How to find good guest friendly hotels in Hanoi for a wonderful night?

Finding acceptable guest friendly hotels in Hanoi these days is a bit difficult. Why? Different from some countries nearby, Vietnam is a reactionary nation. This comes from the extreme influence of Confucius in the past and the conservative view of Vietnamese government nowadays. Especially, more strict regulations could be applied in the case a foreigner wants to share a room with a strange woman to stay overnight. In fact, in the Vietnamese’ thought, they consider this as prostitution, an illegal activity in Vietnam these days. That’s why a lot of hotels don’t allow male travelers to bring an unknown girl to their rent room after checking in. Or at least, the staff requires several identification documents to assure that there is no problem related to the girl. Occasionally, owning to such vigorous rules, a few hotels force a couple to live in different rooms.

Fortunately, to meet that sensitive demand, a new type of accommodation has come to existence for recent years. And it’s a guest friendly hotel. If you take a new companion to it to rejoice in an overnight stay, small extra cost, around 10-20 USD relying on its own policy. What’s more? Simple procedures are employed to satisfy you. However, I have to say that highly-appreciated guest friendly hotels in Hanoi have still been common. Therefore, to help you seek a pertinent place, I’ve made a list of these residences. The majority of them are in the Old Quarter, a historical zone in the center of the capital. Actually, my friends and I visited there or contacted the employees to assure the effectiveness of guest friendly terms.

But before reading some information about them, you have to remember that during day time, it’s effortless to enter your room with an unregistered girl. But it will become so complicated if you do this after 10pm. Because at night, governmental agencies and police can check the hotel suddenly when they suspect a case of prostitution. Guarantee that your girlfriend must bring an identification card with her at that time. Perhaps, she will be asked to show the card. Anyway, let’s check some perfect dwellings for male tourists in Hanoi.

Noble Boutique Hotel – Affordable price

Address: No.98 Hang Gai Street, Hoan Kiem District

With regard to superb guest friendly hotels in Hanoi, I favor Noble Boutique Hotel so much. Firstly, guestrooms are all spacious enough for 2 people to accommodate. Secondly, the service of check-in until 12pm is available. Meanwhile, the surcharge for an extra adults is usually free, plus the price of 41 USD/night for the cheapest room if you book a room on the hotel website in advance. To some extent, it’s an admirable destination for budget travelers.

Beside Hang Gai Street, a wide road leading you to Hoan Kiem Lake directly, this 3-star hotel enables you to view a bundle of silk stores while traffic jams hardly ever happen. Moreover, its amenities are unexpected in comparison with the accommodation expense since you are permitted to use handmade beddings and highly-qualified wooden furniture. Interestingly, those beddings that can contribute to a sweet night with your friend are displayed at Thuy Ky Shop on the ground floor. I think you should buy some of them to present your companion.

Calypso Premier Hotel – Romantic area for a couple

Address: No.27 Cua Dong Street, Hoan Kiem District

An addition selection for guests friendly hotels in Hanoi is Calypso Premier Hotel. When my friend phoned the staff, he received an answer that most of the guestrooms there are double. So, just exhibit her ID card. Then, both of you are likely to do nothing for an allowance of entry into your room. Apart from this, the price is also reasonable, only 45 USD/night. Nevertheless, one point you need to pay attention to is that this landmark is on the northern border between the Old Quarter and Ba Dinh District. As a result, if you want to wander around lively bars, or visit tourists spots, you should use vehicles.

Recreated in 2017, the hotel prefers red and white colors to produce an attractive space dedicated to a couple. And this could be seen clearly in wallpaper, curtains, bedding and even sofas. But regrettably, the 3-star lodging only consists of a prominent facility, its restaurant.

Silk Path Hotel – Luxurious dwelling

Address: No.195-199 Hang Bong Street, Hoan Kiem District

It is surprising that there are certain prime guest friendly hotels in Hanoi center as well. Unless you don’t have abundant money, Silk Path Hotel is not a letdown. Although it lies in the southern-west edge of the Old Quarter, you can move to the French Quarter to engage in casino games or travel around leisure facilities to find a pretty girl easily. Nevertheless, it would take you a great deal of journey time for a trip to Ta Hien Street, where most dynamic bars are located.

As I’ve said, the 4-star hotel mainly serves the affluent because the lowest price is 76 USD/night. With golden layers highlighted in Piano Bar and meeting rooms, it’s believed that your companion will be stunned instantly. After waking up, you can have breakfast at La Soie de Hanoi Restaurant, or taste the Mediterranean meals at Bellissimo Restaurant. Also, making a new friend are possible in Silk Premium Bar instead of going outside. Aside from this, extra services such as reading lounge and gym are always operational.

Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel – Heaven for vegetarians

Address: No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District

This one is an exceptional hotel in Hanoi settling in a small lane in Duong Thanh Street. Surrounded by numerous historical buildings, Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel grants you a restful environment to have a dreamy night with a local girl. That is not to mention an outstanding feature that the hotel has got a colonial style reflected in tiles, architectural design and decoration, enhancing the grandeur and romance of the atmosphere in your room, while what you need to pay is only from 45 USD/night.

But the most addictive aspect the hotel offers to you is a vegan restaurant called Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant on the 2nd floor. Providing dishes cooked from fresh vegetable and fruits, the eatery is a preferable place to let you regain energy quickly as well as achieve a healthier life. Aromatic hand embroidery bed sheets, blankets and pillows are available too. In addition, similar with Noble Boutique Hotel, no fee is requested if the number of occupants is not over two.

Hanoi Charming Hotel – Basic accommodation

Address: No.15 Yen Thai Street, Hoan Kiem District

The last one in the list of guest friendly hotels in Hanoi is pertinent to backpackers rather than ordinary tourists. With the price range from 20 to 28 USD/night, the 2-star hotel gives you only basic facilities for a memorable night with a girl. Nevertheless, I don’t think it is problematic unless you want lengthen your relationship with the girl. By the way, do not be dissatisfied with the guestroom, since bedding and necessary devices are clean and adequate. Specifically, you would be astonished by red pillows placed on the bed.

At the in-house restaurant, you will taste innumerable local meals supplied by professional chefs. More excitingly, registering Home Cooking Class at Awesome Homestay to open your mind about Vietnamese culinary art is not a bad decision. If lucky, you can acquaint with some beautiful females at this place. Again, when you ask the staff to gain a permission for your girl, there are not many significant impediments for this procedure. But you must be responsible for everything happening to the companion.

All in all, I assure that these guest friendly hotels in Hanoi are able to fulfil your aspirations to enjoy a night with a Vietnamese girl or someone. Do not hesitate to accompany with another individuals then since the staff there will never notice your private issues.

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