitate your journey there if you want to solve some problems related to visa.

By the way, Bach Duong Hotel provides you with numerous essential amenities, such as air-conditioners, beddings and wi-fi access. They are all luxurious and worth splurging. Its restaurant also permits you to make coffee or tea by yourself.

Address: No.463 Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Price: From 36.7USD/2 people

In a nut shell, such cheap accommodation in Hanoi I’ve introduced to you has top quality to make your holiday of a lifetime. It is excitingly that amenities in poor conditions never exist in every corner of all these hostels, homestays and hotels, though unbelievably, the cost for dwelling is merely under 25USD/person.

Cheap accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter frequently visited by backpackers

Due to the rapid tourism development in Vietnam, searching for cheap but high-quality accommodation in Hanoi’s center has become more difficult. This is because hundreds of poor residential places has come to existence. How to solve this if you are in this situation? Simply read the list of cheap accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter I will introduce below. All of them, interestingly, are recommended by many backpackers in the world.

Currently, there are two main types of affordable accommodation in the Old Quarter, namely hostel and hotel. In fact, the latter is more high-priced, but you can control privacy and safety. Because living alone or only sharing the room with your companions is possible. Meanwhile, in the case of the former, you are likely to stay with about 10 strange people in a dorm, leading thievery to occur easily. Therefore, you must take consideration of your financial conditions very carefully before making the final decision.


1. Hanoi Rocks Hostel

Address: No.56 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

The first accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter I want to introduce is Hanoi Rocks Hostel. It is also the cheapest one with good quality I’ve known until now. Lying in the northern part of the Old Quarter, the hotel allows you to travel to Dong Xuan Market, Bach Ma Temple and Night Market without much effort. But this is contrary if you want to move to Hoan Kiem Lake or the French Quarter.

With only 3USD, you can dwell overnight in the space for 20 people at the hostel. Of course, there are some dorms for 8 people, but the price is double. Nevertheless, all furniture in dorms has a white and grey layer to bring brightness to the hostel. Apart from this, you can engage in dynamic music and dance in the hostel’s lively bar behind the entrance, where you can make lots of new friends.

2. Funky Jungle Hostel

Address: No.73 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Another cheap accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter is Funky Jungle Hostel. Despite being a bit far from Hoan Kiem Lake, the hostel is adjacent to the zone with several interesting bars & restaurants to let you enjoy bustling nightlife in Vietnam’s capital. Especially, the price is only from 5USD/night. So you will be able to wind up entirely without any concern about your pocket.

Actually, there is no need to go outside to plunge yourself in such activities because the bar inside the hostel could meet all your demands. Decorated with green ornaments, the bar looks as if it’s a part of a tropical jungle. However, there is the only mixed dorm for you to choose, thought beddings and bed frames are acceptable. So if you are a female visitor, you should take care of yourself more cautiously since you might stay with some unknown men.

3. See you at Lily’s

Address: No.16 Ngo Huyen Lane, Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Having the same price as Hanoi Rocks Hostel’s one, consequently, See you at Lily’s is also highly appreciated by budget travelers. Hiding itself in a narrow lane called Ngo Huyen, the hostel is surrounded by an atmosphere pretty tranquil at midday, but noisy and crowded at night. Moreover, the hostel in the vicinity of Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral. Therefore, you can also see countless hordes of Christians tourists there. Anyway, I think this landmark is not suitable to people seeking silence.

To some extent, all appliances inside this hostel are not so inferior to those belonging to high-rank hotels. By mixing black wooden decorative objects and elegant bedding, the hostel could make you take its spacious dorm sufficient for 12 people to dwell together as a luxurious room. Some extra services that may facilitate your journey, such as tour packages, free breakfast, and transfers at the airport are available.

4. Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown

Address: No.9 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Near Funky Jungle Hostel, Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown is an additional accommodation in Hanoi for backpackers. Compared with the former, Hanoi Backpackers Hostel is farther from Hoan Kiem Lake, but closer to Dong Xuan Market. Again, on the condition that you are planning to travel in the French Quarter and the lake more frequently, you need rent a vehicle or a bike instead of going on foot.

The lowest price you can see on the website of the hostel is 8USD/night, a bit higher than the others. However, this could be offset by dozens of tempting activities held at the bar & restaurant at night. Admittedly, this moment also gives you an opportunity to meet loads of visitors coming from many countries all around the world. Meanwhile, up to 6 dorm types with wooden bed frames help you achieve a smooth sleep at night.


As I mentioned, the prices for living in a hotel are often higher. Nonetheless, this could be solved if someone, your lover or family member, shares the cost with you. Usually, the sum of money you have to pay is only around 23USD/night.

1. Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel

Address: No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Regarding cheap accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter, I suggest you to select Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel once. With only 45USD/night for 2 people, you are permitted to stay in a large room with a lot of splendid amenities. The first thing that could astonish you is handmade bedding giving off an unforgettable odor, contributing to your deeper sleep. The second is the vegan restaurant on the second floor, where a wide range of tasty vegan dishes are served for a healthier life. The third could be its French-style surface since the hotel is rebuilt from an ancient house. Perhaps you will realize this from the old gate near the hotel’s entrance.

Anyway, this landmark is well-suited to those who prefer quietness, given a fact that it’s hidden in a small alley. But traveling from there to Hoan Kiem Lake is still very quick and effortless.

2. The Hanoian Hotel

Address: No.42A, Hang Cot Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

It is noticeable that The Hanoian Hotel will show the same price of 45USD/night to you, very inexpensive when it’s shared by two people. But I have to say that the site of the hotel may obstruct your adventure in Hanoi’s center a bit. The reason for this is that it’s positioned in the western edge of the Old Quarter, and near Ba Dinh District rather than the French Quarter. As a result, in order to attend Hoan Kiem Lake, you have to spend at least 15 minutes on walking.

By the way, you will not need to complain about the hotel’s amenities. By using the delicate mixture between dark shades in wooden furniture and light colors in bedding, the hotel forms a cozy ambiance for a long-term stay. Moreover, the restaurant with mainly brown equipment is where you can have a meal and enjoy a song with slow number to rest.

3. Splendid Star Boutique Hotel

Address: No.19 Au Trieu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

This accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter is, intriguingly, famous for its favorable location. Because it’s adjacent to Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral, just a few meters away. You will only need some seconds to see this historical building. Of course, the hotel is a preferable option if you often have to attend the church for pray. Owing to this feature, during the time you stay there, you might suffer from traffic congestion as well as human noise at night. Therefore, it is probably very hard to rest wholly at the hotel.

Nevertheless, all first-rate devices inside the hotel are able to blow away your annoyance, while the price is just from 46USD/night. The hotel has focused on traditional Vietnamese decoration instead of Western one, creating a harmonized ambiance. There is no lack of ornaments and appliances with impressive outlines such as sofas, wallpaper and beds. The in-house restaurant is also not a bad choice to taste Vietnamese and international food.

4. Noble Boutique Hotel

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

An additional accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter for you is Noble Boutique Hotel. Currently, you can accommodate at the hotel by paying at least 46USD. But if you book online in advance on some special days, you will receive a huge discount to reduce the staying cost there. Although the hotel is merely a 3-star one, its amenities are highly-qualified. While cabinets, tables and bed frames are made from prime wood, bedding is all hand embroidery clothes. Notably, the hotel operates a shop called Thuy Ky Shop near the entrance to serve backpackers who favor such handmade bedding.

After buying fast food at the restaurant of the hotel, you can blend yourself in a crowd to wander around the Old Quarter instantly. Grateful for Hang Gai Street, the most uproarious street in this region, it’s not difficult for you to find gift shops, or food streets later.

Altogether, I hope that you would find reasonable accommodation in Hanoi Old Quarter after reading the information about my suggestive hostels and hotels in this article. Certainly, an enjoyable stay will be waiting for you in this time-honored city.

8 best hostels in Hanoi old town with less than 6USD/night to stay

For many backpackers, they prefer a hostel rather than a hotel. Because not only does the former offer much cheaper price, but also they can make friends with numerous people more easily. If you are like them, and have a plan to go to Hanoi some next days, you should need to know 8 best hostels in Hanoi old town I will propose later. Of course, you will merely pay 6USD/night maximum for accommodation.

Funky Jungle Hostel

– Address: No.73 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: 5USD

The first one in my own list of hotels in Hanoi old town is Funky Jungle Hostel. With only 5USD/night, you will not need to worry about your financial condition when enjoying tempting activities in Hanoi Old Quarter. In fact, the hostel is in the northern east of the region. It’s close to Night Market and a lot of lively bars & restaurant for relaxation. In the case you don’t want to go outside, the hostel owns a bar where many budget travelers gather together to soak themselves in dynamic songs and interesting games. Fascinatingly, this landmark is adorned with green colors. This turns it into a real entertaining jungle for everyone. Although the hostel only provides mixed dorms and private rooms, all facilities, such as metal bed frames, bedding and air-conditioners, are modern and comfortable.

Hanoi Rendezvous Hostel

– Address: No.27 Bat Dan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: 5USD

For the best hostels in Hanoi old town, you can have a go at Hanoi Rendezvous Hostel. The only problem is its location in the western edge of the Old Quarter. So you will need much time to travel from the hostel to Hoan Kiem Lake, Jade Mountain Temple or the French Quarter. Nonetheless, it could reduce your journey time if you favor attending Night Market or some attractions in Ba Dinh District.

By the way, the hostel operates two types of dorms: only for women and mixed. That’s why female guests don’t need to concern about being harassed by bad men. Additionally, the dorm inside the hostel is pretty spacious, and appointed with large beds made from wood and iron. There is not any real restaurant or bar there, making this place a bit silent and peaceful. For those who like uproar, this is not genuinely an acceptable option.

See You at Lily’s

– Address: No.16 Ngo Huyen Lane, Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: 5USD

Hopefully, See You at Lily’s are one of few high-quality hostels lying in the center of the Old Quarter. As a result, it is a great staring point to see all Hanoi’s ancient streets within a day. Besides, the place is inside a small alley called Ngo Huyen. Although at midday, this lane is quiet and tranquil, it becomes boisterous and crowded at night. Consequently, it’s very well-suited to active people to unwind. Turning to amenities, the hostel has got a dorm decorated with black wooden ornaments and modern metal beds. It’s also large enough for 12 people to stay at the same time. A few extra amenities, from free breakfast to tour packages, are available too. Apart from this, this landmark supplies some private rooms, but the price for these is quite exorbitant, up to 22USD/night.

Hanoi Rocks Hostel

– Address: No.56 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: From 3USD

One of the most inexpensive but still highly-qualified hostels in Hanoi old town could be Hanoi Rocks Hostel. What makes it possible to cut down the accommodating cost for backpackers is its area. The place is so big that it contains a dormitory for 20 people to dwell. However, the more travelers staying with you are, the more your privacy will be deteriorated. There are some dorms for fewer visitors, but the prices are higher. For example, if you require a private room, you have to pay at least 29USD per night. But in comparison with other hostels, this place has nothing to complain. Especially, about décor in the dorms, most objects have white and bright grey colors, contributing to the luxury and elegance of the hostel. Buffet breakfast, lively bar near the entrance would be amazing services you should try once.

Cheetah Hostel

– Address: No.117, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: From 6 USD

In the center of Hanoi Old Quarter is Cheetah Hostel, where every tourist has an opportunity to discover a bundle of strait streets with several mysteries hidden in gift shops, pavement cafés and traditional restaurants. That is not to mention a characteristic that the hostel is quite close to Bach Ma Temple and Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, the places that allow you to be exposed to Vietnam’s cultural features from the feudal period. Regarding the hostel’s dorms, I have to say that they are airy, colorful and advantageous to relax truly after a long walk. Not only the bedding have several different hues, but also the restaurant & bar on the ground floor are the same. With golden light brightened, the atmosphere is very warm, suitable to have a seat and enjoy some songs with slow melodies.

Hanoi Centre Hostel

– Address: No.13 Ngo Tram Street, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

– Price: From 5USD

Hanoi Centre Hotel is the next one in the best hostels in Hanoi old town list for you. It is noticeable that this residential place is sited in the western of the town, in the border of the Old Quarter, the French Quarter and Ba Dinh District. Therefore, you will be able to have an excursion of the three areas very quickly and simply, even on foot. By the way, when you enter the hostel, its decoration could surprise you. Indeed, the owner of the hostel seems to prefer the combination between white and bright green shades in every corner. This feature, interestingly, made me imagine that I would stand in the middle of a paddy field in a countryside. In addition to three separate dorms, the restaurant is always ready to serve you with traditional Vietnamese food.

Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – The original

– Address: No.48 Ngo Huyen Lane, Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: From 5USD

With regard to the hostels in Hanoi old town dedicated to backpackers, it will be absolutely incomplete if Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – The original is not included. Intriguingly, this hostel is very near Lily’s Hostel. So, in the case one of them doesn’t have any available dorm for you, you can choose the other without going too far to find another one. However, remember that it’s in the vicinity of Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral, leading it to be frequently noisy and surrounded by hordes of tourists. And therefore, again, the hostel is not really for those loving tranquility. About facilities, there are three basic types of accommodation: private rooms or double suites, mixed dorms and females dorms. Bar & restaurant are serviceable for you to fill up your stomach with tasty food and drinks as well as meet new friends coming from lots of countries around the world.

Meow Hostel

– Address: No.7 Alley 6, Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: From 5USD

Meow Hostel is the smallest destination among the hostels in Hanoi old town introduced in this article because of having only 11 dorms. In fact, this one is nestled in a small lane in Ta Hien Street, the road famous for loads of wonderful activities such as music festivals, outdoor games at the weekend. Given this aspect, you should know that it’s impossible to travel to the hostel directly by huge vehicles since they are banned on Saturday and Sunday and, more importantly, unable to move inside the narrow lane. But perhaps, walking to the hostel would be more exciting due to a chance to view colorful stores nearby. As you might realize from the name, Meow Hostel has followed cute decorative styles with the shapes of animals many young travelers are fond of so much. I recommend you to stay there if some of your companions are teenage.

In general, all the best hostels in Hanoi old town I have suggested above just offer you the prices of under 6USD/night. Just believe in me once! I guarantee that none of them will let you down on the basis of their high quality only seen in highly-appreciated hotels.