The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review: Unbelievable impressive place for staying

I had a wonderful stay in The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa during my holiday in Vietnam in September this year, and that’s why I will choose this hotel again for my next travel. If you read some information about it and doubt its quality, just throw your concerns away with The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review below.

In fact, before the trip to Vietnam, my friends in a backpacker’s club suggested me to live there. Believing in them, upon arrival in Hanoi, I took a taxi to go to the Old Quarter, and then walked for some minutes to present in the hotel. At the first sight, I had to exclaim that: “It’s so impressive!” Probably, that is an experience you would suffer from.

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about location

The address of the hotel is No.20-22 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Excitingly, it is located in the center of the Old Quarter. During the time I stayed there, at night, it took me few minutes to travel around dynamic street foods or open air markets to buy some souvenirs for my loved ones. However, this site is very silent at midday, and therefore, I was able to enjoy tranquility and peace. That is not to mention a truth that I only needed a 3-minute walk to arrive at Hoan Kiem Lake, which local people call “The heart of Hanoi”. Due to this convenience, I saved a great deal of time to arrange my itinerary again so that I could visit more attractions in Vietnam.

  • Close to attractive places
  • Bustling at night
  • Tranquil at midday

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about exterior surface

In fact, The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa is one of the highest buildings in Chan Cam Street. That is the reason why I recognized it within a few minutes, although at that time, I still stood far away from the hotel. When being in front of it, with Western-style architecture and a golden entrance, to some extent, I thought that the hotel could be a luxurious royal mansions rather than an ordinary hotel. I asked a young employee and then realized that the hotel has 11 stories in total, enabling it to have more spaces for guestrooms.

  • Outstanding
  • Royal outside
  • Spacious

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about space


What I felt just as I entered the lobby of this hotel was the warmth. That effect may come from lenient light above my head, some Vietnamese paintings on the walls, and colorful tiles on the floor. I could also see several grand appliances, from sofas, lamps, to an expensive piano lying beside the entrance. If I had been able to play it, I would have performed a favorite song to check it once.

The staff is very hospitable and friendly. From securities and receptionists, they always have a smile on their face and are willing to help their customers. Especially, there is an unforgettable aromatic odor from air conditioners that I had never smelt before. It still floated in the air until I went up to some floors. Another unexpected object is that the elevator of the hotel has a golden layer. It looks as if it is really made from gold.

  • Warm and cozy
  • Lavish
  • Odorous


Because I planned to stay in Hanoi for 3 days, I only booked 2 nights at the hotel. After being consulted by the staff, I chose Executive Window Room in the 6th floor. The total amount of money I had to pay was only 136.4 USD, or 68.2 USD/night. Getting the key of Room 602, I attended my room a few minutes later. One point I noticed is that the walls in all floors are painted with white color, making me feel more restful. Perhaps the hotel favors such a simple but elegant hue to turn the hotel to a true castle.

Passing a wooden door, I could see a lot of sumptuous appliances that I thought they should be placed in 5-star hotels. Firstly, after I checked beddings, it is fascinating that all of them are handmade. That is why at night, I slept very smoothly and comfortably. Moreover, they give off a natural odor, a bit different from what I smelt at the lobby. It seems that the hotel doesn’t use another perfume. Next, I paid attention to other wooden furniture, from a large cabinet with some clothes inside, drawers, to tables and chairs. They are all produced from the same material as the door, very polished and excellent.

What’s more?

More wondrously, although the room merely has the area of 28 square meters, very suitable to an individual traveler like me, it consists of a private bathroom. A shower, a toilet bowl and a washbasin appear in the guest’s vision immediately from the entrance. They are very clean and, of course, so lavish with intriguing decoration. Also, hot and cold water, towels, and toiletries are provided fully.

In addition, there are some snacks and Vietnamese fruits nearby a smart TV to let me fill my stomach temporarily. If I requested something more, I could view the list on a menu placed on a small drawer and then contact the staff. A safety box, an air conditioner and a refrigerator are additionally appointed, apart from some beverages, such as soft drinks, beers for free.

The floor is wooden too, enhancing the warmth inside my room. But I liked the curtain most, because it turned my view towards outside to be a bit mystical. It has two layers with separate colors: white and orange. Opening the window, I could saw Chan Cam Street and other bustling roads from above. Suddenly, the wind from somewhere blew into my room, and it appeared to massage my face slowly. What a miraculous feeling!


  • Comfortable and luxurious
  • Handmade beddings
  • City view

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about restaurant and spa

There are two major services in The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa, namely Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie, and Swan Spa and Treatments. Indeed, I didn’t have any desire to beautify myself, so I only had some meals at the former. However, if I have a chance later, I will accompany with my friends to experience the latter, given a fact that it is very famous for a unique recipe of treatments.

The restaurant is in the first floor of the hotel, not difficult to find. Like the room I stayed, it is adorned with impressing ornaments, for example, black tables, chairs, ceramic vases and specifically, several pictures of a dragon fly similar with the paintings I saw in the hotel. And from what I had read an article about the restaurant before, it means that the hotel wants to bring luck to every guest, since in the Vietnamese belief, the dragon fly is the icon of luck and freedom.

What does the restaurant serve you?

“As you mightn’t know, Hanoi Jade Restaurant & Patisserie is a standardized Vietnamese restaurant. Consequently, you can enjoy both Vietnamese and European food here.” – A female employee said to me when I asked some questions about this place.

Looking for a seat and scanning the menu, actually, I figured out what she said was true. There is really a wide range of dishes to choose, such as Vietnamese kebab rice noodles, European salad. Then, I decided to select deep-fried spring rolls and salad for my dinner.

“Wow, it’s so great!” – I screamed.

The restaurant, though, specializes in cakes more. Abundant kinds of cakes are displayed near the kitchen, while others are exhibited in a separate glass board to only sell to passers-by. Of course, I didn’t miss this opportunity to enjoy. Surprised by an exclusive taste in my mouth, when leaving the hotel, I didn’t forget to buy some pieces for my friends.

  • Diverse and impressing
  • Nutritious and tasty meals
  • Convenient

The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review about other services

Having a discussion with the employees, I got to know that the hotel also holds certain tours for travelers who don’t have enough time to arrange their single travel. Three main tours are offered, including Daily tours, Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa Town. However, I preferred discovering everything in Hanoi alone, and therefore, I didn’t use this service. In my next visit, perhaps I will have a go at it.

Additional thing is the service of pick-up and drop-off at Noi Bai airport. Admittedly, unlike the time I had arrived in Hanoi, when I said goodbye to the city, I registered a car of the hotel to drop me off at the airport. I only paid 25 USD for it. This service is very useful, because any customer shouldn’t worry about the complexity of transport systems in Hanoi these days. The vehicle carrying me is a grand 7-seater car in good condition, leading my trip to become wholly enjoyable.

By the way, that is all I want to share about The Noble Swan Hotel & Spa – Review. To determine whether my review is true or not, just go there, and then you will find out that it’s real.

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