Useful hotel map of Hanoi for each kind of first-timers

What I advise to you for the first time in Vietnam’s capital is to have a hotel map of Hanoi. Why I say that? Let’s start with the establishment of the city. Formed over a millennium ago on the south bank of Red River, Hanoi has consecutively developed to become a metropolis in Asia until now. However, it has still remained certain ancient features finely separated with sprawling districts.

For example, you can firstly wander around the Old Quarter in the heart of the city to have an excursion of historical premises built in the 18th century. After that, attend the French Quarter, an elegant garden of French colonial properties, is a good decision. Or you could travel to a commercial area with business centers and high-rise constructions in the south. Owning to the abundance of holiday spots dedicated to every type of travelers, Hanoi, therefore, is a must-visit city in the world.

Nonetheless, there is a problem that first-timers must notice. In fact, due to a long age, and bad plans of zoning the city, the system of transportation in Hanoi is so complex. That’s why if you choose an inappropriate hotel, you will face with a lot of troubles. Some of them is to be lost and to pay the high cost of transport. To cope with this situation, you need to know the hotel map of Hanoi, which fortunately, is what I will give you below. Interestingly, each region of the city is suitable to each kind of first-timers. Once you prefer a hotel there, with my hotel map of Hanoi, you will find your destination easily.

For relaxing and discovering ancient aspects of Hanoi

Where is it?

If you want to relax wholly by blending yourself in endless parties or to dig into the history of Hanoi, the desirable destination for you is the area surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake, or The Lake of Returned Sword. This lake in the city center is so famous that most foreign visitors must visit it once to gratify their curiosity about it. That’s why in the case you move from the airport to Hoan Kiem Lake, an abundance of transportation choices, from taxis to shuttle buses, are available. Actually, it is distant from the south of Noi Bai International Airport, and you will need about a 40 minute drive to arrive at it.

What does the area consist of?

It comprises two main sectors: The Old Quarter and The French Quarter. The former is in the north and the west of Hoan Kiem Lake, whereas the latter occupies a large zone in the south. They are, interestingly, very different.

The Old Quarter was sandwiched by the lake and Thang Long Citadel in the past. As a consequence, numerous old residences and stores were established to sell a distinctive product there. This led to the birth of 36 streets later. However, currently, the roads in the Old Quarter are quite complicated. Just wander around them a few minutes, you are prone to be lost. But what offsets this is that not only can you explore the antiqueness of Hanoi, but also lively bars and night markets provide you a chance to make new friends and enjoy party time.

In contrast, the French Quarter is a heaven of French colonial buildings erected by French over 100 years ago. This is the base to the establishment of many luxury hotels. Casinos and bars for only foreigners can also be found in such 5-star accommodations. Thanks to its way system like a chessboard, you can find your stop very simply.

Hotel map of Hanoi

Amazingly, there are countless hotels in this area to select. Therefore, the unavailability of vacant rooms will not appear to obstruct your journey. If you favor 5-star hotels, just move to the French Quarter. Start from Hoan Kiem Lake, go to Ba Trieu Street, you will see two intersections, firstly, with Ly Thuong Kiet Street, and secondly, Hai Ba Trung Street. Then, walk along one of two streets, and finally, you can see a few such as Melia Hanoi, Movenpick Hotel Hanoi. Meanwhile, the most opulent one, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, is in another direction. Go to Trang Tien Street from Hoan Kiem Lake, and turn right when you see Ngo Quyen Street, the hotel will be in your vision.

On the condition that a budget hotel is prioritized, The Old Quarter is more suitable. However, you should choose the hotel in some roads in the proximity of Hoan Kiem Lake so that you cannot be lost. Hang Gai Street is highly appreciated since it’s wide enough to let you never cope with traffic congestions. Noble Boutique Hotel is one of 3-star hotels with high-quality amenities but affordable price there. From Hoan Kiem Lake, move to Hang Trong Street, and then you will see the intersection leading you to Hang Gai Street.

For resting in a fresh environment

Where is it?

To seek a clean and tranquil living environment is feasible in the inner city. Instead of going to the outskirts, you can fulfil your aspiration in the sector around West Lake, the hugest lake in Hanoi these days. The place is also in the northern east of Hoan Kiem Lake. As a result, you can present in this water region within merely a 5 minute drive. Moreover, it’s a bit closer to Noi Bai Airport. In fact, from the airport, you have to pass it so that you are able to stop in Hoan Kiem Lake.

What does the area consist of?

As I’ve mentioned, grateful for West Lake, you can rejoice in tranquility and freshness the lake brings to you. Of course, water sports, including swimming, fishing, canoeing are allowable too. Apart from this, several first-class hotels and religious properties are also additional attractions there.

Hotel map of Hanoi

In order to drum up their businesses, the majority of hotels in this area favor a location adjacent to the lake to provide a direct lake view to their customers. All 5-star hotels stand on the oases in the western shore. Meanwhile, other rent dwellings are scattered in the rest of the zone. Certain streets surrounding the lake, for example, Thanh Nien Street, Xuan Dieu Street, could help you find them more quickly. Some suggestive ones are Sheraton Hotel Hanoi, InterContinental Hanoi Westlake and The Hanoi Club Hotel & Lake Palais Residences.

For hunting for a business opportunity

Where is it?

Fascinatingly, Hanoi is also a city hiding a lot of opportunities of which entrepreneurs can make advantage to expand their businesses in Vietnam. The most admirable region for them are Ba Dinh District, Cau Giay District and Nam Tu Liem District since innumerable headquarters of Vietnam’s governmental organizations, companies and other institutions. The three districts are on the west and western south of Hoan Kiem Lake. Conveniently, they are in the middle of Hanoi’s second and third ring roads, which directly connect Hanoi center with Noi Bai Airport. Consequently, the average time to travel by car is just 25 minutes.

What does it consist of?

To meet the high demand for head offices, plenty of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings have come to being there. At night, when observing it from above, probably, you might feel to stay in a rich Western nation. There are some tourist spots too, for instance, Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum or Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. But obviously, businessmen are rarely interested in them.

Hotel map of Hanoi

Most budget hotels in the three districts lies sparsely near headquarters of large-scale entities or in urban areas. However, 5-star hotels are approachable with ease. Some of them are inside outstanding skyscrapers, namely Lotte Tower and Keangnam Tower. But the others have got their own spacious land to construct majestic properties. While Lotte Hotel Hanoi is pretty close to the second ring road, InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72 and JW Marriott Hotel are beside the third ring road.

Anyway, I think that the hotel map of Hanoi I’ve proposed could be helpful for you to prepare a trip to Hanoi in near future. When you obtain a paper map of the city, remember to compare my suggestions with what you will see on it to make everything more easily understandable.

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