Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel – Never regret after a short experience

Do you have the same plan as mine: staying at Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel after merely reading an advertisement about it? Perhaps, you should pay attention to my hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. Because it is my real experience there. And firstly, I could say that you are unlikely to regret your belief in the hotel.

I hadn’t known the hotel until an article about the hotel appeared on the screen of my smartphone while I was checking Facebook. Finding it very interestingly, I had booked 3 nights at Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel and the service of pick-up at airport in advance before I started my trip to Vietnam in November. As soon as I arrived in Noi Bai airport, the hotel picked me up by using a 7-seater car. Thanks to this wonderful service since I didn’t need to disquiet about some problems related to Vietnamese transportation.

Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel site

The hotel’s address is No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. However, when the car drove me there, none of hotels were in my vision. In fact, Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel is a bit far away from the main road, in a small valley. Getting out the car, and walking through an ancient gate beside No.16H Duong Thanh Street, I could see it as a modern 9-story building.

Due to its special location, this place is very quiet and peaceful, suitable for those who look for tranquility during their holidays. Nonetheless, just go back to the nearest street, they can blend themselves in uproarious food streets, wonderful shops since the hotel is, notably, in the center of the Old Quarter. Moreover, I could attend Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera House, Hang Da shopping mall and several attractions in Hanoi within a 2-or-3-minute walking.

  • Silent
  • Near prompting areas
  • Inside the Old Quarter

Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel building structure

From I read in the article, the hotel is recreated on the basis of an ancient French house build at the beginning of the 20th century. Indeed, some outlines reflecting this special origin could be seen even when I stood in the front of the hotel. They are distinctive balconies, windows on the high stories and especially, strange light bulbs made of metal outside the building. Apart from this, the gate near the main street, as I mentioned, was actually erected by Japanese dozens of years ago, and has remained until now. However, after being repaired, the hotel has also got modern architectural structure, such as glass doors, colonnades, contributing to the hotel’s unique combination.

  • French style
  • Peculiar structure
  • Outstanding

Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel space


Passing the entrance is the reception area. This place is a bit larger than some hotels I stayed since it is divided to many zones. The reception table is straight at the entrance, and on the left are the stairs to go to Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant. Meanwhile, the right zone is dedicated to book lovers because the hotel appoints with some tables, sofas as well as a huge bookshelf. Some books put on it introduce about Hanoi and its history, very fascinating for foreign travelers.

Of course, the space inside the hotel is no lack of grandeur and luxury. This could be shown in wooden ornaments, lenient light, and the French-style floor. To highlight the wondrous combination between two types of architecture, this place also displays some Vietnamese paintings that I bought a few like them in the Old Quarter.

  • Luxurious and grand
  • Spacious
  • Reading area


Because I didn’t have any acquainted companion during the trip in Vietnam, I preferred staying alone in Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. That was why I booked Superior City View, the guestroom with only the area of 18 square meters. The price is very reasonable. I made a reservation directly, and therefore, I just paid 45 USD/night.

Completing some procedures, and receiving the key of my room, when I went to the elevator, a wooden door near it was in my sight. Surprisingly, this is an entrance of a bathroom for guests who are waiting for checking in. Such a room, however, doesn’t exist in some ordinary hotels.

Following the staff, I attended in the 6th floor 3 minutes later. As I had expected, the room is not quite spacious, and painted with the same color – while – in the lobby. Admittedly, my room has full of necessary appliances. From a double bed, tables, chairs, to a large cabinet, drawers and the floor are wooden and expensive. Meanwhile, all bedding is 100% handmade, very smooth and soft. They give off an exceptional odor that I had never smelt before. Moreover, the pillows are sow with the feature of daisy, plus cozy lights, making the ambiance more lavish.

What’s else?

A smart TV is opposite to the bed, above the drawers, where I found a menu for ordering something and a few snacks and fruits. Drinks are inside the refrigerator in the corners. I didn’t forget to open the door to see Hanoi from above. Like its name, the room gives the customer an unforgettable view of the Old Quarter. It would be more interesting if I saw the scenery through handmade 2-layer curtains. It seems that everything behind the curtains could become more mystical.

What I noticed then was the bathroom. The hotel’s rooms system is so extraordinary that every room has a private bathroom, no matter how large it is. In reality, this facility is very clean and polished, like 5-star hotel. While a washbasin has beautiful outlines, surrounded a shower are exorbitant and exclusive tiles. Free toiletries are also placed near the mirror.

  • Excellent facilities
  • Natural odor
  • 5-star quality

The most important part of my hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel – Restaurant

The reason why I favored this hotel is that it has Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – a typical Vietnamese vegetarian eatery. Although I’m not a fan of vegetarian ideology, I want to enjoy a meatless dish since I know that Vietnamese culture affected strongly by Buddhism has created the diversity of tasty and healthy vegan food. By the way, the restaurant is located in the second floor, very easy to find. Due to occupying a large area, it can serve a lot of eaters at the same time.

Of course, for my hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel, I attended the restaurant to describe it more exactly. The first impression of some guests, including me, could be its shade. Unlike the rest of the hotel, it is painted with orange hue, a very warm color. This is because in the Vietnamese belief, vegan food is very cold, and if people eat it too much, their body temperature will decrease, leading to some illnesses. As a result, they need something to balance their body temperature, and one of the solution is to use hot color like that to form a warm ambiance.

All tables and chairs with elegant design are made of natural wood. Above the guest’s head are lights with some separate shapes I didn’t know exactly what it meant. Other strange ornaments such as ceramic flowers, the features of lotus on the window glass, Vietnamese paintings are also noticeable. But more excitingly, there is a window in the kitchen, enabling me to see the process of cooking.

What’s in the menu?

From the main menu of the restaurant, there are two major types of vegan dishes: Vietnamese and European. I hadn’t thought that the restaurant could have invented certain food based on Western cuisine. Immediately, I ordered three dishes for my meal, including roll “Pho” with vegetable, deep-fired “Hanoi” vegetable spring roll and vegan pizza. And all of them are very amazing.

As you can see, the prices are very cheap, only 3-6 USD/dish. It would be very regrettable if any travelers miss the opportunity to present in the restaurant.

  • Cheap but delicious
  • Fresh and healthy
  • Warm ambiance

Hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel services

I have to say that Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel’s staff is very great! None of the employees show negative attitudes towards their customers, even when they seem to be pretty stressful. During the time I booked online at my home and stayed at the hotel, they gave me useful advice to create my fully enjoyable holidays in Hanoi.

In fact, the hotel provides the service of visa upon arrival with only 20 USD. I didn’t have enough time to apply for the Vietnam entry visa, and hopefully, they helped me do this. What I needed to do was to send some of my personal information. Of course, as soon as I arrived in Noi Bai airport, I gained my visa from a Vietnamese governmental agencies.

Besides, I also registered a daily tour around Hanoi and some nearby provinces with the price of 132 USD. When my holidays were ended, I was carried by the hotel’s car again to Noi Bai airport. Similarly with the time I had been picked up, I had to pay 25 USD for drop-off.

Briefly, if I travel to Hanoi in the next time, I will still choose Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel due to its top-quality services and accommodation. All it supplies you are shown up in my hotel review about Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. There is nothing to let you down.

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