Trip to the best restaurants of Hanoi – View of different culinary arts

Surprisingly, Vietnam is a unique country having different climates in its different parts. The north suffers from four typical seasons as European nations do, whereas the south shows a tropical weather, including merely sunny and rainy seasons. As a consequence, a variety of plants grow up, contributing to the diversification of natural components for food. This can be seen in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Owning to people’s aspirations for enjoying separate meals all over the country, many traditional restaurants have arisen to meet such high demands. Meanwhile, along with the rapid economic development, the city has been a profitable zone for foreign investors to expand their businesses of food provision. That’s why numerous best restaurants of Hanoi is displaying divergent culinary arts at the moment.

Once you wander around the Old Quarter, countless restaurants there may bombard you with a bundle of invitations. In addition, in the sprawling areas a bit far from Hoan Kiem Lake, you could get lost at the heaven of dining facilities for foreigners. Interestingly, this feature of Hanoi helps the city attract more travelers from four corners of the world. The appearance of numerous eateries leads to the ease of selecting the best restaurants of Hanoi. I have to say that it would be regrettable if you miss a chance to visit them because you will have a desire to attend there for several times. What are they? The list below may give you the exact answer.


Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant

Address: No. 14 Hang Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District

One of the most illustrious Vietnamese dishes is grilled fish, and you can savor it at Cha Ca La Vong Restaurant in the Old Quarter. To some extent, you need to cater by yourself for this food there. So if you don’t know how to cook it, just ask the employees. Firstly, the restaurant provides you with a frying pan of fresh fish as well as a small cooker using charcoal. What you eat the fish with are rice noodles, peanuts and fresh vegetable. The second is the time when you show your abilities of cooking. The time to finish is when you realize that all pieces of fish are covered with a deliciously yellow layer. Although English is not common there, the savory dish will blow away this problem instantly.

The Hanoi Social Club

Address: No.6 Hoi Vu Street, Hoan Kiem District

Not far from Cha Ca La Vong, The Hanoi Social Club is one of the best restaurants of Hanoi which could bring you to the past of Vietnam. Having conventional architecture lying in ancient wooden appliances, impressive handicrafts and lacquered pictures, the restaurant seems to be a good destination to read some decent poems as well as enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee or ginger tea to relax. The most prominent food there is Vietnamese salad mixed with a few Western spices. Apart from this, the eateries holds some night concerts and a small cinema to make your dinner become more wonderful. On the third floor is an open-air terrace, where viewing the city is possible to achieve peace in mind.

Huong Lien Restaurant

Address: No.24 Le Van Huu Street, Hai Ba Trung District

As you mightn’t know, Mr. Barack Obama, the U.S Ex-President, attended the restaurant for his dinner in his short trip to Vietnam in 2016. He tasted a bowl of Bun Cha, a renowned type of kebab rice noodle, and fresh beer there. In fact, this place was well-known before, but since then, its reputation has been spreader. Compared with its rivals, the pieces of roasted pork are softer, while dipping sauce is spicier, forming its competitive aspects. That is not to mention extra meals, such as spring rolls and fresh herbs, making you mouth water unstoppably. The restaurant is quite spacious, with a distinctive floor for kitchen. The price is also reasonable, about 1.5 USD/person for a package of Bun Cha.

Pho Thin

Address: No.13 Lo Duc Street, Hai Ba Trung District

By the way, regarding the most noticeable dishes in Vietnam, the locals often refer to Pho, rice noodles and soup with chicken or beef. Actually, Pho is so famous that it’s considered as a new word in some English dictionaries. Among thousands of Pho eateries, one of the best restaurants of Hanoi I suggest to you is Pho Thin. It is sited in the north of Hai Ba Trung District too, and so, you can travel between Huong Lien and this place very quickly. Obtaining a recipe passed down from many generations, it produces a peculiar soup to improve the level of food savor. You should remember to add lemonade and chilly before having the meal.


La Verticale

Address: No.19 Nguyen Van So, Hoan Kiem District

Hidden inside a small French mansion erected in the 1930s, the restaurant is one of very few villas which have kept original tiles on the floor and white walls intact hitherto. As a result, it can exhibit an elegant space in all corners to let you enjoy French dishes entirely. On ground floor is a charming shop which sells a wide range of spices as gifts for your loved ones, while a rooftop terrace is equipped with convenient armchairs to help you see the French Quarter beneath more comfortably. Outstanding dishes are ratatouille, duck terrine and rillettes, and the list of wine offer several French brands, for example, Moulin de Gassac, and Figaro, as well.

Wa Japanese Cuisine

Address: No.34G, Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh District

If you have a dream about being exposed to Japanese cuisine in Vietnam, Wa Japanese Cuisine is one of the best restaurants of Hanoi having an ability to make your dream come true. Positioned in Tran Phu Street, sandwiched by Ba Dinh Square and the French Quarter, the eatery allows you to resume your trip after lunch or dinner, and is large enough to hold a small reunion party. Of course, the ornaments there follow Japanese styles to highlight the oriental space more. The majority of meals are sushi and sashimi. But thanks to professional chefs, they have got plenty of kinds and spices and show the same meticulousness in decoration as the Japanese do to meet every types of customers.


Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: No.16H, Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District

Different from the others, this landmark belongs to a hotel called Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. But the main contribution to its position of the best restaurants of Hanoi is vegan food for the purpose of a healthier life. Incorporated with the main building perfectly, it offers you with a space on the second floor brightened by French outlines and Vietnamese decorative things. Looking at the menu, you will find some of Vietnam’s customary meals and Western ones re-made by using exclusive recipes. Indeed, I haven’t known another eatery in Hanoi similar with it in this aspect. Additionally, there is a window at the kitchen permitting you to see and learn all processes of cooking a dish there.

Restaurant Bobby Chinn

Address: No.77 Xuan Dieu Street, Tay Ho District

Last but not least, Restaurant Bobby Chinn was founded by Mr. Bobby Chinn, a talented chef coming from New Zealand. Amazingly, he has run lots of restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City and London too, but what let him understand comprehensively Vietnamese cuisine is his experience of 18 years about regional cooking arts. By mixing the freshness of Vietnamese components and the elegance of European flavors, all dining destinations owned by him serve the guests with exceptional edible products. In fact, you will know this characteristic from red curtains and a strange atmosphere which insist his personalized ideas just as you enter Restaurant Bobby Chinn.

Generally, if a traveler is curious about the best restaurants of Hanoi, 8 places I’ve just shown above can absolutely satisfy his or her curiosity. However, one thing I suggest that in the case you want to have a go at Chinese, Korean or Cantonese food, such restaurants consist of it are abundant and available in innumerable shopping malls or leisure centers in this capital.

Design hotel in Hanoi: Not only the presence of traditional and fashionable styles

These days, one of the most important features that could determine the level of a hotel’s attractiveness is its design. Not only does it partly reflect the quality of the hotel, but also usually, a person is likely to seek more information about this lodging if at the first sight, he or she feel interested in exterior surfaces. That’s why the hosts of such residences never neglect the designs of their properties when they have a plan to start a business. So, is it true in the case of design hotel in Hanoi – the city very attracting in many visitors’ opinions?

The answer is, apparently, “Yes”. However, in comparison with the other metropolis nearby, such as Beijing, Taipei or Bangkok, the styles that talented architects apply to design hotel in Hanoi are a bit different. Apart from traditional and stylish ones, it is awesome that they also pay attention to the French colonial trend. Why does this happen only in Vietnam? In fact, it’s related to the distinct of Vietnam’s history.

Dating back to over a century, Vietnam underwent a period named French colonization. As the previous capital of the country at that time, Hanoi was also extremely controlled by the French too. In order to make the process of domination easier, the French erected numerous buildings to stay and work that have had the common design in the late 19th century. And hopefully, this architecture has still looked elegant and splendid hitherto, turning the premises to first-class destinations. As a consequence, another way to attract tourists comes to existence. It is to use French colonial style to enhance the luxury of a hotel. And that is also the third trend to design hotel in Hanoi at the moment. If you find this issue very fascinating, firstly, let’s start with the Vietnamese styles.



When mentioning traditional housing design in Vietnam, the locals often think about a typical house in the countryside of the northern part in the past. Actually, to make the house warm in winder and cool in summer, at that time, people preferred using natural components to build a house, such as bamboo and wood for colonnades, leaves for roof and dried ground for walls. Meanwhile, the lights were usually lanterns with candles inside. Although this way cannot be employed in a hotel now, based on the same materials, the architects could create a similarly warm and intimate ambiance.

For example, the decorative objects include some pieces of bamboo and local leaves, while the floor is attached with some gravel, and the house frame is wooden. The walls are painted with brown colors too, and to highlight customary outlines, handmade lanterns and lacquered pictures are applied. Also, the bedding displays romance and simplicity, the same as what you are likely to see in a characteristic village in Hanoi suburb.

Where to find?

Actually, due to such characteristic aspects of this design hotel in Hanoi, the space needs to be very large. However, that cannot be reachable in the inner city because of limited area for construction. To cope with this difficulty, most hotels there combine traditional Vietnamese styles with European ones, such as the addition of Western bedding and curtains, or the usage of cement and concrete. As a result, sometimes, it could be very hard for you to realize a real Vietnamese outline in such residences, although they are quite common in Hanoi currently. Nonetheless, there are some prominent places to gratify your curiosity. They are:

1. O’Gallery Premier Hotel & Spa

Address: No.122 Hang Bong Street, Hoan Kiem District

2. La Dolce Vita Hotel

Address: No.53 Hang Bo Street, Hoan Kiem District

3. Asean Resort – sited in the outskirts

Address: Hoa Lac Commune, Thach That District



What has dominated with respect to contemporary hotel design in Hanoi is a glass tower. Indeed, it is also the main contribution to the modernity of the capital at the moment. The most outstanding of this kind could be that it provides guests with a better view of the city on the basis of its huge glass windows and unbelievable height. In the case the hotel is unable to own a skyscraper, it could be inside the high-rise tower, or a magnificent glass property with exclusive structure. Nevertheless, considered as a sumptuous building, it is frequently ranked as 4 or 5 stars, and to regain a large sum of capital invested to construct it, the price is, of course, pretty exorbitant.

Where to find?

Rent residential enclaves with present-day style are easily found in sprawling districts since the land at those sectors is spacious enough to erect these majestic constructions. With regard to Hanoi, Ba Dinh District, Nam Tu Liem District are more eminent, while Hoan Kiem District has got a few. The majority of modern-style hotels there reach all standards of 5-star quality.

1. Meliá Hanoi

Address: No.44B Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District

2. Lotte Hotel Hanoi

Address: No.54 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh District

3. JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

Address: No.8 Do Duc Duc Street, Nam Tu Liem District



The third trend to design hotel in Hanoi is, as I’ve said, French colonial architecture. Following the common interest in the 19th century, these lodgings show you precious patterns and elegant decoration in colonnades, entrances, rooms, walls and ceiling lamps. Meanwhile, the French also prefer symmetric domes and windows with black metal frames to highlight the buildings as well. Apart from this, they often choose white colors or bright hues to extend the grandeur of their assets, while the housing structure is very durable and long-standing. The evidence for this is the existence of countless 100-year-old French colonial premises in the French Quarter of Hanoi, which are illustrious tourist attractions and well-suited to become splendid hotels too. Some lower-rank accommodations, consequently, imitate them to achieve a competitive benefit, causing the trend to be spreader.

Where to find?

Intriguingly, just wander around the area in the proximity of Hoan Kiem Lake, consisting of the Old Quarter and the French Quarter, you can notice a bundle of hotels, from 3 to 5-star ones, obtaining French-style outlines. However, it is wrong that all of them offer high-quality amenities. You could stay in certain hotels below so that enjoying the luxury of French space is simply and possible.

1. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

Address: No.15 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District

2. Apricot Hotel

Address: No.136 Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District

3. Zephyr Suites Boutique Hotel

Address: No.4 Ba Trieu Street, Hoan Kiem District

4. Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel

Address: No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District

By the way, to design hotel in Hanoi, the three main architectural tendencies are usually favor by Vietnamese architects. But whatever the propensity is, Hanoi hotels’ goal is merely to grant you a restful place to rejoice in your memorable vacation in this beautiful city.

Budget accommodation in Vietnam: Economical price along with acceptable quality

Whatever the country you visit, there is always the existence of cheap dwellings. The main reason for this is that the development in aerial transport recently has permitted budget travelers to present in any nation with a small fee, leading to the increasing demand for simple residences. This could be seen very clearly in the expansion of budget accommodation in Vietnam, a result of that trend. Plus the inexpensive cost of living and low foreign exchange rate, a visitor could spend under 60 USD/day on rejoicing in their holiday in Vietnam without any worry about their money. So in the case of first-timers, they might ask how cheap a lodging in Vietnam is exactly.

In fact, with respect to budget accommodation in Vietnam, the locals are likely to refer to 4 prominent types of dwellings, namely motels, hostels, hotels and homestays. However, motels are thought as a stop for an overnight stay rather than a location for tourists. That’s why the others are frequently noticed by travelers more. In this writing, therefore, you will find that only the three kinds of accommodation are mentioned, but it’s enough to let you figure out that it’s very hard to find a developing country having the same economical rent rooms as Vietnam does.

The total cost to dwell in a hotel and a homestay in Vietnam is much higher than in a hostel. However, a guestroom inside the hotel or the homestay is large enough for more people to live together. As a result, it is recommended to prefer the hotel and the homestay in the case you have some companions.


Compared with other areas, there is a wide range of affordable residences in large cities in this country. This is simply because the conditions of infrastructure there are favorable to the formation of numerous hotels, hostels and homestays, while many holiday spots inside are so attractive to tourists. To some extent, you will be bombarded with loads of information about such accommodation once you search them on the Internet.


Price range: 5-10 USD/person

Similar with the operating way of ordinary hostels in the world, this type of budget accommodation in Vietnam has got spacious dormitories with the capacity of about 10 guests per room. Frequently, hostels are easily found in the inner city since they are close to charming attractions and busy leisure centers. For example, they are quite common in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Capital, while in Ho Chi Minh City, District 1 has a high density of hostels. Despite being often ranked as 2 stars, under fierce competition, they have to upgrade the quality of facilities to an acceptable level.

Interestingly, there are two contradictory kinds of hostels, one serving lively bars to let you make new friends and enjoy dynamic parties, and one for a restful environment to relax. Some suggestive hostels for you are:

1. Cheetah Hostel

Address: No.117 Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

2. Saigon Downtown B&B – Hostel

Address: No.270 De Tham Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Price range: 10-20 USD/person

I have to say that hotels are the most common rent dwellings in Vietnam nowadays. What contributes to this is that the requirements for the establishment of a hotel and the methods to operate it are quite simple. Moreover, certain 3-star hotels don’t only aim at budget travelers, but also the affluent, leading them to equip first-rate amenities in all guestrooms. That’s why you can find luxurious furniture and splendid appliances in your room, while the price you have to pay is merely around 20 USD. Again, the majority of such highly-appreciated budget accommodation in Vietnam are in the city center, though the others may be scattered near the outskirts. However, the latter’s quality could be not as good as you expect, so just pay attention to the former. Anyway, you can have a knack for:

1. Noble Boutique Hotel

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem Disitrict, Hanoi

2. Signature Saigon Hotel

Address: No.65-67-69 Nguyen Thai Binh Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Price range: 20-25 USD/person

Fascinatingly, this kind of budget accommodation in Vietnam has underwent a period of rapid development owning to the easy process for construction. Just obtaining some large rooms and necessary self-catering equipment, the hosts are able to promote their properties. Nonetheless, more sources of supply mean that they have to compete with the others and even hotels and hostels. As a result, they came out with a new idea: showing unique decoration. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, from the city center to the suburb, engaging homestays have emerged with, for example, traditional Vietnamese or royal European styles. Besides, there are also certain extra facilities, such as spacious balcony to view the city and hold outdoor parties, or small garret. In the case travelers want to be exposed to the locals to understand Vietnam’s culture, they should not miss:

1. Au Frais Homestay

Address: The 9th floor, No.23 Tay Ho Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

2. 4221 Café & Homestay

Address: No.157 Nguyen Dinh Chinh Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City


Hotels & Hostels

Price range: 10-15 USD/person

In terms of hotels and hostels, there is not a significant difference between those in big cities and those in other holiday spots in Vietnam. Perhaps, the only thing would be the price, because it can be around 10-15 USD/night for hotel, and 4-8 USD/night for hostel. The criteria for a standardized Western residence are still reached, though. In comparison with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, of course, hostels and hotels are not as abundant, but a few extraordinary places which could be picked up are:

1. Sapa Romance Hotel – good hotel in Sapa Town.

2. The Light – 2-star lodging at Ha Long City.

3. Da Nang Backpacker Hostel – location dedicated to backpackers in Da Nang City.

4. Tabana Hostel – very cheap hostel at Nha Trang City.


Price range: 15-20 USD/person

In fact, the homestay is not ubiquitous in some regions of Vietnam. However, there is an adverse trend in the mountainous zones in the north. Because these sectors are where Vietnam’s ethnic groups settle down. As a consequence, by favoring a homestay, tourists can have a chance to enjoy a peculiar side of the locals’ daily life, and purchase some exceptional souvenirs unobtainable in the large cities effortlessly. Apart from this, most homestays are stilt houses hidden inside valleys or hills, allowing the travelers to be engrossed in nature entirely, and to relive all pressure as well. Anyway, some noticeable homestays are:

1. Little Sapa Homestay – located in Sapa Town

2. Happy Land Moc Chau – Pipe houses in Moc Chau District, Son La Province.

3. Auberge de Meovac – at Meo Vac Town, Ha Giang Province.

In general, this is a quick view of budget accommodation in Vietnam. In spite of some divergences reflected by prices, and decoration, they all display affordable cost for a short-term stay as well as unexpected quality. This partly produces the fame of Vietnam in the map about hot tourist destinations around the world.

Top 10 best luxury hotels in Vietnam well-suited to the wealthy

There are quite many best luxury hotels in Vietnam at the moment. Why? For some recent years, this country has become a hot destination of travelers and businessmen. The first reason for this is that the country is one of very few nations having tourist spots throughout their territories. From mountainous areas, the capital in the north to striking beaches in the central part and eco-tourism in the south, Vietnam demonstrates a wide range of mysteries for visitors to explore. Secondly, globalization allows it to cooperate with many partners in the world more tightly. This opens up many opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs to expand their overseas businesses. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to look for a foreigner in Vietnam.

Owing to the increasing number of the visitors, plenty of lodgings have emerged to cope with the desire for interim dwellings. Fierce competition has arisen between them to attract more customers, forcing them to improve their quality relentlessly. That is the basement for a list of the most highly appreciated accommodation in terms of different ranks.

Regarding the ones for rich men, as a result, it’s very simple to choose the best luxury hotels in Vietnam for them. In fact, once they enter these hotels, there is nothing to make them let down. Of course, their aspiration to go there again also appears. So what do the hotels comprise to urge them do this? As you read this article from the beginning to the end, perhaps you will find a pertinent answer. And moreover, you’ll have the same thought as theirs. But firstly, let’s start with a brief description about the rank for a hotel in Vietnam.


Similar with some countries, Vietnam is applying a distinctive system to estimate the quality of a hotel. What reflects this is the number of stars, from 1 to 5. Usually, 1-star and 2-star lodgings are motels or hostels rather than hotels. Meanwhile, from 3 to 5-star hotels, the requirements for them are more vigorous to assure their grandeur. For example, they need to have respectively at least 50, 80 and 100 guestrooms. Nonetheless, in the case of luxury hotels, there is not any detailed definition. But it is understood that they are often 4-star and 5-star places. Anyway, the first destination for a quick view of the best luxury hotels in Vietnam is Hanoi capital.


Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

Address: No.15 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District

Currently, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi is determined as the most expensive and oldest 5-star accommodation in Hanoi. Not only have it got French colonial exterior and interior surfaces, making itself very romantic at night, but also several amenities, from pools, spa to garden and fitness suite are serviceable. The hotel is quite close to Hoan Kiem Lake and Ba Dinh District. And this is the main reason why Mr. Donald Trump chose it as his temporary residences for his trip in Vietnam.

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa

Address: No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District

On the condition that you cannot afford 5-star hotels, this 4-star one is a suitable option. Compared with its rivals, the price is much lower, only 54 USD/night, while prime furniture and handmade bedding are serviceable. That is not to mention a famous spa for exclusive techniques, as well as a restaurant that excels at cooking cakes. Additionally, the hotel is in the Old Quarter, enabling you to discover this historical area and Hoan Kiem Lake easily.


AVANI Hai Phong Harbor View

Address: No.12 Tran Phu Street, Ngo Quyen District

One more option for the best hotels in Vietnam is AVANI Hai Phong Harbor View. This 4-star hotel, again, presents a French colonial style inside and outside. Moreover, thanks to be in the vicinity of Cat Ba Island and Ha Long city in the northern part of Vietnam, it provides a diverse range of tours. So you can have an excursion of aquatic animals, try mountaineering, dive, sunbathe or just view the uproar of the port city. Of course, bar, restaurants and spa are available too.


Holiday Beach Da Nang Hotel & Resort

Address: No.300 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Ngu Hanh Son District

Moving to the central part of the country, you should not miss Da Nang city, where a lot of beautiful beaches are shown up. The most appropriate dwelling to enjoy blue sea and white sand bank is Holiday Beach Da Nang Hotel & Resort. As a mixture between resort and hotel, it supplies you with a direct view of My Khe Beach, one of the most impressive beaches in Vietnam nowadays, besides rooftop pool and dynamic bars for exciting parties on sand.


Lasenta Boutique Hotel Hoi An

Address: No.57 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoi An city, Quang Nam Province

Regarding the best luxury hotels in Vietnam central area, Lasenta Boutique Hotel is frequently mentioned. Located in Hoi An city, where numerous well-preserved houses and constructions erected hundreds of years ago are displayed, the hotel gives you an opportunity to dig deep into Vietnamese history. What’s more? It also shows you an infinity pool to observe vivid rice paddies nearby, as well as spa, gym and yoga classes for healthier life. Interestingly, this landmark has an abundance of different guestrooms to select.


Preminer Havana Nha Trang Hotel

Address: No.38 Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa Province

Far from the south of Hoi An city, this residential enclave offers you a chance to contemplate incredible beaches in Nha Trang city from above. Grateful for an outstanding height of the main building, from the top roof, a large part of the sea will be in your vision. Bar, outdoor pool are on the back, allowing you to plunge yourself in bustling parties throughout a night. Additionally, the mild weather in the city let you embark on water sports every seasons.


Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel

Address: No.02 Tran Phu Street, Da Lat city, Lam Dong Province

Positioned in a plateau, Da Lat city has got a nickname “The city for romance” based on its natural beauties created by pile forests and hills. Plus a clean living environment and fresh air, low temperatures turn the city in a real European region. Once you traveling there, Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel is a great option to be immerse in such wonderful scenery. Also run by Sofitel Corporation, the hotel ensures the highest quality in every service, from spa, golf club to library and karaoke rooms. That’s why it’s also voted for the best luxury hotels in Vietnam.


Park Hyatt Saigon

Address: No.2 Lam Son Square, District 1

Known as the heart of Vietnam’s economy, Ho Chi Minh City is a southern city well-suited to those who desire to extend their overseas businesses and travel as well. Consequently, looking for the best luxury hotels in Vietnam is not arduous there. The prioritized one could be Park Hyatt Saigon since it’s highly appreciated by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, an illustrious tourist magazine in the world. Gaining a spacious zone in the city center, the hotel exhibits all opulent facilities with decoration from both Eastern and Western countries.

Caravelle Saigon Hotel

Address: No.19 Lam Son Square, District 1

Conveniently, Caravelle Saigon Hotel is in the proximity of Park Hyatt Saigon, the Opera House of the city and Sai Gon River. Therefore, it’s a good point of departure to explore this modern destination. Compared with certain hotels close by, it’s obtained a competitive edge owning to the sufficiency of wellness center, open-air pool on the ground, and dining facilities. Opened in 1959, this best luxury hotel in Vietnam, luckily, has achieved a French-style design lying in architectural structure, which improves its splendidness.


Imperial Hotel

Address: No.159 Thuy Van Street, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

Just about 125 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau city is attributed to an extra exceptional coastal city. At the weekend, however, the beaches there are usually full of visitors. So, to avoid this tough situation, the affluent prefer Imperial Hotel during the time they attend the city, because of not only its first-rate services, but also European outsides. Particularly, the hotel grants you a pool heading to the sea, and, permits you to drive to Jesus status within 12 minutes.

All in all, in order to prove your high social position, all best luxury hotels in Vietnam are the effective way to do this. Even in the case you have loads of requirements for a dwelling, they could gratify you simply. Just take your backpacks and suitcases, a wondrous holiday is waiting for you there.

What can a tourists do to let their vacation in Hanoi stick in mind?

It is particular that just dozens of years ago, Hanoi was known as the city received tons of bombs and bullets throughout Vietnam War. Nonetheless, after the war, the city has been built to become a peaceful place for residence and travel. Especially, a lot of places of interest having importantly historical value have still been reserved, contributing to its uniqueness and highlighting it among several attractive Asian cities. These days, it’s not difficult to find a foreigner who spend their vacation in Hanoi on seeking peace in mind and relaxation.

For some people, they would ask what the detailed difference of Hanoi is in comparison with other cities, and why their friends want to attend the city again. Interestingly, there are an abundance of activities to contribute to the holiday of a lifetime, while 3 days are probably not enough to explore everything of Hanoi. That’s why in the case they don’t prepare an appropriate itinerary for the journey, they could waste a great deal of time for excursion. In fact, they cannot miss any of amazing destinations because the city is so addictive. If you are curious about this issue, why don’t you allocate little time on reading my writing? In fact, it’s my own schedule of what I did to explore the city during my 5-day stay.  And finally, you will have the same opinion as certain travelers’ one – never hesitate to enjoy your vacation in Hanoi.


Hanoi is the perfect mixture between stunning natural landscape, historical buildings and contemporary constructions. But after leaving the airport, tourists are advised to stay in the Old Quarter, where a bundle of lodgings are available, while moving to other attractions is very simply. Then, what they should do on the first day of their vacation in Hanoi is:

Wander around the Old Quarter

Actually, the Old Quarter is an attraction itself as well. Having the age of nearly a millennium, its origin is a system of 36 streets each of which displayed a different type of products, such as coal, silk, silver, paper and drum. Despite being destroyed by time and wars, leading to the disappearance of many traditional craft shops, the Old Quarter has still demonstrated ancient houses erected in the 19th century, and some vestiges lying in temples and pagoda.

The place is also suitable to shopping. You can easily find nostalgic souvenirs, including clothes, pictures, shoes and jewelry in every street and Dong Xuan Market, while the nightlife is very energetic with lots of mobile stores, lively bars and musical stages. Fresh bear and street food are what you can taste to recharge energy. You can do this conveniently in Ta Hien Street or Ly Quoc Su Street.

I spent all a day on having an adventure in all corners of the Old Quarter. But the street system is quite complex, and sometimes, I got lost. Some must-visit destinations for an vacation in Hanoi are Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi Ancient Gate, Thang Long Water Puppet Theater.


Ride a bike in Hoan Kiem Lake and the French Quarter in the morning

The following day of my vacation in Hanoi, I rent a bike and ride to go sightseeing in the rest of Hoan Kiem District. The first stop is Hoan Kiem Lake, or The Lake of Returned Sword. Interestingly, it’s a green treasury of Hanoi these days which can cool down the temperature in summer. Hunting for relaxation there is achievable. Indeed, this scenic spot is the origin of some legends related to a kind of turtles accommodating in the lake. Meanwhile, Turtle Tower and Jade Mountain Temple constructed on two small islands hundreds of years ago enhance its antiquatedness.

After that, I traveled to the French Quarter in the south of Hoan Kiem Lake. This special sector was established in the 19th century, during the French colonization in Hanoi. Owning to being under control of the French at that time, the majority of premises there have got a colonial style, which turns the zone into a real European city. In comparison with the Old Quarter, the French Quarter reflects another side of Hanoi: modern and elegant. Some noticeable places are Government Guesthouse, Hanoi Opera House, National Museum of Vietnam History, Hoa Lo Prison and Museum of Vietnamese Women. A small fee for entry is requested.

Visit The Temple of Literature in the afternoon

Beside the French Quarter, The Temple of Literature is the first university in Vietnam. Its foundation was in Ly Dynasty nearly 1000 years ago in order to educate royal members and bureaucrats. Apart from durable wooden houses following distinctive housing structure in the past, the most prominent objects could be numberless turtle statues utilized to honor those who had good results in the nation’s examinations. This place is an admirable location to study about Vietnamese history as well.

Enjoy food in the north of Hai Ba Trung District

It would be regrettable if tourists never taste delicious dishes in restaurants in the north of Hai Ba Trung District. This zone, fascinatingly, comprise lots of well-known eateries serving conventional Vietnamese food, such as Bun Cha – Kebab rice noodles, Pho – rice noodles and soup with beef or chicken, and grilled fish. I attended at Huong Lien Restaurant, where Mr. Barack Obama visited in 2016, to savor Bun Cha. The taste is so exceptional, while the price is affordable too, only 2 USD/person.


Head to Ho Chi Minh’s Complex

President Ho Chi Minh is one of the most famous national heroes of Vietnam. And in order to esteem what he did for the Vietnmese, the Vietnamese built a complex for him, including Mausoleum, Garden and Museum, near Ba Dinh Square. Currently, this destination is open for both locals and foreigners in the morning, except for Monday and Friday for maintenance. Therefore, I chose this place for my vacation in Hanoi on the third day. A short trip there helped me broaden my horizon about the homeliness of the head of Vietnamese government. I like the stilt house most because I hadn’t thought that a president could live in such a simple house before.

Bike around West Lake

Leaving Ho Chi Minh’s complex, I used the remaining time of the day to bike around West Lake. As the largest lake in Hanoi, this one offered me a clean environment to calm myself down, and an opportunity to engage in some water sports. This is also the reason why many 5-star hotels surround the lake to supply a restful site.

Aside from religious points, namely Tran Quoc Pagoda and Phu Tay Ho, the lake is illustrious for shrimp in batter. That striking food is sold at a restaurant opposite Tran Quoc Pagoda. After having lunch at the restaurant, I couldn’t control myself, and then had to visit it again to savor the unforgettable meal for my dinner.


Move far from the inner city

Extra attractions in Hanoi are craft villages in the suburb. On the 4th day of my vacation in Hanoi, I continued my journey to Bat Trang Village and Van Phuc Village. But firstly, I decided to view Long Bien Bridge. It is unbelievable that the bridge was also designed by Eiffel Gustave, an architect who architected Eiffel Tower in France. Perhaps this is the explanation why the bridge is made of steel too. Suffering from loads of destructions by bombs, the bridge has still existed for railway transportation until now.

After that, I presented in Bat Trang Village in the morning. The sector specializes in producing ceramic products, for example, cups, vases, bowls and plates which are desirable souvenirs for your family members. I registered a course to learn how to make a ceramic object there. The lesson was great. But due to the lack of meticulousness, my own fruition was very terrible.

In the afternoon, I went back to the city center, and directed to the south, where Van Phuc Village lies. Different from Bat Trang Village, the locality is famous for handmade silk clothes. Actually, vivid clothes there surprised me as I enter the village. Ironically, after checking in some stores, I couldn’t make a decision of what I should buy. Because all of them are high-quality. Handkerchief and customary Vietnam clothes, “Ao dai”, were the things I purchased for my girlfriend in the end.


Present in Perfume Pagoda

Far from the south of Hanoi center is Perfume Pagoda. The spot hides iself in mountains and streams, providing a perfect space to be close to nature. Because of a long journey awaiting me, my final day in Hanoi was only for it. Starting with sitting in a boat to move on Yen Stream, I walked to the top of the mountain to view Huong Tich Cave, an incredible natural gift. In the case travelers cannot cope with a tough adventure on foot, they should use aerial cables instead. Though I was exhausted, this vista is worth my effort. Several temples and pagodas are on the way of traveling as well.

In general, that is a typical vacation in Hanoi which enables you to have an excursion of eminent locations there. Whatever you need, embarking on dynamic nightlife, or achieving peace in mind, the city, obviously, has an ability to meet any of your private demands.

Hanoi Old Quarter – Enigmatic box every tourist wants to open

Once someone refer to Hanoi, interestingly, he or she will mention Hanoi Old Quarter later. In fact, many articles about this sector on the Internet show this characteristic very clearly. You will ask why the historical zone is so prominent while beside it are numerous attractive destinations for tourist, won’t you? The answer, however, is very simple. Dating back for nearly one thousand years ago, the time of Hanoi establishment, the Old Quarter came out a few following years. This turned the city into a real capital. Luckily, undergoing a long period of destruction made by time and wars, it has still occupied an area in Hoan Kiem District until now. And more importantly, it has become an important position in the heart of the Vietnamese.

Recently, thanks to the quick expansion of tourist industry, Hanoi Old Quarter has seen numberless visitors to travel there. For some people, it is similar to a treasury of the city anyone desire to discover what it comprises. Amazingly, after gratifying their curiosity, they will want to open the treasury again. Because it’s very hard for them to explore all corners of the quarter within a short trip. What urges them to do this? Indeed, the information about the Old Quarter below might grant you an appropriate answer.

How was Hanoi Old Quarter instituted?

After the first king of Ly Dynasty chose Hanoi (called Thang Long at that time) in 1110, a small trade area was founded in the east of the citadel. Along with the expansion of the capital, more residences settled down there. This led to the high demand for necessary crafts. As a result, some artisans producing the same products gathered together in a ward to share resources. So they could meet such tremendous aspirations. Gradually, this cooperating system developed into many roads each of which were for a specific stock. In order to protect this important area, throughout many dynasties later, the governments built protection gates and walls, highlight it in maps more. The peak of the development was in the 15th century. And fortunately, a few vestiges of housing structure and temples have still been preserved hitherto.

How about its names?

Hanoi Old Quarter also has another Vietnamese name: “36 Pho Phuong”, or 36 streets. As I’ve said, each street was famous for a product, such as wood, silver, paper, drum or coal, and consequently, it was named on the basis of what it sold. However, according to some historians, it seems that the number of the streets is not exactly. In the past, local people preferred 36 because in the Eastern concept, “nine” was a lucky definition. And nine streets were extended in four directions, contributing to the formation of 36 streets. In fact, perhaps the number could be up to 70 streets due to the high density of capital population. The evidence for this is that nowadays, the road system in the Old Quarter is so complicated that even the Vietnamese can get lost.

What is its location?

The Old Quarter these days is located in the north and west of Hoan Kiem Lake, the west of Ba Dinh District, and along the south bank of Red River. Occupying a large area in the center of Hanoi, it enables you to visit several Hanoi attractions nearby very easily. Due to this convenience, lots of lodgings have come to being recently. That’s why I recommend you to favor a rent dwelling there if you have a plan to attend Hanoi in near future.

What does it look like?

The most prominent aspects in this historical zone are narrow streets and antiquate brick houses standing side by side that were mainly built in the 19th or 20th century. Owning the limited area, the houses often have the shape like a tube, which leads to a new denotation: “tube houses”. Indeed, this design is very ubiquitous in Vietnam’s urban areas.

Although the majority of antique shops have been replaced, given a fact that old stocks are not suited to modern life currently, and some of them were extremely damaged by wars, the Old Quarter still presents a dynamic life 100 years ago reflected in fancy souvenirs store on both sides of every street. Intriguingly, you will never find a skyscraper or huge shopping center there, making the zone more airy. Besides, a few old religious constructions such as Bach Ma Temple, Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral diversify its difference too. To some extent, you might feel that you are entering another world belonging to the past.

What can you do in Hanoi Old Quarter?

Obviously, there are a tons of recreational activities hidden inside this mysterious box. Even if you spend 3 days on merely wandering about the Old Quarter, it’s still insufficient to enjoy everything displayed there.


Aside from what I’ve mentioned above, Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is where to display exclusive cultural performances, water puppet shows. By watching it, you will gain more information about the past life of the locals, as well as fairy tales in the Vietnamese belief. Of course, Hoan Kiem Lake is not exception since this green pearl is a good destination to take a rest and hear some legends related to the turtle living in the lake.  At the weekend, all roads surrounding the lake are transformed into pedestrian zone for energetic outdoor deed held by local people. It would be regrettable if someone misses them. There is no lack of French colonial buildings erected by the French in the late 19th century, in addition to Hanoi ancient gate and walls constructed to protect the quarter.


The most exciting activity is to go shopping. Indeed, you are able to find plenty of gift stores in any street in the Old Quarter. Picking up a commodity you are fond of could be based on the name of the streets. For example, Hang Bac is well-known for silverwares, Hang Gai for silk clothes. Hang Trong is for handicrafts and Hang Dao for clothes. However, it’s problematic that two terrace shops have different quality. To guarantee that you can achieve a high-quality souvenir for your loved ones, some suggestive shops are Hong Ha Silver Shop (No.52 Hang Bac Street), Thuy Ky Shop (No.98 Hang Gai Street), Metiseko (No. 59 Luong Ngoc Quyen Street) and Hanoi Moment Store (No.67 Hang Trong Street).

That is not to mention another noticeable attraction, Dong Xuan Market, where innumerable shops offering you with a variety of amazing local objects. This old market sited in the north of Hoan Kiem Lake is the distribution spot of necessary products for Hanoians too. It is suggest that you should visit this place at night, the time the market become prettier and more sparking. Mobile food stores are also available to let you regain energy after shopping for a long time.


Fascinatingly, Hanoi Old Quarter is very illustrious for the abundance and affordability of food. Professional chefs around the world highly appreciate loads of savory dishes in restaurants there. Take Pho – rice noodles with beef, Bun Cha – Kebab rice noodles, grilled fish and spring rolls as some example. On the condition that tourists don’t have enough time to check all eateries, they could go to Ly Quoc Su Street for Pho, or to Cha Ca Street for grilled fish. Once you taste such meals, you might be astounded and eat them until your stomach could not contain anything more.


Last but not least, nightlife in the old zone is very uproarious and unforgettable. At the weekend, Night Market is held in a spacious zone stretching from Hang Dao Street to the south of Dong Xuan Market. Colorful clothes, foot streets emerge to satisfy shopaholics and food lovers. Meanwhile, open-air musical stages will make you forget your home instantly.

What’s more? Lively bars are so common. As soon as you step out of your rooms, you can feel the bustling atmosphere produced by loud songs from the bars. Walk paths are frequently full of crowds who sit there to enjoy fresh beer and pavement café. The prices for beverages are very reasonable, around 3-4 USD/glass. This is the most suitable moment to make new friends and dig deep into another cultural side of Vietnam. Ta Hien Street and Luong Ngoc Quyen Street are advisable to do that.

In conclusion, what I show you on the article, however, cannot convey all exceptional features of Hanoi Old Quarter since some of them are indescribable, but rely on the feelings of individuals. But whatever you assume, I believe that spending your vacation in this area will give you a memorable experience and valuable lessons.

Majestic Booking Hanoi hotel – Superb residential enclave for a holiday

Booking nowadays is a great website which introduces many high-quality hotels to stay for holiday and work. That’s why if you have a trip in Vietnam, you should not miss Booking Hanoi hotel. Such a superb residential enclave will give you an unexpectedly enjoyable stay.

But why did the website Booking come to existence? Let’s start with a fact that the development of global economy these days allows more people to finance their outbound trips. Plus the revolution in cheap means of transportation, they can present in most corners of the world, even South Pole or some distant areas. This leads to the high demand for accommodation in their final destinations, and apparently, a lot of hotels come to existent to fulfill their aspirations. However, these lodgings have the different levels of quality and prices, forcing the travelers to check and find a desirable one before they leave homes. Due to the huge number of hotels, obviously, a tons of minutes are requested to complete such a tough task.

In the case you cannot be patient enough to do this on Google Search, hopefully, many travel e-commerce websites appear to solve your problem. Not only can they give you a brief description, some noticeable images, and prices of hotels, but also booking online and writing reviews are available. Among these helpful sites, could be considered as one of the highly-qualified pages. Founded in 1996 by a start-up company in Netherland, is a part of Booking Holdings Inc., and has nearly 200 offices in 70 countries. Asides from hotels, it also offer other types of residences such as motels, hostels, serviced apartments and homestays, contributing the total number of properties in 229 nations to be over 1.7 million. That is not to mention an advantage that 43 languages are optional to make you hunt for a hotel effortlessly.

The website periodically issues some lists about the most attractive tourist spots around the world. The city frequently shown up in the lists is an Eastern metropolis, Hanoi city – the capital of Vietnam. Every year, this beautiful city sees innumerable visitors to have a short trip to explore numerous exciting attractions there. In fact, spending a few minutes on searching in my blog, you will see an article about Hanoi attractions. Visiting Hanoi for your holiday, therefore, will not be a letdown.

But it is problematic that sometimes, you cannot narrow down your own list of which suggests to you due to an abundance of options. Instead of navigating the website, to help you save up a great deal of time, I will show you some magnificent Booking Hanoi hotels in this writing. All of them, interestingly, are also highly appreciated by experienced tourists and tourism experts.


Currently, there are dozens of 5-star hotels established around Hanoi supplying an extravagant rent room for the affluent. The majority of them are international hotels as well, and that’s why they can satisfy even discerning people.

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

This one is in the French Quarter, and in the vicinity of Hoan Kiem Lake. Recognized as the oldest 5-star accommodation in Hanoi since it was erected in 1901, the hotel is covered with French colonial outsides, making it become a romantic target for couples. Also, it has got a large garden inside to let you calm down easily after stressful period. Amazingly, many well-known politicians, such as Mr. Donald Trump, chose it as a temporary dwelling. However, the cheapest price for a room is 293 USD/night.

Lotte Hotel Hanoi

Inside a splendid skyscraper in Ba Dinh District, settling from the 32nd floor to the 64th floor, the hotel offers you an unforgettable view of the city from above. Moreover, it’s not distant from the heart of Hanoi, causing it to be a preferable residence for foreigners. Due to limited area, all facilities are indoor, for instance, swimming pool, European-style spa and restaurants. But you will never forget the bar on the top roof of the tower, where you might feel that all parts of Hanoi are in your hand.

Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

Occupying a land on the oasis beside West Lake, the largest lake in Hanoi, this Booking Hanoi hotel grants all guest a silent and clean environment to take a rest. Meanwhile, the architectural style is the combination between Eastern and Western designs. This feature highlights this extraordinary Booking Hanoi hotel among 5-star ones nearby. By choosing high-rise flats, you are able to contemplate the lake as well as certain historical buildings from a long distance. Fascinatingly, Mr. George W. Bush, the U.S Ex-President, lived there for his trip in Vietnam in 2006.

JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

If you still notice a hotel another U.S Ex-President prefered, how about JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi? Actually, this landmark is  in the commercial district, far from Hoan Kiem Lake and Ba Dinh Square. Nonetheless, getting a shape like a dragon, the hotel may stun any visitor once he or she stand in front of it. Providing a spacious playground and garden, it, however, displays an indoor pool on the menu of amenities. Do not be disappointed with this issue since the view of the district from there is very impressive.

4 STARS pays attention to 4-star hotels in Hanoi too, due to a long list on the website. However, the criteria for the achievement of 4 stars in Vietnam are quite simple. And therefore, some of them would not be as good as you expect. So the hotels you should prioritize are:

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa

Positioned in the Old Quarter, it becomes a noteworthy Booking Hanoi hotel on the basis of a striking spa outside the main building. Not only basic treatments such as facial care or body massage, but liposuction is operational as well. Apart from this, handmade bedding and a restaurant specializing in cakes will make you want to stay there forever. Of course, traveling to Hoan Kiem Lake and several well-known tourist spots is time-saving. In addition, compared with other 4-star hotels, the offered price is very affordable, merely 54 USD/night.

Fortuna Hotel Hanoi

This landmark nearly reaches all standards for the highest rank of Booking Hanoi hotel. But the main reason why its lobby is usually full of businessmen and politicians is that the hotel is close to the U.S Embassy, and on the side of the most uproarious road in Ba Dinh District. Aside from outdoor pool and spa, a casino can be found inside the hotel. But remember to prove you are a foreigner because the casino is illegal for local people. Notably, the hotel is selected by British Council to run IELTS examination.

The Hanoi Club Hotel & Lake Palais Residences

An additional 4-star hotel operating a casino called Bonus Club is The Hanoi Club Hotel. In comparison with Sheraton Hotel, more impressively, a part of the hotel is based on West Lake. As a result, it gives you an entire view of the lake, and an opportunity to enjoy cool wind and golden twilight every day. Facilities for a few sports, including golf, tennis and squash, and serviced apartments are always usable. But do not forget the outdoor pool where dynamic parties and important events can be hold.

Novotel Suites Hanoi

The last Booking Hanoi hotel you can experience is Novotel Suites Hotel. Similar with JW Marriott Hotel, it’s near Hanoi third ring road which connects the inner city with Noi Bai International Airport directly. It means that journey time from the airport could reduce greatly. Having a glass tower like a business premise, it still provides an outdoor pools and flats for a long-term stay. Admittedly, the hotel is not inferior to 5-star one owning to its higher price, over 110 USD/night. But it’s value-for-money for the allowance of using sumptuous amenities there.

In summary, if you will have a vacation long enough to travel far from your home, I advise you to attend the Vietnamese capital and then accommodate at one Booking Hanoi Hotel once. For the first time, probably, you will disquiet about it, but after you leave, the want to visit it again is likely to emerge in your mind.

Agoda Hanoi Old Quarter hotel for high quality and reasonable price

Very renowned in Asia Pacific, Agoda is a website allowing its guests to book a room at their admirable accommodation in this region through the Internet so easily. Established in Phuket, Thailand in the 90s, and currently, the head quarter of this company is moved to Singapore. Although it doesn’t focus on Europe and America, with the rapid development of tourism industry in Asia, the page has gained much contribution from the customers to expand its business and improve its service, especially, a search tool in 37 different languages. Actually, any of the hotels highly appreciated by them are usually value-for-money. That’s why, you can believe in Agoda Hanoi Old Quarter hotel highly recommended for quality.

Anyway, to find the Old Quarter hotels on Agoda website, you can rely on the average point of that hotel calculated on visitors’ comments. Nonetheless, to narrow down the list of many hotels having high score as well as reasonable prices is a bit difficult since the web page doesn’t consist of its own catalogs. And this is the reason why I write this article to help you chose a preferable one from Agoda’s source. What I will show you later is checked by my friends and me to give you an objective view.

1. Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel

Let’s start with this Agoda Hanoi Old Quarter hotel which has got an unexpected vegan restaurant. This facility, Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant, offers you with a variety of vegetarian dishes coming from Vietnam and Western countries. Most of them, in fact, are invented by its professional chefs on the basis of unique recipes. At the time I had a seat in this place, I couldn’t control my mind as soon as I tasted salad and spring rolls. The food is very amazing, and of course, fresh and clean. If you are a fan of vegetarian diets, do not miss it.

As you can see from the name, the hotel is recognized as a boutique hotel because of numerous grand amenities. Aside from black wooden appliances, the presence of handmade bedding with the image of daisy flower sow on the surface makes the room become more luxurious and elegant, plus the price for it very affordable. Moreover, lying in a lane, the hotel gives you a tranquil space to escape from loud sounds, while it’s very convenient to travel to Hoan Kiem Lake and Hang Da Shopping Mall nearby.

Address: No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 45 USD

2. Bonsella Hotel

One more impressive Agoda Hanoi Old Quarter hotel is Bonsella Hotel. The most outstanding feature of that landmark could be the site in the vicinity of Hoan Kiem Lake. Meanwhile, the height of the building is enough to provide its visitors a direct view of this lake. Nevertheless, I have to stay that if your travel budget is limited, you shouldn’t select the room with lake view because what you must pay is at least 70 USD/night. By the way, obviously, it’s very easy to you to have an excursion of innumerable activities for pedestrians near Hoan Kiem Lake at the weekend. One problem you need to notice is that the ambiance around the hotel is quite noisy, so seeking tranquility is sometimes impossible.

After going back from the lake, you could present in Bonsella Restaurant. To some extent, this eatery is not really prominent among countless dining facilities in the Old Quarter, but in the case you are in haste, to find something to satisfy your stomach there is an acceptable choice. Regarding guestrooms, they are spacious and warm with grey colors highlighted in curtains and beddings.

Address: No.3 Bao Khanh Lane, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 49 USD

3. Noble Boutique Hotel

Indeed, I haven’t visited Noble Boutique Hotel before, but the main reason why I put it in my list is that most of my friends usually refer to it as the most advantageous starting point to discover the Old Quarter. And perhaps this is also the explanation for a fact that the hotel is noticed by Agoda. Thanks to its location beside Hang Gai Street, the large road heading to Hoan Kiem Lake, traffic jams rarely transpire on the street to impede you to see all silk clothing stores or walk to the lake for 3 minutes.

Compared 3-star hotels close by, the hotel’s price is much lower. Yet there is nothing to complain about its facilities and services. Firstly, special hand embroidery bedding can lead you to a deep sleep very quickly. It is interesting that they are sold at Thuy Ky Shop on the ground floor. Secondly, the private bathroom is so splendid that it seems to serve a noble man rather than an ordinary civilian. Before leaving the hotel for discovery, you are advised to purchase some takeaways or fast food at The Sandwich Shop adjacent to Thuy Ky Shop to charge energy.

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 41 USD

4. The Chi Boutique Hotel

An opulent Agoda Hanoi Old Quarter hotel you can experience is The Chi Boutique Hotel. Though it may show you a cheap price, only 52 USD/night, remember that you are likely to obtain this price on the condition that you book a room 3 weeks in advance. Nonetheless, once you entry the hotel, you will never regret you decision. At the lobby, its owner exhibits the combination with wood, metal and glass to create a sumptuous and cozy space like 5-star accommodation. In addition to dark hues, the space could make you forget the cold immediately. For dinner, Ngo Dining Restaurant is advisable because you will be exposed to unbelievable Cantonese and Vietnamese culinary arts. After that, you should attend Garden Sky Lounge to have a drink of coffee while observing the city from above.

The hotel is not far from Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral. That’s why frequently, you have to deal with noise and obstruction made by foreign tourists and local people. In the case you are able to withstand with this, dwelling at the hotel is not a bad option.

Address: No.13 Nha Chung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 52 USD

5. Hanoi Golden Moment Hotel

The next Agoda Hanoi Old Quarter hotel is Hanoi Golden Moment Hotel. Occupying an area in the central point of the Old Quarter, it enables you to move to Hoan Kiem Lake by merely walking along Hang Can Street to the south. Anyway, in rush hours, you will face with congestion and exhaust emissions produced by many vehicles. Ironically, one of my friends, an active traveler, enjoy this place very much. Because he can blend himself into the bustling life of Hanoi simply. In contrast, his wife, an introverted women, have an aversion of the uproarious atmosphere surrounding the hotel.

Upon your entry into the hotel, the thing which might surprise you instantly is the scenery like twilight behind the entrance. It is fabricated delicately by yellow lanterns and sparking ceiling lamps.  Probably, based on this specific aspect, the hotel names itself as “Golden Moment”. However, the rooms and suites are pretty vivid. While pillows and blankets are red to heat your body temperature, the majority of devices and furniture show black and while shades, and wallpaper and sofas have the same grey colors.

Address: No.15 Hang Can Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 45 USD

In a nut shell, my final advice is that it would be greater if you favor one Agoda Hanoi Old Quarter hotel in this writing. Fascinatingly, it can prove that a low price for rent accommodation doesn’t mean that low quality is also attached. Even if you are a backpacker, do not hesitate to dwell there.

Luxury accommodation in Hanoi for each of affluent and budget travelers

Accompanying with the rapid development of the economy, the spread expansion of tourism industry has led to the diversity of luxury accommodation in Hanoi for some recent years. Not only rich men but also backpackers are able to find a high-quality residence correspondent to their budgets. Consequently, every year, Hanoi welcomes the increasing number of travelers. They attend there to spend holiday or seek an opportunity to extend their business in Vietnam.

Probably, after you type the words “Splendid residences in Hanoi” on Google search, a long list about them will appear in front of your eyes. If you merely have limited time that makes you unable to check one by one, how about spending a few minutes on reading certain suggestive accommodation from me? In fact, none of them will become a letdown for you. My writing, however, is just a brief description checked by those who stayed there. For more detailed information, you can visit their websites later.

Luxury accommodation in Hanoi for wealthy visitors

Evidently, for affluent travelers, they prefer a place where 5-star services are supplied. And of course, they never notice how much they will have to pay. In order to let them prove their high social class, the most appropriate selections for them are:

1. Sofitel Legend Metropole

Address: No.15 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

This landmark has gained the position of the oldest luxury accommodation in Hanoi. Because it was built in 1901, the middle year of a period called “French colonization in Vietnam”. And therefore, the hotel has got the typical French-style architectural designs of that time. Perhaps, you might be stunned by the mixture between neo-classical and historical outlines that enhances the grandeur of the hotel upon your arrival there. Interestingly, due to this feature, its outside scenery becomes very romantic at night. The hotels, therefore, is a perfect condition for couples to take some photographs.

To deserve 5-star rank and nearly 300 USD for a night, Sofitel Legend Metropole consists of a bundle of splendid services. You should not miss Le Spa du Metropole, fitness center, and an outdoor swimming pool inside its integral garden. Apart from this, 364 guestroom are divided into two parts with different characteristic structure. After resting in your room, you can have a meal at one of 3 restaurants. They are Spices Garden, Angelina and Le Beaulieu. Each of them has a bar to provide you certain impressive beverages. It is noticeable that the hotel served Mr. Donald Trump, the U.S President when he traveled to Hanoi in 2017. So, there is nothing to challenge its high quality.


2. Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery by Sofitel

Address: No.29 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

A bit cheaper than Sofitel Legend Metropole’s price, what you ought to make payment for accommodation at Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery by Sofitel is around 240 USD/night. But everything you can use later is value-for-money. Firstly, a large balcony on the third floor is where you can observe the streets beneath and sunbathe more conveniently, while the indoor swimming pool beside allows you to soak in water even in winter. Secondly, the gym and Santé Spa close by are equipped with high-tech machines and run by talented staff so that you can unwind truly and quickly. That is not to mention other amenities such as outdoor yard for essential events, bar and restaurants.

As a part of the French Quarter, similar with the first hotel, this one is a huge French colonial building on one side of Trang Tien Street, the road famous for Trang Tien ice-cream restaurant. From the hotel, you will need only 2 minutes to walk to Sofitel Legend Metropole, Hanoi Opera House as well as Hoan Kiem Lake, while it’s also advantageous to study the housing architecture of several French-style properties surrounding the hotel.


3. Thuy Ky Hospitality Group

Address: The Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

A special case I want to mention is Thuy Ky Hospitality Group. This is because it’s not a hotel, but a group of three separate hotels, including Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel, The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa, and Noble Boutique Hotel. Although they are not ranked as 5 stars, their services are recognized as good as the 5-star rate, plus the prices for the cheapest room very reasonable, from 40-55 USD. That’s why not only moneyed men but budget travelers as well can rent a room there. Moreover, the streets where three hotels are located, Duong Thanh, Chan Cam and Hang Gai, are so favorable to wander around the Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake within a short time since they are wide enough to let traffic jams hardly ever emerge.

For dining, three restaurants of the group are expert in respectively vegan diet, cakes and fast food. Tasty meals from Vietnam and Europe are available too. In addition, Swan Spa and Treatments fulfils your need for spa packages, while aromatic handmade beddings that can be found at Thuy Ky Shop, and first-class furniture contribute to a restful guestroom for you. Amazingly, on the condition that you book a room on any of the three hotels’ websites, a discount of up to 15% for any service in the group will be distributed to you.


Luxury accommodation in Hanoi for budget travellers

For those who have restricted budgets for travel, and favor saving up money as much as possible, I advise them to dwell at a hostel. Though their privacy cannot kept due to sharing a dorm with other tourists, with under 10 USD/night, they will be able to live in acceptably luxury accommodation in Hanoi. Anyway, here are their preferable choices.

1. Cheetah Hostel

Address: No.117, Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Luckily, sited in the central area of the Old Quarter, Cheetah Hostels is another highly-appreciated point of departure for a short trip inside this ancient zone. But you should pay attention that owning to an abundance of streets around this landmark, you will figure out that it could be a bit difficult to find its address just as you stop at Hanoi’s center.

By the way, the attribute that makes the hostel become peculiar and grand is its style. Instead of building a lively bar for dynamic nightlife, the hostel constructed a tranquil place for genuine relaxation. The first attraction is a small garden in front of the bar where a tiny stream presents. The second could be a spacious and vivid bar also appointed with necessary devices for a billiard game. Nothing would be greater there if you sit and view the garden when a slow number song is played. After that, you can lie down on colorful bed sheets in an airy dormitory. All equipment is new and frequently maintained to cause you to take it as a boutique hotel’s one.


2. See you at Lily’s

Address: No.16 Ngo Huyen Lane, Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Next is a hostel having an attractive name, See you at Lily’s. Actually, the hostel is in the vicinity of Hanoi St Joseph’s Cathedral and the French Quarter. As a result, it’s an admirable place of residence for Christian visitors who need to attend the church periodically. Nonetheless, you will face innumerable hordes of tourists there. This is the main contribution to a noisy and orderly atmosphere. But it is not problematic for active people, I think.

As you mightn’t know, this one supplies you with a diverse range of services usually displayed in the menu of a hotel. Take tour packages, free breakfast and transfers from and to the airport as examples. Particularly, when you look inside the dormitory, a splendid place will appear. Grateful for the fine combination between dark wooden furniture and metal bed frames, the ambiance there is cozy and elegant. Amazingly, it’s very dissimilar to some normal hostels in the world. There is no lack of private rooms for the protection of privacy. But the cost is up to 22 USD, four times as much as the expense for the dormitory.


To summarize, from this luxury accommodation in Hanoi, the acquisition of the holiday of a lifetime will absolutely come true. Again, I remind that you could have a view of their websites to gain the full information about what you will be served in the five residences.

Homestay in Hanoi for a group of budget travelers and backpackers

Recently, more and more tourists have attended Hanoi for a long holiday. Due to the diversity of their demands, many new kinds of accommodation have come to existence. And one of them is homestay. If you and your companions aspire to experience such accommodation once, firstly, getting to know homestay in Hanoi is necessary to achieve a memorable vacation.

So, what is a homestay? In fact, it is a popular residence where visitors could sleep in the area they are traveling. The length of stay varies from one night to over a year. And you stay can be free in exchange for monetary compensation, or for completing some household chores for the host. You might ask yourself why the homestay is so attractive to backpackers, mightn’t you? There are four main reason for this.

Firstly, when visitors stay at a homestay, they will have plenty of new experience. For instance, not only do they meet the local people, but also they have a chance to live with those as well.

Secondly, improving their local language skills is possible. Because of frequently communicating with the host’s family members, the guests can learn the host’s mother language effectively. This is the requisite condition for them to study the history and culture of the destination country.

Thirdly, the homestay is cheaper than some other types of accommodation. This is because some expenditures of living are shared with the host, helping the tourists save up a great amount of money.

Finally, the homestay services are quite adequate. So self-catering there is feasible to let you control everything, from dining to the arrangement of appliances.

Do you find it very interesting? What I will show you latter is a list of homestay in Hanoi you should try with your friends and loved ones.

Momento Homestay

Address: No.48A Trang Thi Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: From 38 USD

On the top of my suggestions is Momento Homestay since it’s located in the center of Hanoi. That’s why you can travel to the French Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake or the Old Quarter within a short time, even if you favor walking. Meanwhile, this homestay is a few meters far off the main road, giving you a tranquil environment to unwind.

Apart from the reasonable price, what makes it become a must-stay homestay in Hanoi for backpackers is the housing design. Its owners prefers the combination between the architecture of Hanoi’s typical houses common two decades ago and the style of Sa Pa Town and Hoi An city. You can see this evidently in elegant bedding and decorative brocade, for example. As a result, the place creates a harmonized ambiance for guests. To some extent, you might feel that you would be going back to the past. One additional point is a small garden on a large balcony where you can sunbathe in the morning.


Maison Ly

Address: No.7, Alley 2/437, Ngoc Thuy Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi

Price: From 100 USD

Only 2 kilometers from Hanoi’s center, La Maison Hai Ly, however, is a great place for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The house is nestled inside the greenery in an urban area of Long Bien District, allowing you to enjoy a rural calm and be immersed in nature. Of course, going back to the inner city is very simple, in addition to a benefit that you can have a trip to Long Bien Bridge, a famous ancient construction built in the period of French colonization.

The homestay has the representative housing structure from the 18th century. This is also highlighted by blue ceramic vases, Buddhism statues, wooden colonnades and expensive furniture. The living room and the kitchen are designed to face the garden directly, as well as to make you feel very cool in summer but warm in winter. A group of 4 people is recommended.


Hidden Villa Soc Son

Address: Highway 2, Minh Phu Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi

Price: From 100 USD

Dissimilar to the others, Hidden Villa Soc Son, as you can see from the name, is far away from the inner city, and hidden in a pine forest in the outskirts of Hanoi capital. Due to the long distance, it could be better if you travel there by car or bus.

Given a fact that the house is isolated with households nearby, you and your companions could hold any dynamic events you want, such as BBQ, overnight parties, fishing, tennis games, swimming or biking. More conveniently, the house is so spacious that it can contain up to 10 people. Meanwhile, the property owner is interested in using glass rather than brick to let the light infiltrate into the house and the nature be closer to you. Intriguingly, if you need, some families around the house will provides you with certain local dishes and fresh vegetable for a tasty meal.


Au Frais Homestay

Address: The 9th floor, No.23 Tay Ho Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

Price: 88.1 USD

One more homestay in Hanoi and inside a less-inhabited zone is Au Frais Homestay. Perhaps you wouldn’t know that Au Frais is a French word, and means “Fresh”. And that is what this one will bring to you during the time you dwell there. Indeed, it is an apartment beside the Westlake, the hugest lake in Hanoi. Consequently, you are able to soak yourself in fresh air and silence to relax truly. Fishing, swimming and canoeing are allowable there.

All necessary devices are available in the kitchen and the living room. There is no lack of bedding for 4 people to sleep. They have Vietnam’s conventional styles dating back to a century ago, enabling you to dig deep into another cultural side of the living way of the Vietnamese at that time. Especially, the flat has got a large balcony for a better view of the lake, and also for BBQ parties and sunbathing.


Thai Artist House

Address: No.445A Ngoc Thuy Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi

Price: From 88.1 USD

I have to stay that Thai Artist Stilt House is a homestay in Hanoi with an exclusive architectural design that you cannot find the same one in Hanoi. It’s also easy to reach owning to being in the vicinity of La Maison Hai Ly. This place is a classic house exhibiting old Asian patterns. That could be shown clearly in brown wooden colonnades, stylish ceiling fans or characteristic equipment very ubiquitous in Vietnam three decades ago. Bathroom, kitchen are always serviceable, modish and clean. Probably, you cannot manage your mind to take some photographs of them.

What’s more? The plants inside the house contribute to the feeling of pleasure and warmth as well. Aside from this, a piano grants you an opportunity to check your ability of music, or enjoy some slower number songs performed by your friends. With such an artistic place, a new idea might come out of your head.


S Jewelry Studio Old Quarter Hanoi

Address: No.29, Hang Giay Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Price: 100 USD

An extra homestay in Hanoi for budget travelers is S Jewelry Studio Old Quarter Hanoi. Located in the northern part of the zone, the accommodation permits you to travel to Dong Xuan Market, Bach Ma Temple and Long Bien Bridge within a 3 minute walk. Nevertheless, on the condition that you have a plan to move to the south to see Hoan Kiem Lake, you must check the map carefully in order not to be lost then.

By the way, the ornamental trend inside the house would make you take it as the one coming from Western Europe. I have to say that the space is so exclusively splendid. But it’s still cozy enough to blow away the cold surrounding you after a long walk in winter. Moreover, impressive object, from golden chandeliers to modern aquarium, are arranged very meticulously. This forms an intimate atmosphere, besides the romance purple curtains which I enjoy the most.


Briefly, after obtaining the information I’ve provided to you, you could determine which the homestay in Hanoi is well-suited to you. Checking your itinerary again, and ultimately, an exciting journey is awaiting you in this mysterious city.