Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel – The holiday of a lifetime waiting for you

Before traveling to Hanoi in October, I received my cousin’s advice that I should choose Noble Boutique Hotel for accommodation. In fact, when attending there, all my concerns about the hotel went away since it gave me an exciting moment that has stuck in my mind until now. You can see this clearly in my hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel below.

Interestingly, thanks to the hotel’s online booking system, I could book 3 nights at Noble Boutique Hotel for my 4-day trip in Hanoi as well as register a service of pick-up at Noi Bai airport while I still stayed at home. That was why after I presented in the lounge of the airport, a hotel’s vehicle was waiting for me. Following the guidance of an employee, I sat in the 7-seated car very luxurious and in good condition, and then I moved to the inner city.

Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel location

It took me about 40 minutes to arrive in this hotel. Actually, its address is No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, in the center of the Old Quarter. And from what I saw at midday and local people talked to me, Hang Gai Street is one of the most active and bustling roads in the Old Quarter. Consequently, as soon as any guests come out of the car, several colorful shops, food streets, many hordes of tourists and hundreds of different commodities are in their vision. Moreover, the driver let me know that the hotel is very close to a lot of Hanoi’s attractions such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Xuan Market or Hanoi Opera House. What I needed to do was to spend a few minutes on walking there. Apparently, this advantage helped me save up my time.

  • Convenient to travel on foot
  • Near attractive spots
  • Dynamic

Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel outside

A piece of information I obtained is that the 11-story hotel was built in 2013 and finished one year later. Due to its new establishment, the exterior surface is very impressive and modern. I could say that it has got European architectural features on the basis of white colonnades, stairs, golden words, windows and balcony outlines. Personally, the hotel is somehow like a lavish villa that, however, was turned to a high building. Its owner, I think, could be a creative person since he or she can make his or her property the most outstanding one in Hang Gai Street.

  • Easy to recognize
  • Prominent
  • Western style

Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel space


The lobby is in the second floor. Going through an automatic glass door, I entered a warm spacious space with lenient light. To deserve a luxurious hotel, Noble Boutique Hotel decorates itself with lots of grand ornaments and furniture, such as sofas, vases with fresh flowers, polished tiles and sparkling chandeliers. Especially, apart from a long reception table on the left, there is also a small one beside, where guests can get more information about some services of the hotel. I suppose such appliances are very exorbitant due to delicate lines on them. Some Vietnamese lacquered paintings hung on the walls appear in my vision too, leading the hotel to be quite different from European accommodation I stayed.

  • Vietnamese decoration
  • Impressive
  • Warm and cozy


Because I traveled to Vietnam alone, I had just chosen Deluxe Room, the smallest guestroom in the hotel. Fortunately, I booked the room in advance, and therefore, attained a huge discount. During my stay, I merely paid 63.25 USD/night, or 189.75 USD in total, very reasonable. Checking in and getting the key of Room 402, I moved to a large elevator near the reception table. Noticeable, this elevator is so huge that it can accommodate up to 6 people at the same time.

When attending my room, the first aspect I paid attention to was the wall color. The hotel still uses the same one – white – in the lobby to paint my room, creating a comfortable ambiance for me. Besides, the wooden floor could provide me the warmth even in the case that I didn’t wear my stocks. Then, my eyes focused on the beddings. Similar with what I had heard from my cousin, all of them are handmade, and in particular, attached with a gracious aromatic odors. That is the reason why I was able to slept immediately just as I lied down in the bed.

Of course, there is no lack of useful furniture, from a large cabinet, a smart TV, drawers, tables, chairs, and safety box. In the refrigerator in the corner, I found some beverages to blow my thirst way. Fruits, snacks are also available, and if I needed more, I could look at the menu near the TV and order something. On the wall are a few extraordinary lacquered pictures which I wanted to bring to my house.

What’s more in my hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel?

It is a bit regrettable that my room doesn’t acquire city view, given a fact that it only has indoor view. Perhaps in the next time, I will choose Executive Room to get a better view of Hanoi. Although the area of my room is only 25 square meters, but a private bathroom is supplied. Throwing away my negative thought, I checked it to open my mind.

“It’s so unbelievable!” – I exclaimed.

The bathroom, I assume, could be identical with the one in 5-star hotels because it is very luxurious and clean. A washbasin and a toilet bowl could achieve the highest standard, meanwhile, toiletries, towels and other tools are for free. Such accommodation then contributed to my holiday of a lifetime.

  • Indescribably excellent
  • Full necessary equipment
  • Handmade beddings

Hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel facilities

There are two primary facilities in Noble Boutique Hotel, including The Sandwich Shop and Thuy Ky Shop. All of them are located in the first floor, under the lobby. When I went out of my room to travel there, I saw a special place for foot massage not far away from the elevator. Of course, I didn’t miss a chance to have a knack for it.

The Sandwich Shop

20 minutes later, I presented in The Sandwich Shop. In fact, this eatery is in the back, while Thuy Ky Shop, which can be seen at the entrance, is in the front. My impression about the small shop is described by two words: “Elegant” and “Convenient”. Firstly, the hotel adorn this place with numerous sumptuous appliances and distinctive drawings, apart from shiny steel frames in the center of the restaurant. Spoons, forks, plates and napkins are also placed on black tables.

Secondly, the shop specializes in European fast food, which I could see in the menu. There are 4 main dishes, namely sandwich, baguette, pizza and crepe, and pasta. All prices are around 5 – 6 USD, so cheap that even ordinary Vietnamese could be affordable. Every guest coming to the shop would either stay there, or take their food away. However, I favored sitting in the shop to feel a peculiar atmosphere.

Thuy Ky Shop

For more hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel, after filling my stomach, I went to Thuy Ky Shop, the place well-known for hand embroidery clothes. From an employee’s brief introduction, I knew that all bedding of the hotel comes from the shop. Actually, besides bed sheets, pillows, the shop sells table clothes, handkerchiefs and other textile products made of prime fabric cotton. Due to being 100% handmade, they gain distinctive softness and exceptional smoothness.

In order to let customers have a good view, most of the shop’s products are displayed in a few cupboards, and attached with notable price signs. Indeed, their prices are from nearly 47 USD to over 210 USD, not really expensive. Before leaving the hotel, I purchased a table cloth as a gift to thank my cousin.

Admittedly, some decorative objects attracted to me at that time, for example, the lights system above my head, or a statue of the God of Money. A screen showing the images captured by security cameras is hung nearby the cashier count, enhancing the safety for the hotel.

  • Diverse products
  • Unique
  • Advantageous for guests

How about other services?

One of Noble Boutique Hotel’s aspects I enjoyed most is the staff. All employees always help their customers proactively, such as carrying my luggage and answer my questions. A smile is often on their face, especially when they explained the services for me.

What made me a bit surprised is that the hotel holds some tours for their guests. The tours consist of Daily tours, Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa Town. Owing to my limited holiday, I only registered Daily tours to travel around Hanoi within a day. Because of accompanying with 6 people, I merely paid 47 USD for this short journey. If I have more time, I will give you a review about this memory.

Additionally, as I mentioned, the hotel operates the services of pick-up and drop-off at Noi Bai airport as well as visa upon arrival. On the last day in Hanoi, I was carried by the luxurious car and paid 25 USD again, finishing my wonderful vacation.

Anyway, if you still doubt about this accommodation after reading an article about it, my hotel review about Noble Boutique Hotel would grant more precise information. At least, I recommend that you should stay here once to feel what I experienced.

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