Restaurant review about Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie – The exhibition of mixed cuisine

Have you ever heard of Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie before? In my case, the answer was “No”. But after the time I stayed there in October during my trip to Hanoi, I’m aware that it would be regrettable if you have the same answer as mine. Because you will never expect how diverse the cuisine the restaurant serves you is. And therefore, you should read my restaurant review about Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie.

In fact, I found the restaurant by chance. On the second day I was in Hanoi for my holidays, I decided to walk alone to Hoan Kiem Lake in the center of the capital. While I was wandering around the Old Quarter to search for a shortcut to the lake, I paid attention to a high building at Chan Cam Street. Going to this place, I realized a grand restaurant in the first floor. My stomach suddenly became noisy, announcing me that I needed something for lunch. Immediately, I entered Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie to have a go at its services. After that, it would let me down.

Restaurant review about Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie – Location

As I mentioned, the restaurant’s address is No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. As a part of the Old Quarter, this landmark contributes to the hustle and bustle of the city at night since lots of tourists choose it for dining. Additionally, it also allows eaters to continue their journey to Hanoi’s attractions such as Dong Xuan Market, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hang Da Shopping Mall within a few minutes. The first time I attended there was at midday, but the area was very silent. That was why then I could enjoy my meal without any disturbance.

  • Uproarious area
  • Convenient to travel
  • Easy to find

Restaurant review about Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie – Space

Outside building

Actually, the restaurant is an operational part of The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa. As a result, it gains royal outlines from the hotel which can be seen at the first sight. The first is that its sign can be recognized from a long distance based on the yellow words carved on a brown board. Next, to highlight lavish architecture more, the restaurant uses golden colonnades and lenient light in the entrance. Ultimately, there is no lack of luxurious stairs and white walls to let any eaters feel that they are going inside a European castle. It seems that 5-star services are waiting for everyone.

  • Outstanding and elegant
  • Royal design

Inside building

Following the staff’s guidance, I got a seat in the space under the reception area of The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa. It is unknown reason that the floor inside Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie is a bit lower than the street surface. However, this feature partly contributes to a warm and cozy air in this place. I started looking around and found something very interesting.

Firstly, tables and chairs are made of natural wood, very expensive and grand. Bowls, spoons, plates and forks are placed on the table, enabling the eater to have a meal as soon as he or she just sits down. Secondly, on the left of the restaurant are some huge cabinets, where several colorful ceramic vases are displayed. I asked an employee and then got to know that I couldn’t find something like such ornaments because the restaurant had commissioned Vietnamese craftsmen to make them.

Thirdly, on the right side are lots of paintings portraying dragon flies. Excitingly, from the answer the staff gave me again, in the Vietnamese belief, the dragon fly is the incarnation of luck, and so with these pictures, the restaurant just wants to bring luck to itself and every customer.

Moreover, at the end of the room, near the air condition, are the place dedicated to displaying dishes and cakes. Those who enjoy buffet frequently go around this area to choose what they prefer. Finally, I figured out that the restaurant is divided into three separate zones: the front to exhibit some cakes in a glass cupboard to sell passers-by, the center for seating and the back for cooking.

  • Sumptuous and grand
  • Warm and cozy
  • Meaningful ornaments

Restaurant review about Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie – Food

What makes many eaters so surprised is that the restaurant serves numerous dishes mixed between Vietnamese cuisine and Western one, and I was no exception. From the menu, there are 5 major types of dishes, namely soups, salad, Hanoi-style sandwich, appetizer and Hanoi food. The prices are very reasonable because even the most expensive dish is only about 7 USD. Consequently, I ordered “Bun cha” Hanoi style, deep-fried seafood and special beef salad for lunch.

“It’s so savory!” – I was stunned by “Bun cha” Hanoi style and understood why Mr. Barack Obama, the US Ex-President, favored this one when he visited Hanoi in 2016.

Of course, I went to the restaurant for my dinner and all meals on the following days. I also registered a packed of buffet to enjoy more dishes. None of them could disappoint me because they are so great that I haven’t forgotten their savor until now.

What’s more in my restaurant review about Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie?

Another noticeable point is the main business of Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie. It, indeed, is renowned for making delicious cakes. Its guest can choose cakes for desserts, or even main dishes owing to a fact that it provides a wide ranges of European cakes, from tiramisu, cupcakes to gateaux and macaron.

Their taste is so indescribably wonderful and addictive that I frequently ate them until my stomach was filled up. Admittedly, the prices of cakes are pretty cheap and affordable too, only 1-2 USD/cake. Before I left Hanoi some days later, I didn’t forget to buy a few to eat during the time I waited at the airport.

Especially, it is insisted that the restaurant has a distinct zone for the process of making cakes. I also had a chance to see it from the kitchen. This place always gives off the peculiar odors of vanilla, milk and powder. At that time, I desired to stay there forever.

Besides, I obtained an exhilarating experience to eat fruit with chocolate. In fact, there is a chocolate tower put on the table where cakes are also arranged. And what I had to do was just to take my fruit skewer to the tower and let the chocolate stick in it. Such a way of enjoying fruit is very strange and enthralling.

  • Mouthwatering and palatable
  • Diverse
  • Unbelievable

Restaurant review about Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie – Staff

In this restaurant, there can be no complaint for the employees because they are very hospitable and friendly. Just as I entered the eatery, they welcomed me with a bright smile. They proactively explained fluently and thoroughly all questions I asked in English, and of course, helped me for anything, from finding a comfortable seat to taking a menu. In addition, they never let any guest to wait for meals too long due to their special abilities: quick reaction and agile movement. Fascinatingly, I only waited for my meal within 5 minutes.

In conclusion, I recommend you to travel to Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie once. Even if you are a fussy eater, you will find the food in this place very suited to your taste. And moreover, you can use all 5-star-quality services. I assure that dissatisfaction doesn’t exist in everything of the restaurant.

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