Best swimming pool in Hanoi for local non-residents and foreign travelers

Affected by tropical weather, people living in Hanoi have to deal with a hot summer every year. Although they can resist it, they still want to escape from the heat as much as possible. Meanwhile, this could be a more serious problem for Western travelers. Because they are not used to the extreme heat like the locals. Plus the unavailability of beaches in the city, the most feasible solution for all of them is to soak themselves in a swimming pool in Hanoi.

In fact, if you find that counting the number of pools around the capital of Vietnam these days interesting, you have to spend all your life on completing this. However, it doesn’t mean that every pool is high-quality. In contrast, certain pools are unexpectedly terrifying. That’s why the best swimming pool in Hanoi is what you need to prioritize once you attend the metropolis in summer.

Frequently, 5-star hotels in the city provide you with a clean pool to swim when you are their guest. But in the case you are a local traveler, or just foreign non-resident, they disallow you to utilize this facility. Fortunately, there are some selections that could fulfil your desire. I believe that some of them may surprise you.


I have to say that natural pools are available in Hanoi nowadays. The reason for this is that Hanoi location is beside Red River, a large river flowing from mountainous zone, and the city also consists of several lakes. But I don’t appreciate them since the development of this metropolis leads to water pollution there. That’s why you are prone to be infected by some illnesses hidden in these special pools. Anyway, if you still favor to be engulfed in nature to calm down yourself, two admirable choices for you are:

West Lake

Estimated as the largest lake in the proximity of Red River, West Lake is believed as the best swimming pool in Hanoi for nature lovers. Just go along some streets around the lake, and you can jump into it from any stop. With a tranquil environment and cool winds the lake gives to everyone, it is usually visited by the locals to stay away from the heat. Of course, no ticket and no securities. So make sure that your belongings are protected carefully. Sometimes, the water inside the lake is not really clean, and rubbish is seeable too.

Red River

Another destination is Red River. Owning to the dikes along two banks of the river, the most suitable place to reach it is the small oasis under Long Bien Bridge. There are the stairs to go down from the bridge, but only for pedestrians. Therefore, firstly, leave all your unnecessary luggage at your rent accommodation. Though the water is not polluted badly because of strong flow, the alluvial naturally stains the river water. Do not hope its purity so much because you might be disappointed then.


By the way, it would be better if you are interested in artificial pools more. Fascinatingly they can supplies you with a good view of stunning landscape. Let’s start with:

1. Sense Aqua & Spa

Address: No.20 Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho District

This one currently belongs to Center of Women and Development Hotel (CWD Hotel). Located in the 4th floor, it shows you an unbelievably spacious indoor pool with the length of 33m, and the width of 17m. Aside from this, the depth of the pool is from 1.3m to 2m, very well-suited to both children and adults. What’s more? It also grants you a direct view of West Lake, allowing you to seek peace in mind after you swim for a while. The average prices for adult travelers are 8 USD/day and 140 USD/month.

2. Pullman Hanoi Hotel

Address: 40 Cat Linh Street, Hoan Kiem District

Interestingly, Pullman Hanoi Hotel is one of certain 5-star hotels that serve any traveler with the best swimming pool in Hanoi. By floating on the water surface, you are able to forget everything, and then enjoy the silence and freshness the garden surrounding the outdoor pool brings to you. Compared with other pools, this one is a bit smaller. For dimension, the depth is merely from 0.9m to 1.6m, but the shape forming a flower hidden inside water could impress you. There are first-class private bathrooms for every type of swimmers as well, while the prices are around 12 USD/day and 150 USD/month.

3. Bora Bora Four Seasons Pool

Address: No. 50 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Dong Da District

The next destination could be a pool with a remarkable name – Bora Bora Four Seasons Pool. The pool is wholly inside the second floor of Bao Son International Hotel. As a result, it displays a large space for non-residents to plunge themselves in water sports. To deserve its name, the hotel equips the pool with a high-tech heating system to guarantee that water lovers, from the young to the elderly, could stay in the pool even in winter. The only problem would be transportation since in rush hours, the street heading to the hotel is frequently overcrowded.

4. Thang Loi Hotel

Address: No.200 Yen Phu Street, Tay Ho District

Another pool you could visit at any time is run by Thang Loi Hotel. Like CWD Hotel, this location offers you with a view of West Lake. But instead of seeing the lake through windows, you are likely to rejoice cool winds from this water area directly. A few professional swimmers may not appreciate the pool there because it is not sizable (25m x 12.5m), but the more noticeable issue is the depth of over 2m. That’s why it is not a safe place for children. However, the price for a ticket is very reasonable, about 2.4 USD/person.

5. Asean Hotel

Address: No.8 Chua Boc Street, Dong Da District

One more selection dedicated to backpackers in the inner city is Asean Hotel. Amazingly, what you will pay for entry into the outdoor pool of the hotel is approximately 3.1 USD/person. Open from 5.30am to 9.00pm, the light system is operational fully to contribute to a wonderful night. Additionally, a bundle of drinks and cocktails are serviceable to let you gratify your thirsty too. Apart from a pool for adults, the hotel operates a distinctive one for the young with the depth of merely 0.7m. Consequently, you usually see a lot of parents teaching their children the way to swim there.

6. Army Hotel

Address: No.33C Pham Ngu Lao Street, Hoan Kiem District,

In the case you rent room is sited in the Old Quarter or the French Quarter, Army Hotel is where you can find a suitable swimming pool in Hanoi within a short journey time. What makes the hotel attract more swimmers is a large car park, beside restaurant and bar. With the length of 20m, the width of 10.5m, and the depth from 1m to 2.4m, fathers and mothers could accompany with their sons and daughters to keep themselves away from the heat. Notably, the pool consists of salty water to make you feel that you would live in a real beach.

To conclude, by attending the best swimming pool in Hanoi, any tourist will never worry about how to cope with high temperatures in the city in summer. More intriguingly, that could be a new experience to let you to explore another feature of the capital at the moment.

Top 7 5-star luxury hotels in Hanoi bringing a memorable experience to all guests

Do you want to make the holiday of a lifetime in Vietnam’s capital by dwelling at the grandest accommodation? If your answer is “Yes”, I believe that you should know top 7 best 5-star luxury hotels in Hanoi. They are all highly recommended by high-social-class people around the world. Do not hesitate to spend few minutes to read their brief introduction. Because such information below is useful to find your preferable accommodation.

1. JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

Price: From 127 USD

Address: No.8 Do Duc Duc Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Different from other 5-star hotels in Hanoi, JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi is located in a sprawling commercial district in the southern-west part of Hanoi, far away from the center. As a result, it occupies enough spaces to construct many open-air amenities. Some of them are a large playground for children, and a green area for people to relieve stress. That is not to mention an amazing feature that it has got the shape like a huge dragon preparing to fly into the blue sky, making it highlighted in this zone. Interestingly, Mr. Barack Obama, the U.S Ex-President lived there when he traveled to Vietnam in 2016.

Apart from indoor swimming pool and fitness center, Spa by JW is also a must-visit place on the 8th floor of the hotel. However, you need make appointment for this spa service in advance. About dinning, all visitors have two selections: The French Grill for French meals and Crystal Jade Palace for Chinese ones. Also, a Japanese restaurant will be open soon to give you the third option.


2. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

Price: From 287 USD

Address: No.15 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

With regard to 5-star luxury hotels in Hanoi, you should not miss Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi. It’s also the most exorbitant and oldest hotel in the city center. Amazingly, it was built in the vicinity of Hoan Kiem Lake in 1901. That’s why it has still kept French colonial architecture reflected inside and outside. At night, its outer surfaces become so romance that numerous couples choose it for the background of wedding photos.

Having up to 364 rooms and suites divided into two different regions: Metropole Wing and Opera Wing, it is able to serve even powerful politicians such as Mr. Donald Trump, the U.S President. Moreover, it has operated three restaurants with different countries’ cuisine, namely Le Beaulieu for France, Spices Garden for Vietnam and Angelina for Italy. Correspondent to each restaurant is a bar where you can enjoy some impressive drinks. Beside the gym, you can experience effective treatments at Le Spa du Metropole which also grants you a view of the integral garden and outdoor swimming pool.


3. Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

Price: From 103 USD

Address: K5 Nghi Tam, No.11 Xuan Dieu Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

One more 5-star hotel where another U.S Ex-President, George W. Bush, stayed in 2006 is Sheraton Hanoi Hotel. Consequently, there is no reason to complain of its top-quality amenities. The smallest room has the area of 37 square meters, very comfortable for a couple to enjoy their honeymoon week. To satisfy your hunger, just go to Oven D’or Restaurant, a stylish eatery dedicated to international dishes, or Hemispheres Steak & Seafood Grill Restaurant. Meanwhile, Bar Déjà Vu is where you can revel in dynamic songs until midnight. Of course, there is no lack of gym, spa, open-air pool and spacious halls for large-scale events.

This landmark is the combination between Asian and European designs. Moreover, it is one of the two 5-star hotels in Hanoi quite close to the Westlake, the largest lake in Hanoi. More importantly, it’s in a less-populated oasis, allowing you to be engulfed in fresh air and peaceful environment. In addition, you will have a chance to engage in sport waters in the lake, for example, canoeing, swimming and fishing, after having an excursion of some historical attractions nearby.


4. Lotte Hotel Hanoi

Price: From 131 USD

Address: No.54 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

What makes you surprised at Lotte Hotel Hanoi is that it’s sited on the highest floors of the 65-storey Lotte Tower. Therefore, it shows you a wonderful view of Ba Dinh District and the Westlake from above. This could become your unforgettable memory. Meanwhile, it’s only a 5 minute drive from the Old Quarter, quite favorable to have a discovery of this ancient zone. But you need notice to avoid traveling in rush hours due to extreme traffic congestion around the hotel.

Anyway, thanks to its unique location, the hotels provides you a lot of services to wind up. After choosing one of 316 rooms, you would have a headache again due to 4 restaurants there. While Grill 63, Red River and Tim Ho Wan respectively serve international, Chinese and Cantonese food, Top of Hanoi is the place you can stand on the roof top of the tower and have dinner. Then, relaxing at Evian SPA Hanoi is a great choice to end a day. Based on bright decoration, the spa might bring you to The Alps Mountains.


5. Apricot Hotel

Price: From 130 USD

Address: No.136 Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

In fact, Apricot Hotel is the only option for 5-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter at the moment. Aside from this, it gains a competitive feature on the basis of being proximity to Hoan Kiem Lake. Therefore, not only are you likely to partake in countless addictive activities in the Old Quarter at night, but also sometimes, you can lie down in your room and look at the lake. Nevertheless, remember that traveling from the hotel by vehicle at the weekend is banned. Why? The street in front of it is only for pedestrian at that time.

Like Sofitel Legend Metropole, the hotel has obtained a characteristic French style lying in its structure. Plus lenient golden light, the atmosphere inside it, therefore, becomes so intimate and cozy for an enjoyable stay. The most exciting things you must try is to swim in the pool on the roof top where you can also have a drink at Bar One36 and sunbathe. Additionally, you are allowed to blend yourself in dynamic songs at Avanti Music Stage, and have meals in two separate restaurants.


6. InterContinental Hanoi Westlake

Price: From 129 USD

Address: No.5 Tu Hoa Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

A bit dissimilar to Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, a part of InterContinental Hanoi Westlake floats on the Westlake. As a result, you could get a direct lake view from this area. And then, you are able to determine exactly how large and serene the lake is. Admittedly, taking part in water sports is more simple and easier. This is because you can soak yourself in water immediately without going outside the hotel. But this place is far from Hanoi’s center. So if you want to attend there, you should prefer the vehicles the hotel offers.

Regarding facilities for dining, three restaurants, namely Café Du Lac, Milan Restaurant and Saigon Restaurant are serviceable for respectively French, Italian and Vietnamese food, while Milan Saigon Bar and Sunset Bar are the specific destinations to purchase beverages. Apart from 293 opulent guestrooms and suites, the hotel also consists of apartments for a long stay, very well-suited to a small family. Although a fitness center and meeting halls for events and weddings are operational, the spa inside the hotel is not highly appreciated.


7. Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery by Sofitel

Price: From 234.98 USD

Address: No.29 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

The seventh choice in my own list of 5-star hotels in Hanoi is Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery by Sofitel. Located in the east of the French Quarter, the hotel and Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi nearby have formed a distinctive zone empathized by French colonial buildings that you should not miss during the time you present in this capital. Fascinatingly, the hotel is merely a 2 minute walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, the Trang Tien ice-cream restaurant and the Old Quarter, enabling you to study about Hanoi’s life more comprehensively.

Having a spacious area on one side of Trang Tien Street, the hotel has arranged a sizable balcony for those who desire to sunbathe for prettier skin, or just observe the street from above. An indoor pool is separated from the balcony by huge glass frames to let you also achieve a better view. In the center of the hotel is an open-air yard, where weddings and meetings are held to bring a novelty feelings to all guests. Santé Spa, gym and diverse-style restaurants are included in the hotel’s amenities.


All in all, those 5-star luxury hotels in Hanoi are all I want to suggest to you for the purpose of attaining a memorable experience in the time-honored city. Whatever your needs are, they will be fulfilled instantly and completely there without any disappointment later.

Best 5-star hotels in Hanoi city center dedicated to high-social-status people

Owing to the rapid expansion of globalization, numerous people travel to Hanoi not only for spending their holiday, but also for seeking an opportunity to develop their large-scale businesses. Whatever case they are in, apparently, the most suitable accommodation for them has got 5 stars. If you are also searching for it, let’s view the best 5-star hotels in Hanoi city center below. All your demands during the time in Vietnam’s capital will be certainly gratified.

1. Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi

– Price: From 100 USD

– Address: No.83A Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

As you might realize its origin from the name, Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi is a member of the Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Chain belonging to a Swiss corporation. So, it’s understandable why I consider it as one of the best 5-star hotels in Hanoi city center. Of course, it can guarantee first-class amenities for a comfortable stay. Additionally, the hotel is in the southern west of Hoan Kiem Lake, and a part of the French Quarter. Therefore, it shows you an outer layer in French colonial styles common at the beginning of the 20th century. This characteristic turns it into a highlighted attraction in Hanoi these days.

From the hotel, you are likely to need 10 minutes to attend the Old Quarter, Hoa Lo Prison as well as Hanoi Opera House. If you cannot travel on foot, the hotel’s luxurious BMW car will drive you to your preferable destinations. Meanwhile, during the time you stay there, you can utilize the Kinetic Gym and Wellness Studio for exercise and massage. Apart of 154 guestrooms, the hotel includes well-appointed meeting rooms that can contain over 100 people. Finally, for dining, Mangosteen all-day Restaurant and The Lounge 83 Bar are the best choices.


2. Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel

– Price: From 141 USD

– Address: No.1 Le Thanh Tong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

The second destination in the list of 5-star hotels in Hanoi city center is Hilton Hanoi Opera. Again, this one is also a Vietnamese representative of the well-known Hilton Hotels Chain located in the French Quarter. Similar with some constructions nearby, the hotel has got a typical French outside that may stun you for the first time. Besides, it’s adjacent to Hanoi Opera House, where you can enjoy classical concerts at the weekend, while walking along Trang Tien Street from it, you will see Hoan Kiem Lake within 2 minutes.

Interestingly, the hotel is surrounded by greenery, allowing you to be immersed in nature and enjoy fresh air. But unless you enjoy this, just move to the outdoor swimming pool on the other side of the hotel or the fitness center inside the main building. That is not to mention a feature that there are two different restaurants, namely Ba Mien for traditional Vietnamese food, and Chez Manon for a la carte intercontinental cuisine. Despite the unavailability of high-quality spa, tasting chocolate, cakes and bread at The Bakery, and some drinks at JJ’s Sports Bar is a delightful moment.


3. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

– Price: From 287 USD

– Address: No.15 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Regarding the most expensive and splendid 5-star hotels in Hanoi city center, none of hotels could become the rivals of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi. With the prices of nearly 300USD/night, this landmark is only for super rich businessmen and powerful politicians. Of course, everything inside the hotel is value-for-money. Firstly, 364 rooms and suites are arranged in two sides of the hotel: Metropole Wing – typical colonial luxury, and Opera Wing – impressive neo-classical grandeur. The second is that the hotel has functioned three restaurants & bars for each of French, Vietnamese and Italian dishes. Perhaps that is the main reason why in 2017, Mr. Donald Trump, the U.S President, selected it for accommodation when he visited Hanoi.

There is no lack of a spa called Le Spa du Metropole, and a gym in the list of its amenities. While being treated with prime massage techniques, you will have a chance to view an integral garden to relieve your depression more quickly. Moreover, the hotel is considered as the oldest 5-star one in Hanoi. It’s still kept characteristic French colonial exterior surfaces hitherto, making itself very romance at night. Taking wedding photographs there is acceptable.


 4. Apricot Hotel

– Price: From 130 USD

– Address: No.136 Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

As far as I’m concerned, Apricot Hotel is currently the only 5-star French-style place of dwelling in the Old Quarter. Plus its location next to the western shore of Hoan Kiem Lake, not only does the hotel enable you to engage in hundreds of attractive activities held around the lake at the weekend, but also it’s a great starting point to discover the ancient zone nearby. However, one thing you should remember that from Friday night to Sunday, vehicles are banned on the street in front of the hotel.

Anyway, the most wonderful experience for you when living there could be to swim in the pool, or to sunbathe on the roof top while you view the lake from above. Bar One36 is always ready to serve you at that time. On the lower floor are A’telier Lounge, where you can sip a little tea, and Spa L’Art for gentle massage. Two restaurants inside the hotel are for disparate purposes, one for warm breakfast, and the other for prime dinner. After rejoicing in musical performances at Avanti Music Stage, you can choose one of 123 rooms with a harmonized ambiance to unwind.


5. Meliá Hanoi

– Price: From 196.35 USD

– Address: No.44B Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Not far away from Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi, Meliá Hanoi, however, is one of the prominently modern 5-star hotels in Hanoi city center. When standing in front of the hotel, it looks like two huge glass towers very ubiquitous in commercial areas rather than historical zones. By the way, it doesn’t destroy the scenery there due to occupying a large space. In back of the hotel is a spacious open-air pool for water lovers. Meanwhile, Oasis Spa & beauty salon and fitness center are inside. Apart from this, the hotel has got a 5-storey car park, very convenient for car owners. Besides, certain ballrooms and function rooms for meetings, parties and weddings are available too.

In my opinion, the most prominent features would be the hotel’s two restaurants. While El Patio displays Mediterranean food for all meals a day, you can enjoy Vietnamese and Thai culinary arts at El Oriental. What’s more? For drinks, snacks and desserts, Cava Lounge and The Meliá Deli should not be missed. Due to the highest quality it exhibits, many important heads of countries, such as Princess Anne of the UK, or Queen Sofia of Spain stayed there just some years ago.


6. Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery by Sofitel

– Price: From 234.98 USD

– Address: No.29 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

It would be regrettable if Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery by Sofitel is in the list of 5-star hotels in Hanoi city center. Indeed, it and two hotels nearby, Hilton Hanoi Opera and Sofitel Legend Metropole, have formed a large tourist-attracting area. With countless classical French architectural outlines, they let visitors understand more about Vietnamese history. Nevertheless, this hotel is closer to Hoan Kiem Lake and especially, the Trang Tien ice-cream restaurant. Consequently, it allows you to have a discovery in the heart of the city more advantageously.

What makes me pay attention in this one is that it has gained a large balcony. The guests can sunbathe there and view the streets beneath for a more profound feeling of Hanoi’s culture. Next to it is a pool divided by glass and metal frames. Another facilities for wellness are Santé Spa and the gym with TechnoGym cardio on the third floor. Conveniently, booking online for spa services is serviceable.

After wandering about the hotel, you will observe four characteristic French bars & restaurants each of which has divergent aspects. For instance, Satine is dedicated to the exhibition of Vietnamese cuisine, and Baudelaire by La Fée Verte for alfresco dinner.


Altogether, once you have a trip in Vietnam, in order to prove your high social status, just favor one of six 5-star hotels in Hanoi city center that I’ve advised. Absolutely, no one will question about your financial conditions as soon as he or she hears the name of the hotel you accommodate at.

Best 3-star hotels in Hanoi near Hoan Kiem Lake with affordable prices

As you might know, there are innumerable 3-star hotels in Hanoi nowadays. However, they may bombard you with numberless invitations on Google search. This is because the standards to achieve the recognition of 3-star accommodation in Vietnam are quite simple. For example, they need have at least one restaurant, coffee lounge, using acceptable structure and operating certain services. Especially, in the case of Hanoi’s center, the criteria are simplified due to some objective conditions leading to the lack of a few facilities.

This, then, causes the difference in the quality among 3-star hotels in Hanoi center. If you are tired due to spending too much time on finding enough information and taking consideration to choose a comfortable one, just view the list of the best 3-star hotels in Hanoi I will show later. Not only are all of them near Hoan Kiem Lake, a great starting point for you to discover the city, but also the prices there are reasonable. Therefore, you could ignore what you have read on the Internet before.

Lenid De Ho Guom Hotel

Address: No.38 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 53.5USD

Conveniently, from Lenid De Ho Guom Hotel, it would take you only 1 minute to see Hoan Kiem Lake. And the price to stay there is quite cheap. Meanwhile, the hotel lies in the main street in the French Quarter. This allows you to have an excursion of many French colonial buildings nearby which are currently the head offices of governmental departments and companies. However, the accommodation is not truly a good choice for those who are searching for a serene environment to rest. Because the street in front of it is often overcrowded and noisy during a day.

Though there is not any lively bar close to the hotel, one thing could make you forget this problem is the furniture inside. From tables, chairs to cabinets and bed frames are all covered with light brown layers, creating a homely ambiance for you to live. You might find traditional Vietnamese decoration there very interesting as well.


Noble Boutique Hotel

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 41USD

If you prefer the best 3-star hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter in terms of facilitating your journey around the historical zone, how about dwelling in Noble Boutique Hotel? In fact, the place is positioned in one of the most uproarious and widest streets. So it helps you avoid traffic congestion, and then move to Hoan Kiem Lake within merely 3 minutes. Therefore, observing a wide range of colorful gift shops and tempting food streets at night is very easy and favorable to study about Hanoi’s nightlife more.

Noticeably, the price is so low, only 41USD. However, it doesn’t reflect that the amenities of the hotel are bad. Actually, they are all luxurious and first-class. The most objects I’m fond of could be such perfumed handmade bedding. Due to it, I overslept on the second day I stayed there. You are able to purchase itat the hand embroidery clothes shop at the entrance. A huge discount will be obtainable if you book a room on the hotel’s website directly.


Silk Path Boutique Hotel

Address: No.21 Hang Khay Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 60USD

The third hotel I want to propose is Silk Path Boutique Hotel. It is amazing that this landmark is adjacent to the southern shore of Hoan Kiem Lake, enabling you to view the lake from the balcony of the hotel. Nothing could be better than standing in your room to be engulfed in the peace the lake brings to you. Moreover, you can engage in dynamic activities held near the lake at the weekend instantly without missing any important events. But the cost you have to pay for this is that the space outside the hotel is very rowdy and frequently blocked by crowds. Sometimes, your travel could be obstructed.

Due to the special location, its prices are the highest in all hotels in this article. But the facilities inside the hotel are not a letdown. Upon your entry into your room, you will figure out that certain golden appliances are combined perfectly with dark wooden tables and cupboards to form a restful place.


La Beaute De Hanoi Hotel

Address: No.15 Trung Yen Lane, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Price: From 47USD

Another highly-appreciated 3-star hotel in Hanoi’s center is La Beaute De Hanoi Hotel. Thanks to its site in the vicinity of the green pearl of Hanoi, it can cut down your travel time to 3 minutes even when you move to Hoan Kiem Lake on foot. Nevertheless, I remind you that the lane where the hotel is positioned is a bit narrow. Therefore, traffic jams occur with a high frequency after 5pm. Do not go out of the hotel at that time if you cannot withstand noise and exhaust emissions produced by vehicles.

By the way, put aside this aspect, and focus on what the hotel will serve you. All services are value-for-money and high-quality. Indeed, they have a typical French style highlighted in the hotel’s ornaments, name and devices. Apart from this, the mixture with three different hues, namely brown, white and red, could impress you. That makes the hotel more outstanding than lots of rivals nearby.


Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel

Address: No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 45USD

One of the best 3-star hotels in Hanoi you can experience once is Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. Different from the others, this one consists of a vegetarian restaurant. This amenity provides all guest with delicious and nutritious dishes cooked from only vegetables and fruit. Due to fast-paced life these days, numerous people are prone to be obese. They have to follow a vegan diet. As a result, if you are in this situation, just select it to keep yourself healthy. Of course, there is no lack of splendid equipment such as handmade bed sheets and pillows, as well as polished wooden furniture.

Intriguingly, the hotel has still kept some French colonial styles. They displays themselves in tiles on the floor and the ancient gate near its entrance. While the hotel location is in an alley, giving you a genuinely tranquil place to relax entirely, it’s not far from Hang Da Shopping Mall and Hoan Kiem Lake. 3 minutes are what you need to arrive at the two places.


Sunline Hotel

Address: No.18 Bao Khanh Lane, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 58USD

The final hotel in my own list is Sunline Hotel. In spite of being at the end of a large lane near Hoan Kiem Lake, this site is not silent as you expect. In contrast, it’s an admirable point of departure to blend yourself in Hanoi’s nightlife more quickly because it is surrounded by countless lively bars & restaurants and impressive clothing shops. That is not to mention an advantage that it takes you 2 minutes from the hotel to present in the lake. Nonetheless, again, you ought to notice that the environment there is usually boisterous throughout a day, while a large number of vehicle usually impede the street in rush hours, causing annoyance for some visitors.

Anyway, you will be stunned when seeing the hotel for the first time. With European styles shown up in four huge colonnades and the wonderful stairs heading to the second floor, it’s not so inferior to 5-star hotels regarding exterior surfaces. The guestrooms are also cozy and warm to let you stay away from the cold.


In conclusion, it is believed that such information would satisfy your curiosity about the best 3-star hotels in Hanoi for an effortless movement to Hoan Kiem Lake. Additionally, from the price I’ve attached, you will also save up a great deal of money for accommodation as well if you pick one of them.

Where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter to enjoy dynamic nightlife more easily?

With regard to a typical feature of Hanoi, numberless visitors usually think of nightlife in Hanoi. Thanks to innumerable lively bars, Night Market and amazing foot streets, it is so and addictive that none of them want to miss it once they’ve enjoyed it before. As soon as you are immersed in the dynamic ambiance the city gives to you at night, perhaps you will don’t want to go back home. By the way, in the case you desire to experience it more conveniently, you should know where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter to cut down journey time. Actually, both hostels and hotels below can help you find reasonable answer.


Noble Boutique Hotel

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 41$

This hotel will certainly facilitate your travel to all destinations where tempting activities at night take place. This is because it’s located in Hang Gai Street, the most uproarious road in the Old Quarter at that time. Just stepping out of the hotel, you can blend yourself in nightlife instantly. Meanwhile, traffic congestion hardly ever happens to impede your trip due to the large width of the street.

Actually, the hotel is estimated as 3 stars. But to some extent, it’s not inferior to highly-ranked hotels much on the basis of luxurious amenities. Firstly, you are allowed to lie down on soft hand embroidery bedding plus natural odors. Your sleep, then, will be smoother and deeper. If you favor them, you can purchase these at the clothing shop near the entrance. Handkerchiefs are also available there. And secondly, wooden furniture and cutting-edge electric appliances nearly reach the highest standards for 5-star hotels.


Apricot Hotel

Address: No.136 Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District

Price: From 118$

Probably, some people don’t know that Apricot Hotel is where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter with 5-star services. Just registering a room, you will be served with all first-rate amenities. This could be seen in two different restaurants, a coffee lounge and an open-air pool with a splendid bar. Of course, there is no lack of a fitness center to help you keep fit. However, the most prominent feature of the hotel is classical French style inside and outside the building. Based on the French colonial exterior surface, such with French ornaments can upgrade the hotel’s grandeur. But you should notice that the price is only afforded by rich men.

By the way, the hotel’s location is very advantageous for you to travel because it’s beside Hoan Kiem Lake. Standing to the pool or the balcony, you can observe the lake immediately, while wandering uproarious streets around this attraction to feel the ambiance of Hanoi’s nightlife is so simple.


Tirant Hotel

Address: No.38 Gia Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 63.75$

On the condition that you cannot pay to dwell in 5-star accommodation, 4-star residential places should be a great choice for where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter. One of the top hotels like this is Tirant Hotel. It has the same French style as Apricot Hotel’s one. Due to its limited area, the hotel has got a smaller pool on the 11th floor, although this place still gives you a better city view from above. On the lower floor are an outdoor restaurant and a coffee lounge both of which enable you to enjoy the wind blowing your hair. Admittedly, all services at the gym and spa are what you should have a go at to be healthier and prettier.

Grateful for the site in the center of the Old Quarter, Tirant Hotel permits you to travel to every corner of this ancient zone within a day, and specifically, Night Market in the north. Nevertheless, the street in front of the hotel is often overcrowded in rush hours. So you should avoid that time for travel.


The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa

Address: No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 54$

Another 4-star hotel you could try once is The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa. Interestingly, the road where the hotel is positioned is very bustling at night, but silent at midday, well-suited to those who want a period of the day to rest before engaging in night parties. The hotel is also not far away from Hoan Kiem Lake and Hang Da Shopping. Because you will only need 3 minutes to arrive.

Compared with other 4-star hotels, this one shows you a much more affordable price, while the quality is not different. That’s why it is a great choice for budget travelers. Apart from handmade beddings, the hotel is ornamented with royal style to enhance its luxury. After tasting a wide range of cakes at its in-house restaurant, you can attend its illustrious spa next to the main building. Certain special packages there can meet all demands of both men and women. However, swimming pool is not included.



Hanoi Rocks Hostel

Address: No.56 Hang Duong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 3$

If you think that hostels are where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter more reasonably than hotels, I recommend you to make reservation at Hanoi Rocks Hostel in advance. Owing to the price of 3$ for a bed in the large dorm enough for 20 people to live together, you will save up a huge amount of money. It is interesting that all beddings and bed frames have obtained a white layer, improving elegance inside the dormitory.

The hostel also supplies dorms for only women and private rooms, but the costs you need to pay are much higher. Anyway, one more reason I prefer this one is the lively bar on the ground floor where you can plunge yourself in dynamic parties during a night. Instead of going outside, by staying there, you can be exposed to nightlife in Hanoi. Additionally, the hostel is in the vicinity of Night Market, very favorable to collect cheap souvenirs and taste street food.


Nexy Hostel

Address: No.12 To Tich Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 7$

Regarding where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter and near Hoan Kiem Lake, Nexy Hostel is the first name which comes out of my mind. With only a 1 minute walk from the hostel, the lake will be in your vision. Therefore, you are unlikely to worry about the blockages made by countless crowds at night which could obstruct your travel extremely. Nevertheless, you should notice that if your aspiration is to have a discovery at Dong Xuan Market or the French Quarter, do not do this after 5pm due to traffic congestion.

In fact, the hostels has an abundance of facilities for spending leisure time. Unless you like the spacious balcony on the roof top to view the city, you could attend TV room and library to watch a movie as well as read a book, or move to the bar to partake in a billiard game. Apart from this, the beds adorned mainly with blue colors are pretty impressive and comfy since it’s wider than such amenities inside other hostels.


Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown

Address: No.9, Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 8$

The last suggestive one could be Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown. Positioned in the north of Hoan Kiem Lake, however, it is closer to Dong Xuan Market and some historical attractions. This is an essential condition to make you feel how boisterous Hanoi’s nightlife is more exactly while a short time for movement is requested. Similar with Hanoi Rocks Hostel, this landmark offers all guests an amazing bar to embark on endless parties and forget all qualms and anxieties. Of course, this moment is so propitious that you can make a lot of new friends coming from different countries around the world.

With respect to the remaining facilities, besides mixed dorms, this site also provides dorms for females and private rooms. In the comparison with hotels, they are less opulent and a bit narrow. But it’s value-for-money on the basis of the expenditure of 8$ to stay overnight. All bunks are arranged side by side to let you stay closer to your loved ones and roommates.


To conclude, the question “Where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter?” will be answerable if you select one of my suggestions above. Have a knack for them. These hotels and hostels can let you rejoice in Hanoi’s nightlife effortlessly and entirely. And more importantly, for the next travel, you will never think about where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter again.

How to find cheap rooms for rent in Hanoi Old Quarter for budget travelers?

One of the huge obstructions many budget travelers have to face is to find an affordable room for their outbound trips. However, if you are planning to travel to Hanoi, by reading the list of the top places that offer cheap rooms for rent in Hanoi Old Quarter below, I believe that you will solve this problem instantly. In the end, your concerns about accommodation will certainly disappear.

In fact, there are two types of cheap accommodation in Hanoi at the moment, namely hostel and hotel. The former can save up your money much. But privacy and safety might not be guaranteed because you will stay in a dorm with many people. Meanwhile, the latter is a bit expensive. Yet this could be dissolved by a method that you have at least one companion, such as your family member or lover. What you need to pay then will be under 25USD/night.

1. Hostel

a) See You at Lily’s

– Address: No.16 Ngo Huyen, Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: 5USD

See You at Lily’s is the first residential place having cheap rooms for rent in Hanoi I suggest to you. As you can see from the price, a room for rent there is very cheap. Therefore, it allows you to cut down the cost and then to enjoy numerous lively bars and restaurants nearby. However, due to this feature, after 5 pm, this zone is very uproarious and noisy, not suited to people who prefer tranquility, although at midday, it’s quite silent. Anyway, the dorm inside the hostel is always in good condition. It is adorned with black ornaments and dark bed frames to create a delicate atmosphere in every corner. It also provides some tour packages and extra services as many hotels do. But you should pay attention that you would have to share the room with 11 people.

b) Cheetah Hostel

– Address: No.117, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: 6USD

Thanks to its location in the center of the Old Quarter, Cheetah Hostel is a wonderful starting point to let you discover Hanoi’s ancient streets and properties. Again, the hostel supplies you with a dorm spacious enough for 8 people to live together. Meanwhile, the whole building is decorated with several different color, making it to becoming more colorful like a chameleon. For example, this could be seen in the beddings with the combination between yellow and dark blur hues. On the ground floor are a bar and a restaurant for dining, and you could also register a tour package there. Nonetheless, remember that the dorm is merely basic accommodation. So, there is not some necessary furniture such as safety box, private cabinet to keep your valuable luggage safely.

c) Hanoi Backpackers Hostel – Downtown

– Address: No.9, Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: 8USD

Cheap rooms for rent in Hanoi Old Quarter can be found in Hanoi Backpackers hostel – Downtown too. Indeed, this hostel has built up the reputation among budget travelers because of not only numerous high-quality rooms but also a chance to meet new friends. Given a fact that a room can contain up to 16 wooden beds each of which is dedicated to only one person, you can have a talk with other people very easily. However, I have to say that you may feel a bit unpleasant while lying down on such a narrow bed. After passing through the entrance, you will see the bar & restaurant of the hostel, where you order drinks and listen some exciting songs. But the entrance area is frequently crowded, therefore, it’s very hard to seek tranquility there.

d) Hanoi Rendezvous Hostel

– Address: No.27 Bat Dan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: 5USD

Another hostel in the list of which provide cheap rooms for rent in Hanoi is Hanoi Rendezvous Hostel. This one lies in the edge of Hanoi Old Quarter, or the border between Hoan Kiem District and Ba Dinh District. Despite traveling to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and One Pillar Pagoda more conveniently, you might spend more time on walking to Dong Xuan Market and Hoan Kiem Lake from the hostel. Nevertheless, what offsets the tiredness you could suffer from is the price offered, only 5USD. Moreover, there are two types of dormitories for you to choose: only-female and mixed, while the costs to stay there are the same. Similar with the others, this place gives you some extra services, such as tour packages and transfers from and to the airport. But it’s a bit regrettable that the hostel doesn’t consist of an in-house restaurant.

2. Hotel

a) Noble Boutique Hotel

– Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: From 46USD/2 people

One of the suggestive budget hotels in the Old Quarter is Noble Boutique Hotel. Located in Hang Gai Street, the most bustling road in the center of Hanoi all a day, the hotel enables you and your companion to engage in dynamic life as you step out of it. Interestingly, the hotel produces luxury and elegance by using European decoration lying in colonnades and black wooden furniture. Meanwhile, all bedding is handmade, and give off an unforgettable odor to help you sleep more deeply. In the case you desire to have them, just go to Thuy Ky shop near the entrance. Spending around 100USD, you can buy some impressive hand embroidery clothes there. To fill your stomach up, you can go to The Sandwich Shop on the same floor to purchase Western fast food.

b) Au Coeur d’Hanoi Boutique Hotel

– Address: No.62 Hang Be Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: From 44 USD/2 people

A great hotel providing cheap rooms for rent in Hanoi is Au Coeur d’Hanoi Boutique Hotel. With a typical French name, the hotel proves that it has followed French styles in the way of serving customers. Firstly, at the lobby, you can see the excellent mixture between dark wooden ornaments and bright tiles, bringing distinctive grandeur to the hotel. And secondly, you are allowed to attend in the in-house restaurant, where French dishes are always available to be served. More importantly, the hotel is quite close to Hoan Kiem Lake. As a result, from the higher floor, you can see the lake from a long distance. Nonetheless, you need to know that traffic congestions frequently happen in the streets around the hotel at the weekend, which may obstruct your movement.

c) Maison D’Hanoi Boutique Hotel

– Address: No.35-37 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: From 46 USD/2 people

One more choice to stay in cheap rooms for rent in Hanoi Old Quarter could be Maison D’Hanoi Boutique Hotel. Though the hotel is not sited in the hub of the Old Quarter, leading to a problem that much journey time to Hoan Kiem Lake is required, you can move from the hotel to Red River and Dong Xuan Market with only a short walk. Those who are shopaholics, therefore, should notice the hotel as a comfortable departure point to go shopping. Another advantage of the hotel is a green area at the entrance, where enjoying greenery and silence to relax truly is possible. Of course, with only 23 USD/person, you are able to wander around the bar & French-style restaurant on the ground floor, use a lot of 5-star appliances and live in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

d) Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel

– Address: No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

– Price: 45 USD/2 people

For Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel, I recommend you to book a room directly on the hotel’s website to get the price of 45USD/night instead of making reservation through some intermediaries. By the way, the hotel is renowned not only for its affordable prices, but also for its vegan restaurant, called Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant, where you will be exposed to many tasty and nutritious vegetarian dishes for healthier life. Admittedly, the sum of money you should pay then is just about 5-6USD/dish. Besides, you would realize that this building was reconstructed from an ancient French house, since it has still kept many old architectural outlines in the ancient gate and housing design hitherto. Nestled in a small and silent alley, the hotel is also very suitable to achieve a sense of relaxation.

In a nut shell, by preferring the cheap rooms for rent in Hanoi above, I assure that you will not have to overthink about your budget when plunging yourself in the tours in this time-honored city. More money saved up means that you are likely to pay for anything to achieve an enjoyable stay.