Spa review – Swan Spa and Treatments: Paradise to perfect human beauty

One of people’ habits these days is to beautify themselves, even when they are on holiday. Of course, I’m no exception. During the time I traveled to Hanoi, I visited Swan Spa and Treatments to take care of my body. If you have the same plan as mine in the capital of Vietnam, how about experiencing this spa once? Of course, you might doubt it. That’s why you need to read my spa review – Swan Spa and Treatments firstly.

Before any outbound trips, I often prepare myself very carefully, from attractive destinations to some places for resting. That is the reason why I searched for a spa near the Old Quarter to facilitate my journey. Suddenly, an article about The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa was shown up, and then I was interested in a spa called Swan Spa and Treatments inside it. Immediately, I booked a room at the hotel, and eagerly waited for the trip.

Fortunately, as soon as I arrived at Noi Bai airport, because I had registered the services of pick-up with 25 USD provided by the hotel, neither waiting nor finding a taxi, I was taken   by a car directly to the hotel. Therefore, I just needed only 40 minutes to present in my accommodation.


Let’s start my spa review – Swan Spa and Treatments with its address – No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Due to the site in the Old Quarter, one of the most dynamic and active regions in Hanoi, when standing in front of the spa at night, I could see dozens of colorful shops, several hordes of tourists and motorbikes. If I hadn’t have my heavy luggage beside me, I would have blended myself in this prompting ambiance. By the way, the spa is next to The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa, where I stayed for three days. So I didn’t worry about moving between two places too long. And moreover, after treatment, I could discover Hoan Kiem Lake, Hang Da shopping mall with only a 3-mintue walk.

  • Bustling area
  • Favorable to travel
  • Easy to find

Building surface

Not so prominent like the hotel next door, the spa operates it functions inside an ordinary house. In my opinion, this property has many Vietnamese features, for example, simplicity and intimacy. To some extent, it is like a special shop which serves special services. However, to notify people about its location, the spa uses a large black board with golden words carve on it. I didn’t know exactly why I still felt the luxury and grandeur of the spa. Possibly, they could come from the decorative objects, such as glass windows, the sign and lights, in the entrance.

  • Simple and intimate
  • Elegant
  • Noticeable

The spa’s facilities

From some information of another spa review – Swan Spa and Treatments, and what I observed, this place is divided into two main operational areas. The front, where I entered from the road, is a bit smaller, and includes a large floor and a loft. The former, interestingly, is only dedicated to massage chairs. After suffering from treatments, a customer can rest there to enjoy slow body massage. Meanwhile, the latter is for guests who want to have some cups of coffee. Actually, at the time I had just arrived, all massage chairs were occupied, and the customers had to go up the loft to wait for their turns.

The spa was a bit crowded, and consequently, it took me some minutes to go through a lobby to attend the center of the spa. Excitingly, this place is open air, making the spa become more airy. And the back part is also there, a separate 3-story building hidden away from the street. Most services of the spa are operated inside it, and each story is for different treatments. There are an integral door for the guests from the hotel, and the stairs to enter the building. Due to a green carpet covering the stairs, all guests have to take off their shoes before entering.

First floor

In the first floor of the building, a reception area and waiting chairs are placed in a corner, while the rest of the room is for treatment beds. The ambiance is very tranquil and peaceful. But my first impression was a lemon odor floating in the room. Obviously, the spa uses a chemical with this odor to disinfect its facilities, proving that it always pays attention to sanitization. Then I looked at the bed sheets which have a logo of Thuy Ky Hospitality Group, of which the spa is a member. They are very soft and smooth, and seem to be 100% handmade. Near the wooden stair to go up the second floor are modern machines and chemicals. In fact, the services in the first floor are only facial treatments.

Second floor

The employees are very friendly and hospitable. They allowed me to have an excursion of the spa. And therefore, I presented in the second floor for more spa review – Swan Spa and Treatments later. There is the only room in this place, and it is used for treating human belly such as liposuction. Moreover, a mirror is appointed to let the customers check their body. In spite of too many cutting-edge machines, the room is still very spacious.

Third floor

My final destination is the third room. Its main operation is to take care of the whole human body. As a result, the area for this is the largest. Apart from three beds, the room also consists of a sauna, the shelves for placing towels and materials for treatments. Of course, there is no lack of lenient lights and delicate paintings on the walls. Although I hadn’t used any services, I felt very restful and comfortable, perhaps due to the warm and cozy atmosphere created by them.

  • Modern and cutting-edge
  • Full of services
  • Airy and spacious


From what I read in its advertisement, Swan Spa and Treatments provides four main treatments, namely Facial care, Body massage, Waxing and Slimming Cavi Lipo 3D. Because of my limited time in Hanoi and the preference of my face, I only chose Facial care and Body massage. In fact, each treatments has several options for all types of customers and all parts of human organs. As a result, even the customers having limited budget as well the ones requiring top quality can find the packages suitable for them. And in my case, I favored Facial care with seasonal fruit and Traditional Vietnamese massage.

I merely paid about 24 USD for facial care within 60 minutes. Due to being too late and many customer waiting for treatments, I went to the spa again in the morning of the following day. Fortunately, because I was a guest of The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa, the spa prioritized me to serve. Lying on the bed, I received an exceptional treatment from the employee vised in facial massage. More importantly, from the name, all materials are natural fruits with high quality and freshness, so I didn’t feel any unpleasantness. Until the employee woke me up, I realized the treatment was finished. Looking at myself in the mirror, it was unbelievable that my face skin became whiter and finer after only a treatment.

What’s more in spa review – Swan Spa and Treatments?

On the last day I accommodated at the hotel, I suffered from Body massage at the third floor of the spa, and paid approximately 290 USD, very cheap and affordable. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that it is low-quality and harmful. Like the experience of Facial care, this service is very great and prime. With skillful hands, the employee made me so restful that I didn’t know when I fell to sleep. I also highly appreciated traditional Vietnamese massage technique because after only 90 minutes, it seemed that I was healthier and stronger. Perhaps this effect comes from effective materials and the special methods of punching and clapping which I hadn’t seen before.

  • Excellent and effective
  • Diverse
  • Restful


Regarding spa review – Swan Spa and Treatments about the employees, apparently, there is no need to complain of the spa’s them. Because they are very professional and vised in massage and treatments. Firstly, whenever I asked them about the spa, they explained me very carefully and fluently in English. Indeed, the language barrier didn’t exist between me and them. Secondly, their specialization achieves such a high level that even discerning guests could be gratified. This is because one of the spa’s rigorous requirements for recruitment is to get many years of experience to work for, at least, one renowned spas. Another information I got to know is that the number of the spa’s employees is up to over 10 people, and will increase in the near future.

  • Friendly
  • Hospitable
  • Professional

To summarize, if you want to beautify yourself, just do as I do: attend Swan Spa and Treatments. Probably, my spa review – Swan Spa and Treatments doesn’t describe some indescribable features precisely. But believe in me! You will never be let down once you have a go at only a treatment at this place.

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