Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – Review: Unexpected fairyland for vegetarians

Finding a vegetarian restaurant nowadays is not really difficult, but searching for a top-quality one is problematic. This could become a huge problem if you prefer the eatery in the Old Quarter. However, by visiting Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant, I passed this problem very easily. You still don’t believe it, do you? Alright, just read Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – Review below. Then, you will imagine what I enjoyed there.

Like many people, I often worry about my health since two years ago, a doctor said to me that I was overweight, and to stay away from obesity, I had to follow a vegan diet. Complying with this suggestion, I have gradually become a vegetarian. Whenever and wherever I am, I always favor vegetable and fruit for my meal. Even when I attend Hanoi for my holiday, I still kept this habit. Luckily, I read an article about Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant on the Internet, and then I booked a room at Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel, of which the restaurant is an integral part. After staying there, all my concerns about it were blown away.

Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – Review about location

In fact, I wanted to enjoy my trip to Hanoi by myself, so I didn’t register any services provided by Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel. Instead of being picked up by the hotel’s car, I just took a taxi to travel around Hanoi capital upon my arrival at Noi Bai airport. Until the evening, I went to the restaurant at No.16H Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. It is quite simple to find it because the restaurant is inside an outstanding building lying in a small valley, 10 meters away from the main road.

Interestingly, despite the site in the center of the Old Quarter, the ambiance in this place is pretty tranquil and silent. Perhaps for many vegetarians, it is so suited to them that they can enjoy their meals and achieve peace in their mind. And this is also my ambition. Nonetheless, if someone aspires to engage in prompting activities in the Old Quarter, or wander around Hang Da Shopping Mall, Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Xuan Market after having meals, he or she merely needs a few minutes to walk from the restaurant.

  • Easy to find
  • Tranquil and peaceful
  • Near exciting attractions

Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – Review about building outside

As I mentioned, due to a fact that the restaurant is operated by Noble and Swan Boutique Hotel, a member of Thuy Ky Hospitality Group, it is inside a 9-story building. More exactly, it occupies the whole second floor of the property. I have to say that its outside consists of European architectural style and Vietnamese one. The first proof for this is an ancient gate near the restaurant. The second could be several ornaments and balcony outlines, meanwhile, the third is the floor with impressive tiles.

I asked an employee and then received an answer that the building, indeed, is recreated based on an old house from the period of French colonization at the beginning of the 20th century. That is the reason why the restaurant obtains two exciting feature: modern and antiquated.

  • Outstanding
  • Modern but antiquated

Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – Review about space

Following the guidance of the staff, I turned left from the entrance of the building, went up to the stairs to present in Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant. And what I said at the first sight was “What an amazing space!”

“Spacious” and “warm” are the most exact words to describe the restaurant. It can serve dozens of customers at the same time while all eaters still feel very comfortable. Moreover, it is very strange that the rest of the hotel is painted with white color, whereas the walls of the restaurant are orange, which enhances the warmth inside the restaurant. This is because, from the employee’s explanation, in the Vietnamese belief, vegan meals are considered as cold food, and therefore, if people eat them excessively, their body temperatures will decrease, leading to certain illnesses. To solve this, they need something warm, and one of the solutions is to create a warm ambiance.

Because the time I arrived was a bit early to have dinner, there was only me in this place. But when I finished my meal, about over 10 people were staying there.

Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – Review about facilities

Turning to its facilities, firstly, I want to refer to appliances. From tables, chairs to cabinets, all of them are made of natural wood, improving luxury and grandeur for the restaurant. Tools for meals such as plates, spoons, cups, etc… are placed in a separate area very close to where the eaters sit. Consequently, they never wait for a long time to be served, or are able to serve themselves.

I also paid attentions to decorative objects. Bulbs with exotic shapes, Vietnamese lacquered paintings and the features of lotus printed in the windows are the most fascinating. There is no lack of unique ornaments such as ceramic statues and vases.

Interestingly, a small window in the kitchen lets guest have a direct view of the chef’s process of making dishes. Actually, I’m a cooking lover too, and so seeing this operation was an intriguing experience for me to diversify the list of my recipes.

  • Warm and cozy
  • Luxurious and grand
  • Comfortable and convenient

Above all, Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – Review about food

It would be regrettable unless the food in the restaurant is not reviewed. As you mightn’t know, during its feudal period, Vietnam was deeply influenced by Buddhism ideology, which honors the abstention from killing animals, leading it to form the diversity of meatless dishes. Excitingly, this cultural aspect has still be kept until now, and can be seen in the restaurant’s menu. Therefore, all types of vegetarians can fulfil their demand, even in the case that they are discerning eaters. Actually, that is also the reason why I preferred Vietnam for my holiday.

More importantly, apart from Vietnamese dishes, the restaurant innovates numerous new recipes on the basis of European cuisine which no eateries can match. Such an exclusive feature can make many people be surprised, and I was no exception. As you can see from the menu, there are a wide range of dishes. And the prices are very cheap and affordable, about 2-4 USD/dish. This is because vegetable components for food in Vietnam are abundant due to favorable weather. Immediately, I ordered Asparagus soup, Clay pot tofu mushroom, and Four Seasons roll.

Awesome components

“It’s unbelievably scrumptious!” – These dishes were much more delicious than I had expected.

One beneficial point is that all fruits and vegetable for dishes are very fresh and clean. From what I observed, it seems that they come from a well-known organic farm, Van Noi farm, in Hanoi and lots of famous food companies. As a result, the restaurant can bring the highest quality to its customer, and of course, they do not need to worry about food hygiene and food safety. Interestingly, this was the first time I could eat the whole three dishes when I dined out. I recommend that even if you are not a vegetarian, you should taste that unforgettably delicious food there once.

In order to discover Vietnamese cuisine more, for my dessert, I chose Sweet lotus bean longan gruel. Everything is perfect! Consequently, on the following days in Hanoi, I always visited Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant for all my meals.

  • Savory and tasty
  • Plentiful
  • Cheap but 5-star-quality

The final point in Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant – Review about staff

There are about 20 employees in the restaurant, and all of them very friendly and willing to help me everything. For example, I didn’t need to search for a parking area since the security did this for me, or some guests attending there later could find comfortable seats within a few seconds. Moreover, they are very agile and good at reaction. None of guests have to wait for meals too long.

It’s noticeable that the chefs working for the restaurant are very reachable. They do not hesitate to guide some eaters through the precise methods to process vegetable components, and provide some special recipes. Admittedly, I learnt several valuable lessons from them and successfully cooked new dishes for my loved ones after I went back home.

  • Hospitable and helpful
  • Reachable
  • Like professional teachers

All in all, tasting food at Swan’s Gone Raw Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the most memorable experiences during my life. From facilities to dishes, none of them will dissatisfy you. My review is somehow incomplete since it cannot describe something very abstract. That’s why I think you should go there to feel the fairyland for vegetarians by yourself.

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