Swan Spa and Treatments in Hanoi – Everyone’s heaven for beautifying and treating

It is simple to say that most people nowadays desire to beatify themselves, and therefore, they ought to attend a spa frequently. Or sometimes, on the way of travelling, they need a quick fix for their pain due to a long walk. If you are in one of such situations, how about having a trip to Swan Spa and Treatments in Hanoi. Definitely, it is ascertained that your travel to this place will not be wasteful!


High-quality – Modern – Unique

Unlike some ordinary spas, Swan Spa and Treatments in Hanoi is an operational part of The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – a top-quality hotel in the capital at the moment. Coming to existence in 2016, just one year ago, the spa has understood clearly the current trend of people’s ambition to make themselves more beautiful, and therefore, it offers 5-star services to satisfy any customers, from Vietnamese to foreigners.

Besides talented staff exceling at massaging and treating, the spa also attains numerous modern machines and equipment to assure that all treatment operations are effective and smooth. Moreover, the spa has gained a secret recipe that none of its rivals can match to turn its customers to a prettier people, or eradicate the pain within a short time.


Inside the Old Quarter, a 3 minute walk from Hoan Kiem Lake

The spa’s address is No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. As a part of the Old Quarter, the spa contributes to the hustle and bustle of this prompting area by attracting a huge number of tourists. In fact, it is so easy to recognize this facility. When walking along Chan Cam Street, you will immediately pay attention to a high building with impressive outside. That is The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa, and next to it is the spa with an outstanding brand consisting of golden words carved on a black board. From here, after undergoing treatments, you can resume your trip to the heart of Hanoi – Hoan Kiem Lake and present there within few minutes.

Housing structure

Large – Special – Convenient

Compared with some properties nearby, Swan Spa and Treatments in Hanoi is a bit smaller. However, upon your entry into this place, you might realize that it would be larger than you expect. Actually, the spa was recreated from an old house which had been built several years ago. That is the reason why it has still remained some remarkable architectural outlines until now. Perhaps, as soon as you arrive here, you could take it as a specific shop in the Old Quarter.

To make the customers feel comfortable even at the first sight, the spa has two separate areas. The first zone is in the front and, especially, has a mezzanine – the peculiar place for you to rest and enjoy a cup of coffee. Besides, there are also a lot of electric chairs that can help your body and legs be massaged slowly. The second is in the back, where most of the spa’s main services, intriguingly, take place. Of course, if you are a guest of The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa, you can go this place directly by another integral door.


Diverse – Efficient – Wonderful

Obviously, what produces its pride is that all services in the spa are considered as 5-star quality. They are combined to give you an amazing experience to get wellness as well as beauty. In general, you are provided with four main treatments.

1. Facial care

Optional – Value-for-money – Fast

For some people, the most noticeable part in their body can be the face, and consequently, they frequently need facial treatments to make sure that they are always good-looking. As a result, the spa serves you with a great number of packages for regenerate your face. Depending on your ambition, budget and time, you can select one of them to satisfy yourselves. Also, it uses natural chemicals and effective materials for treatments which are made following an exclusive recipe and very beneficial to human skin. Usually, it only takes over one hour to complete.

2. Body massage

Restful – Reasonable – Various

Imagine that you would lie in a soft bed and receive steady massage from professional staff. You might think it is very wondrous, mightn’t you? Indeed, this is what you would experience if you register the service of body massage in Swan Spa and Treatments in Hanoi. During the treatment, you just take it easy and wait for the final result.

Currently, there is a wide range of body massage types for you to opt, from traditional Vietnamese, Swedish ways to Thai and Aroma techniques. Whatever you choose, the prices are very reasonable and affordable even if your money is not abundant. After massage is finished, you can take a sauna inside the spa to continue unwinding.

3. Waxing

Pleasant – Permanent – Plentiful

In some spas, due to the lack of experience and practical methods, waxing is a painful treatment many guests have to suffer from. But in the case of this spa, this is unlikely to occur since it can mix several therapies to give your pleasure. In addition, for each part of body, a correspondent waxing treatment is suggestive one. Before being treated, you will have two main options: treating either once or permanently. With regard to the latter, excitingly, a special offer will be available.

4. Slimming Cavi Lipo 3D

Simple – Efficacious – Safe

One of people’s most prominent concerns these days is to slim their bodies quickly since fast-paced life doesn’t leave them much time to take care of such organs periodically. Knowing their demand and wanting to gratify them, Swan Spa and Treatments in Hanoi have operated the packages of liposuction, called Slimming Cavi Lipo 3D. Using simple but modern technique, there will be no risk throughout the time you are under treatment. And after dozens of sessions, certainly, you will figure out that your fat is already removed.

Staff and devices

Helpful – Expert – Reachable

When you meet the employees for the first time, what you will think in your mind could be that they are very hospitality and professional. Whatever you ask, they will firstly smile, then explain clearly and slowly to let you understand their answers comprehensively. And of course, they are always ready and willing to help you if you request.

At the moment, the number of the spa’s employees is around ten peoples and I was said that the spa would recruit more expert staff. Although they are in charge of different functions, all of them are versed in treatments as well as massage. That’s why compliments and praise are only what the spa has received from its customers until now.


Modern – Excellent – Luxurious

To deserve high-quality standards offered to you, the spa has got high-tech machines and other cutting-edge devices to assure you to feel comfortable and safe. Apart from this, the spa often sanitizes and polish its facility by using special lemon liquid. This is the explanation why just as you go inside the spa, you can smell a distinctive aromatic odor, and be impressed with the grand of the space.

Other advantages

Thanks to The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa’s advatageous website, you can make reservation for a spa package on this page instead of making a call, or attending the spa. Moreover, a huge discount of up to 15% will be obtainable if you book a room at the hotel on the page concurrently.

In summary, “Everyone’s heaven for beautifying and treating” is, interestingly, the most frequent comment the guests leave to the spa, and so do I. Once you arrive Swan Spa and Treatments in Hanoi, I believe that you will say a sentence like this.

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